Yang Mi & Ethan Ruan team up in new Chinese drama Legend of Fu Yao

We have another must watch drama on our horizon (they are starting to pop out Chinese dramas faster than I can watch them…..but that is a good thing, right?) starring Yang Mi (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) & Ethan Ruan (Fated to Love You).  Legend of Fu Yao is about a girl on a quest who falls in love with a Crown Prince.  Not the most unique storyline but when it involves these two actors….do we really care?

I have not seen a specific release date (other than 2018) for Legend of Fu Yao but I will continue to keep everyone updated since this will be on my “must watch” list. Check out the 1st trailer and let me know if you will be joining me on this drama journey.

7 thoughts on “Yang Mi & Ethan Ruan team up in new Chinese drama Legend of Fu Yao

  1. Actually the story is about Fuyao taking over 5 continents and became the king (not queen). Wuji is her love and big help in the whole journey.

    But original story is time travel and female centric which are officially ban and unofficial ban ( for the time being that’s why Other female centric big production dramas were delayed or even became web drama) in China right now so we don’t know how they will edit it to pass the Censors board.
    It’s rumored to be air in Summer but with the current situation we don’t know

  2. And in the novel, 5 continents weren’t under Wuji to begin with. They basically need to fight to take over each of them. There are total 4 books so I don’t know how they will fit everything in the drama…

  3. Yes I will be watching. I just finished Tribes and Empires and could not believe the ending. After investing so much time in this, the ending was so disappointing. Also I didn’t like that the storyline about the destined empress just ended when they put her in jail and then she popped up in the last episode . I hope they make another season so please update us if you get any information on that. Thank you!

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