Drama Banchan: Dramathoning like a Fangirl #10

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So many new dramas are starting, which can only mean one thing: The Fangirls are gathering together to share which dramas we loved, which ones we hated, and which shows need another episode before we make a final decision. Come join us as we chat all things drama!


Karie the Maknae: I’ve learned enough about my drama-watching preferences to know this series isn’t for me.

Kdrama Jen: I could listen to Woo Do Hwan read me my grocery list and I would be entertained. He has a mesmerizing voice. I don’t love everything about the drama, but there are enough swoony moments to keep me watching!

Drama Geek: Woo Do Hwan’s voice and Kim Min Jae’s antics are what I love most about this drama. I’m not substalking it, but I do find myself entertained. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by Joy’s performance here and there.

Jennie: My current obsession. I watch it on Kocowa the second it’s released. Joy is my Red Velvet bias, so that probably plays a huge role. I’ve watched everything she’s in. And to have a majorly swoon-worthy and hunky opposite with a beautiful deep voice just makes it all the better.  This is right up my alley.

Queen of Mystery 2

Karie the Maknae: Oh, there was so much cheering in my heart when QoM2 started up again! I love the banter between Seol Ok and Detective Ha, which pretty much makes up for the uneven pacing and weirdly uninteresting long story arc. They’re at their best when solving the smaller mysteries and driving each other crazy. I do wonder if I’d feel differently if I was binge watching the series. Nevertheless, I am on board for the entire ride and can’t wait for the next episodes to show up on my screen.

Kdrama Jen: I got behind on this one. I plan to pick it up again, but probably after it finishing airing. I liked binge-watching the first season, so I will probably do that with season two as well.

Kmuse: I am still on board and caught up.  I love the various relationships between all the cops and Seol Ok.  It is so fun and quirky.  I am bored to death when it comes to cake girl and anything regarding the overall mysterious Mr Kim but the cute almost a couple crime fighters tip the scales towards the positive.

Drama Geek: I realized after watching the first two weeks that because of this writer’s pacing, I will enjoy the second season the way I watched the first, so I’m going to wait and binge-watch with Jen.


Karie the Maknae: Echoes of Leverage and White Collar ring through the first couple of Switch episodes and I freakin’ love it. Fast-paced and witty, the whole cast works well together and I can feel the chemistry between Jang Geun Suk and Han Ye Ri. I can’t wait for my drama plate to clear up a bit so I can catch up on this series.

Kdrama Jen: I watched the first ten minutes and fell asleep. It wasn’t the fault of the drama, though. I was just really tired. I do plan to get back to this one.

Clkytta: I’m enjoying this one, but I need the story to catch up, it’s a little draggy. So far I feel like Jang Geun Suk is carrying this one. I love seeing him go back and forth between the two roles, and I think he’s got good chemistry with Han Ye Ri.

Kmuse: I am really enjoying this so far.  Someone on twitter said that only Jang Geun Suk can play first and second lead and pull it off.  I totally agree.  It is a fun fluffy watch.

Drama Geek: I really, really want this to be a good Jang Geun Suk drama. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes and plan on catching up this week.

Jennie: Tried the first episode and a half. I didn’t hate it, but I have yet to finish anything with Jang Guen Suk in it.  The fact that I don’t have the upgraded Viki or Kocowa just ads to me dragging my feet on it. I highly doubt I’ll continue unless I hear raving good reviews. He’s just not for me. Sorry. *ducks from tomatoes being thrown*

My Husband Mr Oh

Clkytta: I’m enjoying this one because I like a good role reversal story, and forced cohabitation is one of my favorite tropes. I love how the OTP bicker at each other and secretly take care of each other when no one is looking. I just have my fingers crossed that the side stories don’t bog down the main story.

Karie the Maknae: I was watching this one because the role reversal interested me, but the pacing is GLACIAL. I have too much on my plate to wait for it to pick up, so after three episodes, I’m done.

Children of A Lesser God

Karie the Maknae: I’m waiting patiently for Netflix to drop this drama. Rumor says that it’s pretty good, which is what I suspected from the trailers.

