First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Children of a Lesser Man

I finally got around to checking out Children of a Lesser Man this last week.  Come find out what my first impressions and unfiltered thoughts were and if this is the drama for you.

Talented Leads

I love both Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ok Bin. Both of these actors know how to really milk an intense scene and grab the viewers attention, which is perfect when you are dealing with murder and psychic abilities. They also have some solid chemistry going on. So much chemistry, that I would happily see them team up in something a bit less murderous in the future.

Bi-Polar Writing

One of the biggest negatives that I have with the show is the fact that the narrative is all over the place in tone.  One moment they are doing a campy scene and the next the leads will switch to extreme anger and intensity.  It puts me in the mind of dramas like History of a Salaryman and Incarnation of Money but it’s not working like it does in those two dramas.  Despite the uneven tone, I still really like the base story and the characters.  I also noticed that there was less and less camp the farther I went.  So it might work itself out the longer you watch.

Everyone Loves a Good Cult Story

I think cults are the new favorite big bad after all the attention they got with the ex-president’s impeachment. I am not complaining since I find them a lot scarier and more interesting than your typical rich entitled bad guy trope. They were used a bit better in Save Me but the big bad cult church is no less scary in this situation. I can’t wait to see how things turn out.

Thank Goodness Lee Elliya is Not the Lead

This probably isn’t significant to anyone else, but every time I watch Lee Elliya come on screen as one of the “bad guys”, I just thank my lucky stars she is just a support role and not the lead. Lee Elliya is one of those actresses that gets on my nerves. But, as an entitled nut job, I am enjoying watching her go up against our more talented leading lady.

There are subs…….kind of

Sadly, there currently is no legal subbing for this drama. It looks like the first 3 episodes were fansubbed and the later episodes were google translated. I can deal with deciphering the fansubs but google subs are a big no for me. So while I wait for better subs (praying this is a drama that Netflix picked up.) I will sit here and try to be patient. Fingers crossed that we do eventually get solid subbing since it was just starting to get good.

Final Thoughts:

So my final recommendation is to keep this drama in mind when it actually shows up (hopefully) on Netflix.  For those of you lucky readers who are watching the show raw, be sure to let me know if it stays solid in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Children of a Lesser Man

  1. I love the leads’ chemistry (it’s rare to see the leads in OCN’s dramas have a good bantering, right?) and fell in love with Shim HeeSeop after watching Rebel so I follow this one although I don’t get most of the dialogue but IDK, maybe I just need my OCN dosage so bad and while I couldn’t pass the first 2 episodes of Save Me (too scary for me), I can stand this one so I thought I’d watch this raw until the subs are out and I’ll rewatch it then.

    • I was really tempted to watch raw but am currently remaining strong. Will see if Netflix gets the rights and if not I will brave it with crappy subs/raw

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