A Poem a Day, Episode 9-10 Recap

There is a lot of falling down in these episodes. There are low points and crashes, in particular, one that we have seen coming for a long time. Sometimes it surprises you who turns out to be a friend, and as long as you have friends, there are also good times and getting back up. SPOILERS COMING OF COURSE!

The Low Points (Remember there are SPOILERS.)

The worst low point and biggest SPOILER is that Nam Woo loses the alligator applique on his t-shirt. **tears** It’s his last vestige of affluence and he has been dreading it forever. (You knew it would happen sooner or later, didn’t you?) But it doesn’t happen yet. Not quite yet.

The Chief announces that he is resigning to go to a new hospital, and will recommend that Bo Young be moved to full time. Dr. Park, worried about his job, is angry until Dr. Ye tells him that the Chief was nearly fired and is looking out for everyone’s jobs. Then he goes all emotional on the Chief. After only a day, the Chief’s new job falls ( ha) through and everyone else resents him. Now it is Dr. Park who appeases them all.

Bo Young is surprisingly comfortable telling her innermost thoughts to Min Ho and Nam Woo. She is cheerfully skipping on the stairs when she falls, fortunately within their reach! She sings out that she lo-o-o-ves Dr. Ye and oops, he saw her! He backs out fast. She talks it over with the two guys over lunch, and surprise! It’s Nam Woo who imagines Dr. Ye proposing! Haha. This is when she pokes him and he protects his alligator. It’s a warning, but he doesn’t lose it yet!

Bo Young is like Marianne in Sense and Sensibility in that she revels in her emotions and lets them play out, both her highs when she ‘s flying and her lows when she crashes. (Come to think of it, she hurt her ankle, too!) This little poem illustrates her highs. So Marianne and so Bo Young.

Me by Kim Yong Taek

As I think of you…
If I look at the mountains on a rainy day in May…
I run out of breath completely.
Please have me before I run out of breath.

Joo Yong goes to take an x-ray for a VIP patient who complains he’s too young, which makes a tremendous impression on Dae Bang. He falls down the stairs shortly afterward and breaks bones in his foot. Of course, after what happened to Joo Yong, he reacts badly to him and the young nurses and doctor who are assigned to him. From then on Joo Yong rubs it in whenever Dae Bang asks him something. “How would I know? I’m just a baby.” Hahaha.

We have a confusing multi-layer flashback about Dr. Ye getting a call to go to the funeral of his mentor, who had resigned over the furor of the malpractice case. The doctor who had been sued had stolen Dr. Ye’s girlfriend for revenge and then dumped her. The ex-girlfriend shows up but he tells her they are over. He hates being the focus of gossip and decides not to make the same mistake again. He calls Bo Young and tells her he’s sorry, but he doesn’t want to date someone in the same field.

After this Bo Young becomes a watering pot. She cries because she made Dr. Ye uncomfortable when she knew he didn’t want to date a co-worker. She cries because she resented the Chief for telling about the job when he wasn’t sure. She cries because she feels selfish. Her friends think she is crying because she didn’t get to go full time. Anyway, she’s crying.

Bo Young’s Poem

Min Ho finds her in the park (crying) and she admits that Dr. Ye rejected her. He thinks, “I’m the really selfish one. Hearing it didn’t work out makes me feel relieved.”

Height by Yoo Ahn Jin

I’m ashamed to say that until now I only cried for myself.
My most painful cries still only come out for myself.
How much older do I need to get to grow a bigger heart,
And how much taller does my heart need to get
Before I can cry for someone else?

My eyes can only see myself on the most sorrowful days.
My ears can only hear my laugh on the most happy days.
I’ve never realized how imperfect my heart is.
I’m embarrassed and ashamed.

Dr. Ye’s Poem

Finally, we get to learn Dr. Ye’s thoughts, as he narrates a poem. Min Ho only began to appreciate Bo Young after he lost her, and it looks like Dr. Ye may be the same.

It Only Rained After You Left By Yeo Rim

It only rained after you left.
The rain turned into heavy rain
and I pictured you sitting in the bus with an upset expression on your face.
I felt my heart becoming sore.
There are times when people can’t be comforted by words.

I sit blankly while looking out the window.
And even when I close my eyes as if I’m tired
A part of my consciousness becomes that much clearer.
It only rained after you left,
In every street corner where I send you off.

The sequence of Bo Young falling over sideways is very poignant. That’s a genius way to show how she is feeling. Good thing it’s time for a sea change.

The High Points, Looking Up!

Dr. Ye is becoming less formal and his advice-giving is changing. When the Chief apologizes, feeling low for disappointing Dr. Ye and Bo Young, he says, “May I give you…” The Chief nods and he continues, “…some advice. Don’t underestimate yourself. I still have a lot to learn from you.” Aww, they are becoming friends.

Bo Young helps an elderly man with walking again after an accident. He wants to do well and go home to his wife. When the son admits that his mother had died, Bo Young realizes that there are many worse problems than hers. She decides, like Marianne, to learn to control her feelings. I was proud of her when Dr. Ye met her again, that she told him she would be ok and not to treat her well or comfort her.

Dae Bang comes to rehab for his foot. He objects to having Yoon Joo as his therapist because they’ve been at odds before, but she promises that she always does her best for her patients. He has a couple of bad mishaps that embarrass him but she is true to her word and covers up for him. (heh) Later when a patient’s daughter tries to take advantage of her, he sees it and defends her. These are pretty cute scenes, and we just have to cheer them both for being awesome!

Living with Min Ho and Nam Woo is opening up our loner Joo Yong. He and Nam Woo pester Min Ho to go to the beach. He says no until he finds out Bo Young would like to go. Once there, they ask for roasted clams; he says no until she says yes, ditto for buying fireworks until she approves. Nam Woo and Joo Yong bicker over food, fight on the beach and throw seaweed. It’s funny how little patience Min Ho has with all the horsing around.

Yoon Joo thanks Dae Bang for helping her with the patient’s daughter and saving her from an uncomfortable scene. She takes him back to his room. He thinks he can get back into bed by himself but stands the wrong way and falls. She is pretty quick and catches him. He looks up at her face, stunned.

The Chief and Dr. Park attend a conference where Dr. Ye is presenting. They are surprised to see that he is using a video with Bo Young in it. Dr. Ye is looking away from the screen when her picture comes up, and when he looks over and suddenly sees her face above him on the huge screen, he is stunned.

Nam Woo is stunned when he suddenly realizes that the alligator is missing from his shirt. Now we come to it. This is tragic! They search together and find it, but lose it again; then Bo Young sees it but falls into the water and we don’t see if she still has it. Min Ho apologizes for all the things that went wrong, but she says she had fun. “I kept thinking of Dr. Ye, but when you guys caused a ruckus you made me forget about him. You cheered me up.” (Do you want to guess how many times she imagined Dr. Ye on the beach?)

The Chief, Dr. Park, and Dr. Ye go out for drinks after the conference. The Chief still feels bad about Bo Young. Dr. Ye feels bad about Bo Young after hearing that she cried all day. He says, “I don’t know why my heart aches so much.” Dr. Park thinks it’s because he declined the chief position.

Episode 10 Poem

While Nam Woo and Joo Yong set off the fireworks, Min Ho sits on the sand watching with Bo Young. She takes a photo of the fireworks and he takes a selfie with her.

Old Flame by Choi Young Mi

Even though it was a flame that I stole away for just for a while
As long as I felt the warmth, I forgot all my fears and sorrow.
It felt warm.
I’m thankful for everything you’ve done for me
As well as everything you haven’t done for me.

Dr. Ye looks at the book Bo Young gave him, It’s Ok That You Don’t Love Me, remembering that she said she would be fine. He gets a text from Min Ho. His profile picture is the selfie with Bo Young.

What were they thinking?

First off, why didn’t Nam Woo sew his alligator on? He had plenty of warning. I told him every week! And is Dr. Park improving? Is Min Ho sending a message with that profile picture? The important thing here is of course that now both Dr. Ye and Min Ho have rejected Bo Young. Did they think that through at the time? If we carry out our comparison to Sense and Sensibility, we notice that the first man Marianne liked is the one who jilted her and then was remorseful later. The second man was older and had endured his own heartbreak in the past. Which way will it go?

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