A Poem A Day, Episodes 11-12 Recap

We have three love affairs going on in these episodes. There is the main triangle of Bo Young, Min Ho, and Dr. Ye, as well as a new triangle with Yoon Joo, Dae Bang, and his hospital roommate; and then there is Nam Woo and a girl he knows from school. The first gets some resolution here, the second is the most entertaining, and the third is perhaps the most touching. Come along with us to see what happens! THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

Remember there are SPOILERS

I will tell you right away and not drag out the suspense, the ALLIGATOR IS BACK! Half-way through Episode 11, Nam Woo eats dinner with Min Ho and Bo Young and there is his alligator on his shirt! I don’t understand it. There’s no explanation, no talk about sewing it back on. In fact, it looks like it’s still loose. Whatever. Bo Young is drinking and complaining about Dr. Ye, and Min Ho is telling her it’s a good chance to get over him. The alligator is back! They shouldn’t have let her drink though.

Yoon Joo, Seok Jin, and Dae Bang

Dae Bang gets a new roommate, Ha Seok Jin (that’s his real name) with an interesting contrast in personality. Where Dae Bang has trouble making up his mind, Seok Jin makes instant decisions. He is amusing for a while, deciding what to watch on tv. He is assigned to Yoon Joo for therapy and right away asks her out to dinner and creates a scene. She is pretty cute getting him away from the nurses by leading him away by the edge of his sleeve. She tries to get him to be reasonable but he’s all, “I’ve decided or I”ll leave the hospital,” so she gives in.

At dinner, he tells her that he’s decided to marry her and has their lives all planned out. She gets sucked into his sad tale that she will die first and then snaps herself out of it. “No, that’s not it!” Haha, I love her. She’s sweet and pacifying up to a point, and then she’s had enough. When Dae Bang shows up because he is upset that she is eating with another patient and not him (because he’d asked first) she deals with them both in a way that you just have to watch.

Nam Woo and Mi Rae

Nam Woo meets up with Kim Mi Rae, a girl he knows from school. They had liked each other, but she had broken up with him because she was helping her parents, and working so many jobs she didn’t have time to see him. She claims that she is doing well now, but it’s not true, her life is just as hard. He still wants to see her and buys chicken ginseng soup, which he’d wanted to eat together before.

Unfortunately, his parents call saying they are giving up on their city jobs and going to work on a relative’s farm, so he decides he can’t be with Mi Rae after all if he can’t even help them. He leaves her the soup with a note, poor guy. He and Mi Rae are the saddest couple because they are without hope. Our sweet Nam Woo, who spends most of his time toning down Min Ho, has his own dream he has to give up. He sees a poem at the bus stop and reads it for us. I think the drama was written around these poems.

A Poor Love Song for the Young Person Next Door
by Shin Kyung Rim

Why wouldn’t a poor man know how loneliness feels?
In the snow-covered alley on my way
Back from parting ways with you,
The blue moonlight shines onto the street.
Why wouldn’t a poor man have any fears?
When I open my eyes to the sound of the clock,
The sound of the neighborhood patrol,
And the sound of the buckwheat jelly peddler.
I hear the sound of a heavy machine go round in the distance.
Why wouldn’t a poor man long for anyone?

I try repeating, “Mother, I miss you,” countless times,
And I try to imagine the sound of the wind
Against the only persimmon that remains on the persimmon tree.
Why wouldn’t a poor man know about love?
The warmth of your lips that kissed my cheek.
The sound of your breathing, that told me you loved me.
The way you burst into tears when I turned around.
Why wouldn’t a poor man know?
Because I’m poor I must abandon all of this.

Bo Young, Dr. Ye, and Min Ho

Min Ho goes with Bo Young to the bookstore looking for A Season of Good Rain, which turns out to be out of print. “Why do you want to buy a book that you’ve already read?” he exclaims. Hahaha, nonreader. But they find a book of poetry by a school friend of hers, and he encourages her to write, too. Aww sweet. She buys him a poetry book written for kids.

Bo Young’s new patient is a young soccer player who is depressed and doesn’t want to do therapy. Dr. Ye coolly cancels his next appointment, and when Bo Young tries to talk the boy around later, Dr. Ye tells him the same thing again. When she confronts him about it he just walks off without explaining, so she stands in the street and stops his car. She is angry and tells him he doesn’t understand the boy and should apologize. Min Ho finds her later, drunk, so he takes her home thinking she’s crazy to try to solve everyone’s problems. And now we get a poem narrated by Min Ho.

What a Fool You Are by Shin Hyung Geon

You can’t spit out your gum wherever you please
So you run over to a garbage after wrapping it in tissue.
What a fool you are.
It’d be so much quicker if you sneak out of a doggy door
But you take the long route to use the main doors.
What a fool you are.
When you see a man whose face is covered in coal
You needlessly bow to greet him.
What a fool you are.
You cry all by yourself because a strict teacher is transferring
When no one else is crying.
What a fool you are.

What’s the big deal about that anyway?
You squat in front of a dandelion and stare at it for quite a while.
What a fool you are.
No matter how much I boast with a bunch of lies
You nod along with me with your eyes opened wide.
What a fool you are.
When I call you a fool you just smile back.
What a huge fool you are.
Then what am I?
I like you so much that I follow you around as if I’m your shadow.
What does that make me?

He looks up the book Bo Young wanted, and Nam Woo says it is a poem about good timing. “Good rain falls when the time is right.” Min Ho then tracks down the book at a used bookstore and calls Bo Young. He asks to see her, but running down the street not really watching, he gets hit by the Motorbike of Doom. He goes in to get treated and misses his appointment with her.

He takes the next day off to rest his foot. Joo Yong warns him about Dae Bang being indecisive since he is coming over for the day. He also warns Dae Bang about Min Ho being a jokester. They look askance at each other at first, but after Dae Bang can’t decide on what to order for lunch, Min Ho orders and pays for it. And when Min Ho can’t decide what to say to Bo Young, then Dae Bang shows him a collection of confessions he has made. They decide the other isn’t half bad. But wait until they find out about Joo Yong’s comments!

The soccer kid decides to do his therapy. Everyone thinks that Bo Young convinced him, but he tells her that it was Dr. Ye. When he was young, Dr. Ye had to give up baseball, and his doctor had dealt with him in the same way. Bo Young apologizes to Dr. Ye for thinking she was the only one who could understand this boy or that had to give up something they loved.

Wound by Jung Yeon Bok

There is no person in this world who was never hurt.
Being covered in scratches after a long day is just life.
Let’s not hide our pain.
We’re only human because we’re hurt.
Wounds can only be healed alongside another wound.

When the soccer boy texts Dr. Ye that he will do his best and “not let my wounds hold me captive anymore,” Dr. Ye decides that applies to him as well. He takes possession of the emergency U-turn lane and calls Bo Young to meet. He tells her he likes her, and she asks him again just to be sure it isn’t her imagination this time! Since he hadn’t wanted to date a co-worker, she asks him to keep it a secret. They read their poem together. Aww…

Happiness by Na Tae Joo

It’s not about where we were yesterday
And it’s not about where we’ll be tomorrow.
It’s just about where we are today,
And you.

Bo Young worries about hiding her emotions, and he says to just be the way she’s always been. But it turns out that he is the one who is obvious, acting unnaturally cheerful, giving compliments instead of advice, drawing hearts on his notebook, and overreacting when Dr. Park accidentally knocks Bo Young over when they are practicing a skit. Dr. