The Maknae’s Journey through the Classics: The Greatest Love

I’ve figured out lately that I collect biases a little differently than other people. For instance, I will watching anything that Lee Hong Ki is in, not for his looks, but for his adorable personality–his humor just shines through. Lee Dong Wook is masterful at conveying his emotions and has a great sense of comic timing. And now that I’ve watched Hwayugi and The Greatest Love, I am on the Cha Seung Won train–the man is a capable actor who cracks me up even when he’s being ridiculously cheesy. That takes some serious talent, in my estimation.

What really got me invested in The Greatest Love was Gong Hyo Jin’s portrayal of Ae Jung. She had been kicked down so many times, but she remained steadfast and kind. And believably so. Gong Hyo Jin did a fabulous job with her subtle characterization.

Cha Seung Won . . . well, I do feel a little bit that this role was made for him, much like Tony Stark IS Robert Downey Jr. and vice versa. But the way he takes the character, improving himself instead of descending into diva-like tantrums, made the story more enjoyable to me. Especially when he realized his goatee spelled “cow”–he just grew it out a bit more! And then shaved it, but that’s a disappointment for another time.

Their romance made sense to me. These were two opposite personalities, but they complemented each other. And they had a deep understanding of each other’s problems, since they were in the same industry. Oddly, I didn’t have SLS with this drama, despite Yoon Kye Sang’s excellent, sensitive portrayal of Yoon Pil Joo.

My sunbaes have been warning me about the Hong sisters’ tendencies towards uneven dramas these last few years. The Greatest Love is one of their more solid entries–I enjoyed it from beginning to end (once I remembered I could fast forward through the most sitcom-like aspects of the drama in the first couple of episodes).

So, to sum up, thank YOU, dear readers, for making me watch yet another excellent drama. And for coming to talk to me about it in our Come Watch with Me! discussion. I always love what you have to say!

Keep your eyes peeled for another poll! It’ll probably happen as soon as I finish Dream High, because I’m ridiculously addicted right now. Thank goodness Kim Soo Hyun’s haircuts keep improving!

Until next time, I remain your steadfast–

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2 thoughts on “The Maknae’s Journey through the Classics: The Greatest Love

  1. The Greatest Love is my favorite drama of the Hong sisters! So many funny scenes. And Dokko Jin is one of my favorite characters of all time.

    I recommend you watch “City Hall” with Cha Seung Won too. It’s an old drama (2009), but my favorite from Kim Eun-sook (yes, I liked it more than Goblin and DOTS!). I’m sure you will fall in love with him in this drama. He and Kim Sun-a have a amazing chemistry. The beginning is not so good, but then it gets better and better! Besides, has one of the best kissing scenes.

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