The Miracle We Met – First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts

OOOOOHHHHH MAN, Kim Myung Min in a comedic role is absolutely what I need right now. When you add in all the great acting and touching moments, it is exactly the feel-good drama that had me watching 5 full episodes in one day.

When I saw the promos, I wasn’t sure if this was a soul swap or complete body takeover. It can change the dynamic of the show, especially the ending. Hey, you gotta know which wife you should cheer for according to who gets to live at the end. Am I right?

The basic premise is two men with the same name and same birthday get in a car accident at the same time on the same day. You can guess how confusing that would be for ethereal hottie Messenger Ato (Kai of EXO). The sweet and goofy cook (Ko Chang Seok) is left without a body because of a mix-up.

The total jerk face (Kim Myung Min) is brain-dead leaving his body conveniently vacant.

So far it seems the rich jerk’s soul is gone and the only person still “alive” is the sweet husband. I usually love Myung Min’s deep sultry voice, and his slick powerful characters, but having the goofy cook inside his body has made for some awesome laugh out loud moments. Myung Min’s doing such a good job, I actually visualize the other actor when it comes to his mannerisms and even his speech pattern.

The jerk is married with two children. His wife (Kim Hyun Joo) planned to ask for a divorce before the accident and was very aware of all his affairs. In some dramas this could have the potential for her to fall in love with her husband again now that he has a new personality. I like the actress that plays his wife, even though I’m not sure I’ve seen her before. She has a quiet way of acting that really fits well with her character. Ha! I looked her up, and she played Gu Jun Pyo’s sister. I knew I liked her acting.

The problem with the jerk’s wife falling in love with him again, is that the soul is still very much in love and married to Yeon Hwa (Ra Mi Ran). If the sweet guy is in complete control and the other guy never “wakes up”, then it would make sense if Yeon Hwa falls for the sweet hubby in the new body and they live happily ever after. I’m really hoping this is the direction they go.

The sweet guy’s family misses him so much and they are killing me any time they express their grief and longing for him. And the poor cook too. You can tell that being separated from his family is agonizing, but any time he’s tried to reveal who he really is, he’s come off as mentally unstable.

The jerk’s wife has a handsome new guy (Joseph Lee) circling around her so there is a possibility she could fall in love with someone new and then everyone would be happy. Maybe… not sure how I feel about him being her boss and knowing she’s married while still pursuing her. We’ll see, his smile may be cute enough to win me over in the end.

As side characters (which this writer loves to give lots of screen time to) we have mother of jerk boy. The mother is annoying, but they play her for comic relief, so she’s not too bad.

Both men have children and they just happen to go to the same school and know each other. The jerk’s son and his friends are pretty funny when they run off to find treasure. I expect we’ll follow them on more adventures as the story progresses. (I got a tiny bit of a Stranger Things or Goonies  feel from their outing.)

The bank where the jerk works is full of interesting characters who have suffered under the tyranny of the other guy, so they have no idea what to do when his body is inhabited by the new soul. His interactions with them have mined some pretty hilarious situations.

There is unfortunately a cop and a mystery involved, but so far they’ve kept it pretty minor. Another one of this writer’s week points from Strong Woman was the cop aspect, so I’m really hoping we won’t get too distracted by this.

And last, but certainly not least, is the character who got everyone into this mess in the first place. Messenger Kai (okay, his character’s name is Ato, but that’s what I’m calling him) pops in and out, and at the beginning didn’t have that many lines. He looks fantastic in every scene he’s in, and I really wish I had his glowing skin.

His character does get more interesting when he starts hovering around everyone trying to stop them from figuring out their connections and the soul displacement situation.  He gradually has to intervene, I assume because if he hadn’t killed off the wrong guy, then the people in their lives wouldn’t have been in those situations to begin with. Like the jerk’s son and his friends almost getting hit by a truck, or the sweet guy’s dad nearly falling to his death at a construction job he was never supposed to have.  It’ll be interesting to see how much he meddles, and what his plan is (at this point I don’t think he has one. LOL).

My Final Thoughts:

I’m always a little wary of premises like this because they could choose several different scenarios to solve the current problem. One of them could be that the sweet husband passes on by the end of the drama but is able to say goodbye before he goes. Yes, I will sob my head off if that’s the case. They could make it so the jerk’s brain wakes up making him no longer a shell for the soul to live inside. Then you end up in a quagmire of possibilities and issues.

All of that being said, I am sucked in completely and totally invested in what happens to both men’s families. I’ve actually been constantly checking to see if episode 6 has been posted while I write this. Whatever outcome, I have a feeling the ride will be heartfelt and hilarious.

I hope you’ll join me,

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    • They’re all doing a great job, but Myung Min is knocking it out of the park. He just embodies the other guy’s persona. To me that isn’t easy because he’s an actor who has a very distinct power and strength about him. I usually think of a tight coiled snake when he comes on screen, and all I see is a big cuddly bear.

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