A Poem a Day, Episode 5-6 Recap

This really is an ensemble show with several interweaving storylines, and we find out a lot about our characters’ backgrounds in these episodes. We meet the families of Bo Young, Min Ho, and radiologist Joo Yong. We also find out about a past connection between roommate Yoon Joo and radiologist Dae Bang, as well as something about what happened to Dr. Ye at his previous hospital. Through it all the silly side of our characters keeps the thought-provoking side from becoming too heavy. I won’t tell you everything that happens, but WE WILL HAVE SPOILERS FOR THESE TWO EPISODES.

Episode 5 High Points

Bo Young isn’t the only one who overacts. Nam Woo does his share when she and Yoon Joo catch him hiding in the hospital overnight. But it turns out well as Dr. Ye gets him and Min Ho into the hospital dorm. She invites herself to their new-apartment-party and gets drunk again which causes Min Ho to think, “I’m glad she doesn’t like me anymore.”

Bo Young’s big foible is a tendency to woolgather. She helps Dr. Ye in a demonstration so he takes her out to eat, and her imagination takes over. This kind of thing is just beginning. Watch it girl! He’s not really taking your hand.

Dr. Park, who has lightened up from being a jerk, has a first birthday party for his twins. Yoon Joo, having been clowning around encouraging Bo Young to like Dr. Ye, now asks him if he has a girlfriend. He deflates everyone by remarking he doesn’t date people from the same hospital and hands out one of his unwanted bits of advice. Boy, are they getting tired of that! After he walks out the two interns tell news from a friend who worked with him; he testified for a patient in a malpractice suit and the hospital took it badly.

Dae Bang waffles about going to the party because of a woman he broke up with once, a woman we are led to believe is Yoon Joo. When he shows up late she sees him and exclaims, “Didn’t we agree to ignore each other”? Dr. Park takes them aside hoping to help them reconcile, but he is mistaken and so are we. Yoon Joo talks about Dae Bang’s past, and in retaliation he tries to tell about hers. A struggle ensues.

Episode 5 Poetry

After this stressful evening, we see Bo Young, Dr. Ye, and Dae Bang each alone, gazing sadly at the river to the accompaniment of the next poem.

Joke by Lee Moon Jae

When you’re faced with something beautiful…
If you think of someone you wish was by your side…
You’re in love.
When you’re faced with quiet scenery or delicious food
If no one comes to mind…
You are either really strong or really lonely.
In order to make the bell ring louder, the bell must hurt more.

The last line is a little difficult. To make a bell ring louder you must hit it harder, but strangely this poem says the bell hurts when it is hit. These people are hurting, so perhaps sometime we will see them ring louder.

After hearing that Dr. Ye wouldn’t date coworkers, Bo Young had given up on him. Then, seeing the sincerity and determination of the boyfriend of one of her patients, she decides to not give up either. She finds new poetry that touches her and  Min Ho catches her reading it, but tosses it aside. Later she gives a copy to Dr. Ye.

It’s Okay if you don’t Love Me by Lee Jung Ha

It’s okay if you don’t acknowledge me.
A new leaf will sprout, even under the cold rain.
And the stars will come out, even if the clouds cover it.
It’s okay if you don’t offer me a hand.
I blazed up like a dry leaf
As someone who couldn’t say a word.
I’m okay with being in one-sided love
And then becoming love myself.
My love,
It’s okay if you don’t love me.

Episode 6 High Points

Joo Yong’s dad has retired because he can no longer cope with the hi-tech changes in his job, and is coming for a visit. Dae Bang joins them for lunch, and when he posts a picture on his social media Dad is intrigued. Dae Bang is so cute showing him how things work and signing him up. When he calls Joo Yong his baby, Dad corrects him, “No, he’s my baby.” Aww…this is the warmest Joo Yong has ever seen his father. Dad wants a picture.

Back at the lab, a senior radiologist comes to ask Dae Bang for help with the new equipment, but he’s not there. JooYong is at first impatient with him but is reminded of his father coping with the same thing and changes his mind.

Min Ho’s mom calls him up for a family celebration. He suddenly remembers it’s his birthday and is excited that they want to see him. Since Bo Young wants to visit her mom in the same town he gives her a ride, although he rubs it in that he’s going to a fancy hotel buffet. What he doesn’t tell her is that his parents are wealthy and have high-powered jobs, and have always cared more about his older brother.

Bo Young’s mom has been ill but is happy to see her. When the younger half-bother comes in, Bo Young pulls the bossy-older-sibling card on him to get him to work harder. Her mom just says, “He’s fine, don’t worry.” She loves them both. We see them walking down the street arm in arm.

At the end of the day, Bo Young takes Min Ho to a late night buffet and gives him a birthday cake made of waffles, which reminds him of when she gave him a cake once before and he didn’t appreciate it. He wonders, “Am I glad she doesn’t like me anymore?”

Episode 6 Poem

The scenes from these families are very telling as we observe the differences.

Family by Choi Bum Young

If you can’t say you’re hurt when you feel hurt you’re not family.
If you can’t say you’re happy when you’re happy you’re not family.

A sweet and soft ice cream cone isn’t enough to become a family.
Pain, happiness, and love must be shared
And you must endure all hardships in prayer until you can feel it together.
That’s how we become a family.

You must be able to express your sadness
and be able to cry together to be a family.
You must be able to express your happiness
And be able to be happy for one another to be a family.
You must feel like you’re under the same blanket
No matter where you are
To be a family.

What Were They Thinking?

What was Yoon Joo thinking, to be clowning around teasing Bo Young about Dr. Ye? It encourages Bo Young’s daydreaming, and she’s not thinking either. It’s a little dangerous to daydream while the guy is right there in front of you! What is Dr. Park thinking? Is he making an effort to be helpful since the chief did that for him? And how about Min Ho? Is he fooling himself, or is his opinion morphing from being annoyed by Bo Young to being touched?

This drama is moving right along and people are starting to change. Dr. Park is softening, and so is Dr. Ye, at least when talking to Bo Young. Joo Yong is becoming more thoughtful and Dae Bang is relating to older people surprisingly well. Min Ho is…Min Ho is just confused. I’m waiting to see what happens next, and how Yoon Joo knows Dae Bang!


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