Drama Showdown: The Flame’s Daughter vs Untouchable Lovers

Now that I am actively adulting with a job, I have a lot less time to just sit back and watch 12 hours of straight drama every day.  Which, sadly, means I have to cut back on how many dramas I simulcast.  Due to the lack of time I sometimes must make the hard decision of cutting a drama I might usually watch…even if it is just filler.  So today I decided to write out the pros and cons on Chinese dramas The Flame’s Daughterand Untouchable Lovers. Come join me as I viciously cut one of them from my simulcasting drama list. I decided to do this democratically by listing out the things I usually look for in a drama and whoever wins the most categories wins the time slot.  So without further ado…let us begin the fight.

Sizzling  Love Triangles

The Flame’s Daughter has a strong romantic triangle (almost a rectangle if you count the pining friend in the wheelchair). Within a few episodes all the various one sided love relationships are explained and we get hints of hidden background story arcs that might come to play in the future and shape the final OTP.  I am still unsure who that is since I have avoided spoilers so far.

The problems start when I am forced to admit I am not feeling a lot of connections in regards to the possible OTPS.  Sure, Ru Ge and Zhan Feng have great chemistry, but at this point Shan Feng is kind of a jerk.  I suspect this will change in the future and there will be a ton of angsting romance.  But do I want to spend my drama time watching this when it is very possible she might end up with the other guy in the end?  The mysterious Yin Xue is the other contender for Ru Ge’s heart.  He has some mysterious past relationship with her, her past reincarnation, or someone who looks just like her (that part is still fuzzy) and is totally devoted.  I like him well enough but there just isn’t that sexual tension that makes me want to commit fully to their love.

So let’s switch focus and talk about the OTP/triangles of Untouchable Lovers.  I am not sure at this point if there is actually a love triangle or not.  The synopsis talks about our leads losing their memories (yes, both of them) and so maybe they are in a love triangle with their past selves?  I guess I will just have to wait and see how that all plays itself out.  I will say that the two leads, Zhu Que & Rong Zhi, have good chemistry and I have really enjoyed their banter in the four episodes I have watched.

Usually I would choose Untouchable Lovers OTP for this one hands down.  They have more chemistry and spark despite Zhan Feng & Ru Ge’s sexy kisses.  But the double amnesia aspect leaves me a little nervous so I am declaring this category a tie since there are both equal pros and cons for each.

Acting Abilities

I was very cautious when I started Untouchable Lovers since someone on social media had mentioned they didn’t like Guan Gabrielle’s acting.  Thankfully, I discovered that I do not have the same hangups.  I find her quite likable and engaging.  This is my first time watching one of her dramas so maybe she is worse in past projects?  But her performance as the fake assassin princess and future amnesiac princess I find her satisfactory.

I also find Song Wei Long very smexy.  I love when an actor has prominent lips.  They just make staring at him all the more enjoyable.  While I wouldn’t say he is the best actor ever (yet again, first time watching him in a drama) I do enjoy his performance and look forward to where he takes this actor.

The situation is the opposite with Flame’s Daughter.  I went into this drama specifically for Dilmurat Diraba & Zhang Bin but find myself a little underwhelmed.  Sure the smooching is stellar and I have seen glimpses of great chemistry and sizzle.  But for the most part both of the actors have not really touched me with their performance.  Maybe I just need to give it more time but I am finding myself frustrated that I don’t love them automatically like I have in their past dramas.

So when it comes down to it I am giving the win to Untouchable Lovers.  Their characters have caught my attention and I am invested in their outcome.


The Flame’s Daughter is surprisingly angsty and dramatic.  That, combined with the snail’s pacing of the plot, has me sometimes wishing for something to happen.  And by something, I am referring to plot beyond the back and forth angsting of the broken engagement.

In comparison, Untouchable Lovers has surprised me with the witty plot from the first five minutes. The ability to create intrigue and weave it with intelligent characters has made the lack of romance in the first 4 episodes not noticeable. I got more enjoyment out of the Untouchable Lover’s OTP trying to outwit each other than I did in 9 plodding episodes of Flame’s Daughter.  Untouchable Lovers wins this category as well.


Usually I don’t have issues with styling one way or the other.  It has to be really bad (think Hwarang ugly wigs bad) to make me take that into consideration.  However, there is something in one of the shows that has bugged me and I felt this is a good forum to share my annoyance.  Why, by all that is holy, can the characters from Flame’s Daughter not change their outfits once in a while? You have some of the most gorgeous up and coming actors as your palette and you choose to put them in one look?  Even if you wanted to keep Dilmurat Diraba in red (which she looks amazing in) you could still change the dress style once in a while.

Yes, Untouchable Lovers has that crazy side princess hair going on… but at least I don’t wonder if her clothes are starting to smell from overuse.

And the winner is….

I don’t think it surprises anyone that my choice for the Cdrama I will be simulcasting is Untouchable Lovers.  The Flame’s Daughter has so many positives that should have made it into a must watch drama but somehow they have managed to just miss the mark.  I might keep it in the background as a filler show but there is no way I am going to bother sub stalking every day for the latest episode.

So if you also want to be entertained by a well written story and and interesting cast, join me in watching Untouchable Lovers.  Also, if you think I missed the mark, be sure to let me know in the comments.

Til our next drama showdown,


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4 thoughts on “Drama Showdown: The Flame’s Daughter vs Untouchable Lovers

  1. It’s sad to say but dramas starring Zhang Bin Bin and Dilreba have been going downhill ever since The King’s Woman. I haven’t seen The Flame’s Daughter and have only caught snippets of The King’s Woman but I haven’t been hearing good things about either one. And it’s not that the Dilreba and Zhang Bin Bin are bad, they’re actually pretty good actors especially Dilreba (I’m a huge fan of both of them) but it seems that these dramas are putting their focus solely on the idols while forgetting about the storytelling.

    I’m hoping Dilreba and Zhang Bin Bin get better quality dramas so they don’t get reduced to mere “idols”. It’ll be such a waste of their acting talents.

    • I saw bits of The King’s Woman and found myself almost snoozing. Dilraba was wooden in it, especially in scenes with Zhang Bin Bin. I have also seen complaints of the portrayal of Jing Ke, who is not really supposed to be so moony and lovesick.

      • I haven’t actually seen a full episode of The King’s Woman even though it was one of my most anticipated dramas. But when it finally came out it just gave me idol-drama vibes which I really didn’t like and the bad CGI from the first episode turned me off. Kind of disappointing since both Dilreba and Zhang Bin Bin are really good actors.

  2. Lol, gonna say the first 16ep of untouchable lovers might be decent, but it is going down hill fast. The acting of QXD is bad as the story goes on, what refreshing about this story become old harem cliche fighting with extremely bad acting. I might love SWL’s look but he is not dreamy enough especially with terrible acting, though i gave him a pass as he’s young! In UL, everyone acts like school students, only the actress that acts as the general was the saving grace of that show.

    I picked TFD over UL, because the story continues moving, while UL seriously got no decent storyline! Many who watches TFD for ZBB and DD all come out hating it because they just want to see ZBB and DD as a pair. TFD isnt a normal love story with triangle >_> there is no triangle, the main girl knew who she loves or be with (if you want to count that guy loves me as a triangle, i guess so, but there isn’t much scenes of them fighting over the girl). UL is style with bad plot, if you say TFD pacing is slow, UL is like not moving after ep 16. The acting in the TFD, from main to lead are superb. If you just open your mind, you will enjoy TFD, if you look for angsty love, better stick with UL, at 52, the two leads still cant speak the truth to one another, frustrating teenager love is really attractive 🙂

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