So many teasers, so much anticipation!

Happy Monday to all of you. There were a plethora of teasers that came out over the last few days so we thought we’d combine them into one post.

First up we have the first teaser for Life on Mars.  For those of us who haven’t seen the original BBC version, the main character is the leader of a crime investigation team and while working on a serial murder case, he has an accident and finds himself in 1988. The only way he knows how to get back to the future is to solve a serial murder case. So…. Tunnel in reverse?  What draws me to this drama more than the remake aspect is the main cast. Jung Kyoung Ho & Park Sung Woong will make a great pair, and judging from the teaser this will be a load of laughs. I’m also excited about another great throwback OST. I do love music from this era. This isn’t scheduled to air until June, so we have a bit of a wait.

Next is the third teaser for Greasy Melo. The English title on AsianWiki is Wok of Love and kind of like that one a bit more. Anyway, JUNHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know who the main lead is for sure??????? I keep seeing people say they can’t believe Jang Hyuk is 2nd lead. Is he really or are people just messing with me? Oh wait, we were talking about the teaser. Well, it looks like it’ll be a fun drama where food (and horses?) are at the forefront.  This one starts  May 7th and I can’t wait!

Secret Mother sounds like it could be very twisted.  From the synopsis, a mom hires an “expert” to help her son get into university and the person she hires is mysterious. By the teaser I’m thinking the expert either moves in and steals the husband or could possibly try to kill all of them. Who knows. LOL. Check it out for yourself. This starts on May 12th.

About Time. Before the teasers came out for this one, I was not a fan of this pairing. I’m super tired of the way older leading man and much younger woman. But… these two have my interest peaked. They not only look good together, but I can already see them becoming a good match. Which is a lot from just two teasers. I also love a good supernatural twist and the fact that she can see people’s life span has me wanting to check it out. Starts May 21.

The last one we have for today is Suits (or Sluts if you saw their last promo picture. Ha!) I have to admit that if Hyung Sik wasn’t one of suits, I would probably not be that interested. But… when I watch the teaser, I just see him in all those suits (even the prison one) and can’t help myself from wanting to check it out. This one starts April 25th. I hope we get it here in the states. Most of the dramas that have been American remakes have not been licensed here, so I’m crossing my fingers this will not be the case.

I’m excited about the next batch of dramas, how about you?

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3 thoughts on “So many teasers, so much anticipation!

  1. Assuming we can actually watch all these, as it seems like a lot of dramas I want to watch lately haven’t been on the legal subbing sites…. 😜

    Time travel is always fun, so I will probably check out Life on Mars.
    Greasy Melo – that’s actually the name in Korean, haha – looks fun AND has Jun Ho and Jang Hyuk! I’m definitely going to be watching this one!!
    About Time… I’ve been watching Master of the House and would love to see a drama starring Lee Sang Yoon – he’s adorable in MOTH…
    And Suits… never seen the American version, so I’m not sure what to expect (and I really don’t like legal dramas), but I will give it a go, for the sole reason that Hyungsik is in it!!!

    Fingers crossed we can watch all these!!! 🤞

    • I have now started looking to see which network the show is from before I get excited about the drama. If it’s big 3 I know it’ll be on Kocowa and I’m okay. The cable networks are all a toss up though.

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