Anticipating Good Things: Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

Ah, y’all, Jung Hae In, our beloved Demon Captain/Batman, has a lead role! And in a super romantic drama too. Could this be the answer to all the fangirls’ wishes? Read on and see!

I, the poor put-upon maknae, have scoured the web far and wide to bring you all the trailers that have made us squee in delight at the pure sweetness that is headed our way:

Yes, it was such torture viewing these trailers over and over, watching Jung Hae In being super adorable with Son Ye Jin.

Could they BE any cuter?

The plot synopsis, according to our friends at, is as follows:

“Yoon Jin Ah is a single woman in her 30’s. She works as a supervisor at a coffee company. Yoon Jin Ah is an easygoing person, but she feels empty inside. Seo Joon Hee is the younger brother of her best friend Seo Kyung Sun. He comes back to South Korea after finishing work abroad. Yoon Jin Ah though he was just a childish guy, but he appears different to her now.”

Granted, nothing is ever that straightforward in dramaland. Nevertheless, drama fans, will you be waiting with bated breath by your computer on March 30th to see if this romance is as good as it looks? Because I will!

Until then, I remain–

Karie the Maknae

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