Kdrama Jen: I am undecided on this one, but I will probably give it a try as soon as I have easy access to it.

Kmuse: I might have jumped to the not so legal sites to view this one.  I loved the first four episodes but might wait for more consistent subs before finishing.

Age of Youth 2 (Hello, My Twenties 2)

Drama Geek: I waited patiently for Netflix to finally release the second season from their tight grips (at least here in the states). I must admit that I binged the first 6 episodes in 2 days then realized I would regret watching the rest at the same pace because there just isn’t that much airing that I’m interested in.

Anyway, onto the drama scoop. I wondered if Eun Jae being recast was going to throw me for a loop, but I’m happy to say the transition is pretty seamless. They also brought Ryu Hwa Young in for the first episode so we were jilted our goodbye to her character Yi Na. It was a hilarious first episode and some of their car antics about made me pee my pants. I LOVE the new roommate. Choi A Ra brings a fresh feel to the mix and her budding romance with (a slightly shorter) Kim Min Suk is super cute.  I appreciate that Ye Eun’s character isn’t back to normal after the kidnapping and everything she went through last season. Her ability to trust others and move about the world in a normal fashion is impaired. I’m a bit sad that Park Yoon didn’t come back as Jin Myung’s boyfriend, but her interactions with An Woo Yeon are pretty funny.

20th Century Boy and Girl

Telzeytalks: This drama aired last year but I couldn’t watch it because it was locked, and I just noticed it was unlocked! This is something I had wanted to see because I had had such second lead syndrome over Kim Ji Suk in I Need Romance 2. He does a great job here too; he is warmhearted and the couple is really cute. The story is pretty even keel without a lot of angst, which makes a good break from darker dramas. There are great secondary characters; I especially loved the trio of girlfriends who had grown up together. Even after one of them became famous, they stayed friends, weren’t jealous, and always had each others’ back.

 Go Go Waikiki

Jennie: Although it’s almost done airing, I have to say I’ve really enjoyed this drama. I’m not crazy about the OTP, they lack chemistry, but the side couples have been really entertaining and it’s stayed funny from the start. That always rates highly on my list.

Only Side by Side with You

Clkytta: I am loving this drama. Two strong characters who are fun and smart, what’s not to love? Plus, it’s got a great revenge plot that reminds me vaguely of The Count of Monte Cristo. I started this one with the idea that I’d pace myself and somehow blazed through 7 episodes….

Drama Geek: I’m about 5 episodes in and I’m really enjoying both characters. I’m not sure about the revenge plot at this moment. He seems to forget he’s out for revenge a lot of the time. LOL. But that smile and their chemistry is what keeps me watching the next episode.

Kmuse: I am 3 episodes in and love the leading man’s smile.  I will watch some more for that alone.

A Poem A Day

Telzeytalks: I started watching this frankly because it was the one out of all the new shows that I was interested in that wasn’t locked. I was surprised at how funny it is and how endearing the characters are. At first they are annoying, but the joke is that once you start expecting the annoying behavior they upend things and surprise you. Our main girl, Bo Young, is acted somewhat over the top in classic Asian comedy style, but not enough to put me off her. The main guy, Dr. Ye, is rather distant, and about the time you start relating him to the male lead in Because It’s My First Life he starts surprising you too. The two misfits in the radiology department may just be my favorite out of all of them.

There you have it.  All that we are watching as of right now.  Did your favorite airing drama make our list?  Let us know in the comments.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

2 thoughts on “Drama Banchan: Dramathoning like a Fangirl #10

  1. I”m loving Switch and I think I’m gonna have to get Kocowa now to watch it…it is pretty good!

    Also I too was so happy to see 20th Century Boy and Girl was unlocked on Viki so I’m almost now done watching it and I seriously love it! What a sweet and lighthearted show with good girl friend stories and a super adorable OTP

    I’m also watching Tempted and thinking of picking up A Poem A Day 🙂

  2. I’m watching “Tempted” and “Only Side by Side”. Both are entertaining, but i’m Loving “side by side” more. Great chemistry between our leads. Grown ppl dealing with grown things.

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