Lawless Lawyer releases action packed 1st teaser

It looks like TvN decided to give us double dose of teasers today… you won’t hear me complaining since the only thing I love more than a good teaser is a good drama.  Lawless Lawyer obviously is taking advantage of Lee Joon Ki’s talents as an action star in this 1st teaser.  Which is a good start…right?

I’m not going to say that I’m anti this drama, but… I do have one or two misgivings. The first is the fact that this feels so much like Lee Joon Ki drama. Is it just me, or has he maybe typecast himself just a tad? I wouldn’t mind seeing him attempt a show that had more than punching and fighting to promote it. My second concern is the scriptwriter. Yoon Hyun Ho scripted Remember starring Yoo Seung Ho. It was pretty good in the beginning but then just got really bogged down with the angst and the constant tears. The synopsis for the drama states that Lee Joon Ki’s character is after revenge for his mother….which sounds very much like Yoo Seung Ho becoming a lawyer to get revenge for his father. Is history going to repeat itself? Let’s hope not, especially since I really need a good Lee Joon Ki drama because it has been way too long since I have truly fangirled over him. Lawless Lawyer begins airing on May 12th.


4 thoughts on “Lawless Lawyer releases action packed 1st teaser

  1. I love him too. But his dramas are just horrible. My favorite of his dramas still remains Arang and the Magistrate.

    • I still think The Good Wife and Criminal Minds didn’t get subbed because of copyright contracts with the US shows. At least that is my guess. Because those both were before the whole Kocowa vs Netflix hoopla

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