New Teaser for Time Stopping Drama About Time

There is a new teaser for the upcoming drama About Time, and I am really excited. First, Lee Sang Yoon will be starring in this drama. I have always enjoyed him as an actor, but I have recently completely fallen for his geeky and awkward persona in the reality show Master in the House. It’s time for him to return to Dramaland and make me swoon! The leading lady is Weightlifting Fairy‘s Lee Sung Kyung. I have found her acting hit or miss in the past, but she has a quirky side that might be a great fit with Lee Sang Yoon. I am also pleased to see Lee Seo Won will have a role in this drama too. He always catches my attention, even if I have not always adored the dramas he has chosen. Here’s hoping this one is a great one!

The premise of this drama is definitely intriguing. Lee Sung Kyung’s character is a young musical actress who can see the lifespan clocks of other people (and I would think that would be pretty depressing), but she can’t see the end of her own life. When she meets Lee Sang Yoon’s character, he is somehow able to stop time for her.

Although it is a rookie writer, the director is Kim Hyeong-Sik. He directed Twenty Again, The Suspicious Housekeeper, and one of my early favorites: Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy.

It’s About Time is scheduled to air on TvN beginning May 21st. So, what do you think? Will you be watching?

2 thoughts on “New Teaser for Time Stopping Drama About Time

  1. I want to see this because I like Lee Sang Yoon, but not really his drama choices. Hate when that happens. The plot is very intriguing. I sense a melo though. This trailer doesn’t really do much for me.

    • I also have that problem with Lee Sang Yoon. He is a great actor, but I have not really enjoyed the dramas he has picked. Master in the House, though, really allows him to reveal his intelligence and kind of dry wit. I completely adore the real life glimpse we get to see. I am hoping this drama will be a good fit. Twenty Again had some great scenes, but was not a favorite drama for me. It is the same director, but maybe we will get lucky this time!

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