4 Reasons to check out the Lakorn Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Love’s Destiny)

I have a new drama addiction and this time it is from Thailand.  Yup, that’s right, I am jumping back into Lakorns (it has been a while) and am checking out latest buzzed about show Bhuppae Sunniwat (Love Destiny).  So come join me as give your four reasons as to why you also should be diving into this show along with me.

Synopsis : Kadesurang is a 25-year-old chubby archaeologist. One day she suffers an accident after meeting Karakade’s ghost and goes back in time to the Ayutthaya era around 300 years ago. She wakes up in Karakade’s dead body right after she died.
Karakade was a very mean and selfish person. Everyone hated her, especially her betrothed Date, who liked another girl but his dad and Karakade’s dad were best friends and they promised that their kids would marry each other. Karakade tries to kill her rival but her rival’s servant dies instead. Date and his dad chant a spell in order to punish the culprit, which results in Karakade’s death.
After Kadesurang wakes up in Karakade’s body, everyone around her is confused now that she’s acting like a completely different person. But her optimistic and playful personality slowly wins over everyone, including Date, who falls in love with the new Karakade. (MyDramaList)

Reason #4 – Thai History

I don’t know where our readers live, but the US does not give much thought to the history of Thailand in our curriculum. And by that, I would guess that 70% couldn’t find it on a map. So it was a nice side effect that by watching this Lakorn I also get mini history lessons each episode. I have really enjoyed learning about the culture and history all while watching our steamy OTP (One True Pairing).

Reason #3 – Sismance

Female relationships are not often something I would associate with Lakorns.  Usually, the females are trying to scratch each other’s eyes out over a man.  Or friendships are far down the list of plot arc priorities.  So imagine my surprise when our leading lady Karakade (after the new soul comes into the body) creates some deep relationships with her maids.  They are so cute as they try to help their mistress avoid cultural blunders.  It is a very nice addition to the typical Lakorn tropes.

Reason #2 – Time Travel Hijinks

Karakade is cracking me up as she brings her modern brashness to the super conservative past. Her constant forgetfulness to not use modern vernacular or be pretty in the background has me laughing every episode. Not to mention, watching her try to dominate those around by using her best Lakorn evil 2nd lead was epic. Kudos to actress Ranee Campen for successfully playing the evil 2nd lead style character and the charming leading lady who everyone likes…..even when she is trying to channel her best inner evil 2nd lead.

Reason #1 – Sizzling OTP Chemistry

It has been a long time since I have seen a Lakorn pairing have this much natural chemistry.  I could watch Ranee Campen & Thanawat Wattanaputi stare at each other for hours.  They bring these characters to life and totally sell their initial hatred of each other and their eventual love once Karakade’s soul is switched out. It is no surprise that the Lakorn viewers are as crazy about them as I am becoming.  They really are something special.

There you have it.  All the reasons you should be checking out Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat.  Keep in mind that the production value is different from the dramas of Northern Asia but just because it is less slick looking doesn’t mean that the story isn’t worth watching.  Jump out of your drama box.  Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised.

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7 thoughts on “4 Reasons to check out the Lakorn Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Love’s Destiny)

  1. And the no 1 reason I don’t have a drama to watch right now. OTP has left me just craving for more and I can’t seem to like anything now. Sigh. Hope Pope & Bella gets more projects together. Its been a while since I have seen two actors having such good chemistry. It’s criminal to waste it.

    To Lakorn newbies, the episode length is quite huge (about 2 hours). Within 2-3 episodes you will get to know the certain parts of the drama that you can skip. You can always FF the parts you don’t like.

    Oh and a note, do watch till ep5 if you aren’t liking it much. Things really start to turnaround from there. Most of us fell hard for the OTP since ep5 & 6.

    Happy watching.

  2. Pope and Bella were a lovely pairing. He was totally believable and she was a hoot!

    From my watching (and re-watching!), I thought that Por Date always kind of thought she was pretty but that her whole “bad attitude” package and the “you must marry her” situation turned him sour on her. So, when Kadesurang from the future showed up as Mae Ying Karakade and changed her whole personality, I think he fell for her pretty quickly. Only, he didn’t want to show it. He had some pride!

    The historical plot mixed in with the romance made an easy to digest package despite the length. Go, readers, go and watch this!

  3. If you are getting back into lakorns, I would recommend Padiwarada and Leh Lub Salub Rarng. Both have moments to skip (anything with the second lead female for the first and anything with the mother for the second), but the leads are cute and fun together.

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  5. Can someone explain to me why Mueng Reung the bff was physically in the past??
    I understand his soul of Khun P, but why is his physical body there when it’s not his soul. Is it because when (earlier in the drama) she says she wished he was there??

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