Evergreen (That Man, Oh Soo): First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts

Here was my train of thought when I saw this one pop up on Drama Fever. OOOOH, CNBLUE vamp boy who also did a wonderful job recently in Girls’ Generation 1979. YAY, Apple Butt’s wife is in it too. Hmm, maybe I should give this one a try. Now, let’s see if you should, too.For those of you who may be new to dramas or maybe you just don’t know who the heck I’m talking about. Lee Jong Hyun is a guitarist for CNBLUE and does a decent job at acting. I first watched him as a vamp in Orange Marmalade and found him entertaining.

Kim So Eun was paired up with Song Jae Rim on We Got Married and they were adorbs. Plus, then they ended up a couple in a drama and had some steamy kisses (ones I only saw on YouTube since I don’t watch longer weekend dramas).

There really is a point to my post and I’m getting to it. If you’ve been reading any of my recent posts you’ve probably heard me say that I’m on the hunt for a good romance. I think what I’m looking for is of the epic variety, but those only come around once in a while. Evergreen (I’m going to stick with this title since it’s shorter and that is how you’ll find it on Drama Fever) is NOT going to be an epic romance, but it sure is chocked full of cheesy romance, and I could use some of that in my life too.

I had no idea what the drama was about when I started watching. For some reason I didn’t even read the synopsis. Oh Soo (Lee Jong Hyun) appears to be rich and prickly, and a genius who has his own crazy successful company. But under the surface he belongs to family of cupids. No, he doesn’t fly around in a diaper with a bow and heart arrows,  though I might check that drama out if it existed.

His family owns a cute coffee shop and they have access to pollens they add to your Americano and help you make a love connection. I’ll leave some of the more specifics for you to figure out because I found that part fun to discover as I watched it.

Seo Yoo Ri (Kim So Eun) plays a hard working girl who has been dating her current boyfriend for three years. He made a promise that he’d propose to her on their three year anniversary. He even set up a timer in his phone to remind him. You can probably guess that this guy doesn’t last very long because our cupid needs to make a love connection of his own.

What I really liked is that even though Oh Soo’s family deals in love and he has proof of its existence right in front of his eyes every day, he still doesn’t believe in it. Of course, when Yoo Ri comes into his life and he gets shot with his own arrow that will turn everything upside down for him.

The magical elements are fun and understated. The romance can be cheesy, but then they have bloody nose drunken kisses and I have to laugh. I’m looking forward to sitting back and just enjoying the rom-com feels. The two actors have an easy chemistry that could have potential to for a lot more.

Let’s talk side characters for a minute. Yoo Ri’s younger sister hangs out with a punch of gangster girls and they might end up being a really cute addition or completely annoying. Oh Soo’s brother is played by Heo Jeong Min, an actor I really like. I died when the girl he tricked Oh Soo into breaking up with for him ended up being his Go Back Couple girlfriend. And then we have the boys’ grandfather. At first he seems like the regular annoying rich halabeoji  who just wants Oh Soo to get married and take over the family business. Come to find out the literal family tree (and source of the families cupid magic) needs Oh Soo to pop out of few babies to survive, so you can’t really fault halabeoji for pushing. The second lead guy is a childhood friend who has been hoping to bump into her. I’m not that familiar with Kang Tae Oh but he seemed perfect for the puppy second lead who will never get the girl.

I’m hopefully optimistic after two episodes, though it may take me four to see if I’m completely in this for the long haul. If you’re in the mood for light breezy romance, this could be the ticket.

Thanks for listening to my unfiltered thoughts! Evergreen is added to Drama Fever every Monday and Tuesday. Hope to see you there.

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6 thoughts on “Evergreen (That Man, Oh Soo): First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts

  1. Haha this is pretty much exactly my thoughts on it too except I’ve never seen the male lead in anything else. I love me some CNBLUE though 😀

    Anyway I need to watch this week’s episodes as I may easily drop this too.

      • haha same and I don’t have Kocowa so I had to watch on the 24 HR pass or my chance would be gone, it just had to be watched last night. I do pay for Dramafever so I have Evergreen whenever 😛

  2. The girl is cute and watchable, the lead is wooden and doesn’t know how to play tsundere at all, and so far I like the second lead far more. He is warm, smily understanding and charming, feel sorry for the main lead and his stunned emotions, but I don’t see why I should be rooting for him and not the second lead.
    The story is so old fashioned and clichéd that it gives me a toothache. After four episodes of fast forwarding I’m dropping this and hoping that “Noona who buys me food” is going to be really good and satisfy my rom-com needs .

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