The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Fullmetal Alchemist

Clkytta and Kmuse take their inner anime geek and let them free as they discuss the live action movie Fullmetal Alchemist.  Join them and find out if this remake was a flop or worth the two hour watch.


SYNOPSIS: In this manga come to life, two orphaned boys seek a way to bring back their mother by using alchemy.  In their desperation and ignorance, they use a technique that is forbidden, human transmutation. As a result, Alphonse (Al)  and Edward (Ed) are physically altered. Ed rises to the rank of Alchemist and is given the nickname “Fullmetal Alchemist” due to his prosthetic limbs. The two brothers are on a mission to find the philosopher’s stone, rumored to be the key to human transmutation. The problem is, some things were never mean to be found. 



Kmuse: This was one of my all-time favorite anime/manga back before I had ever discovered Asian dramas. So I was totally on board for a live action movie. They did a great job of combining the complicated story into two hours and while I think it would be a better experience if you had watched the full anime first, it was very satisfying.

Clkytta: I went into this one with no prior knowledge and I didn’t notice anything lacking. The story was complicated, but I felt like they did a great job tying it all together. They did a great job portraying the bother’s relationship.


 Kmuse: It was satisfactory.  Nothing that blew my mind but I felt they were able to really capture the feel of the anime characters brought to life.  I would not have minded some more action sequences…it was the one aspect I felt was lacking.  However, that was probably due to time restraints more than anything else.

Clkytta: I felt like the cinematography was well done on this one. I agree that it could have used more action sequences, but I thought the action scenes were really well done. I really liked the opening scenes and flashbacks, I’m not normally a fan of flashbacks, but this movie used them well. I felt like they really used the setting well, and I liked the light versus dark feeling that this movie portrayed.


Kmuse: If I had one complaint this would be it.  They threw so many characters at us that did not get fleshed out.  Since I had watched the anime I didn’t have problems becoming involved in their stories…but if you are a newbie and have no Fullmetal Alchemist knowledge it might leave you wanting.

Clkytta: I wanted to know more about everyone! It was a lot to take in and process, and I didn’t know who was good or bad for quite a while. I think if I had watched the anime I would have caught on sooner. They really played on my emotions with some of the characters.


 Kmuse: I really enjoyed this movie and thought they did a great job.  It is especially great if you had already watched or read the original inspiration.  Even without that knowledge, it was still a good movie and worth the two hours I invested. 

Clkytta: I love fantasy movies set in alternate realities.  As I mentioned beforehand, I had not watched the anime, nor had I read the manga, but I really liked this movie. This movie took me through a lot of twists and turns emotionally and I may have yelled at my screen a couple of times. I was invested in the main characters enough that I’m going to have to make some time to watch the anime version.

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2 thoughts on “The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. Mixed emotions on this one. I guess because I’ve watched so many live action movies, this was just okay. I highly recommend it to those that have never seen the anime but if you have, you’ll be sorely disappointed and constantly saying “what about that?” CGI was good and casting was mixed. Where some were stronger suited for their roles, others barely acted. Overall, I’d recommend just for fun but not as a good remake of the series.

  2. I totally enjoyed this film – I’ve only seen parts of the anime & read a bit of the manga (in Shonen Jump – had a subscription at one time LOL) It made sense to me but I did know the overall story & the characters.

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