Podcast #15 – Maknae’s Journey Through the Classics….The Pick Your Drama Pony Edition

Sometimes a k-addict gets that urge to force nudge a friend towards a really good classic drama that is a must-watch for any drama fan.  Come join us as  we try to convince Karie the Maknae to pick our classic drama pony.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #15 – Maknae’s Journey Through the Classics….The Pick Your Drama Pony Edition

  1. “Someone who comments a lot – ” – we’re all feeling the shame . . . I have noticed that I overshare after 11 p.m.my time.

  2. So from the photo on here I imagine The Greatest Love won. I haven’t seen Boys over Flowers and I probably never will (I hated Heirs and didn’t particularly enjoy You’re Beautiful) but if I were to recommend some really good classic Korean dramas they would definitely be Coffee Prince, Secret Garden and City Hunter. This is how I would try to get any good friend hooked on K drama watching. 😉

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