Upcoming murder with a side of romance

I’m sorry.  I totally have dropped the ball on keeping up with the latest teasers.  There are just so many of them lately.  That said, there are two upcoming dramas that are really standing out and they both delve heavily into murder and maybe a bit of romance.

Come Hug Me looks like it will be the most romantic of the two.  A tragic romance (possibly) but still romance.  It follows the story of Do Jin (Chang Ki-Yong) and Jae Yi (Jin Ki Joo). High school sweethearts who are pulled apart when our leading man’s father murders his girlfriend’s parents. They meet years later when Do Jin is a cop and Jae Yi is an actress. Will their love be able to overcome their parents past? If I had to take a wild guess I would say no. But I am sure there is going to be some beautiful angst while they try.

I am a huge fan of this kind of angsty murder forbidden love kind of concept.  At least when it is well written.  The writer is new to me, having only written a tv special, so I am going in blind as to what to expect.  Let’s cross our finger that the story actually lives up to its intense premise.  ComeHug Me airs May 16th.

The second crime-ridden drama probably is more murder and less romance. Which is a tragic shame since Rain deserves all the love. But I digress. Sketch focuses on detective Kang Dong Soo who is on looking for clues into his fiancee’s mysterious death. He is helped by Lee Sun Bin’s character who can see three days in the future and sketches her visions. I know, I know. This is not an overly creative storyline. It is pretty much While You Were Sleeping meets Voice. But it has Rain so I have to give it a try.  Sketch airs on May 25th on JTBC.

So what do you think?  Are you ready for some intense dramas?  Let me know which one you are excited about in the comments and check back in a few weeks for our first impressions of both shows.

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