Podcast #17 – How to find an ultimate bias

The Maknae and Kmuse discuss what makes a good bias and how to choose one that isn’t going to let you down over time.  Come see if your bias meets our criteria!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #17 – How to find an ultimate bias

  1. Lee Jun Ki is probably my all around actor bias guy. He reminds me forcibly of Andy Lau 😀
    Frankly I preferred the KDrama version of Criminal Minds. I have NO idea why people think it was terrible. Not at all. It was exactly like most crime procedurals , and LJK did a great job. He ALWAYS does a great job, even when the writing is not the greatest.
    I’ve actually seen EVERYTHING he’s done. Even Scholar Who Walks the Night, cheesy silly over the top vampire historical fantasy LOL had those two hot vampires to keep my total interest, plus Changmin doing a very decent acting job.
    Scarlet Ryo – actually quite a decent drama but rather uneven, and I really wish the ending had been more like the Chinese version. Still, hardly ‘horrendous’.
    My fav LJK is Two Weeks, tho. Very excellent suspense drama 😀

  2. Lee jungi – Two weeks is pretty good.
    I have too many biases to count. Yoo Ah in. I trust whatever he’s in. I like honey lee and Lee Hana and I love Seo in guk and countless other actors but i’ve avoided a few dramas they’re in. And there’s the flip side, folks you like but who don’t really act well…but you see them anyway. Thanks for the podcast.

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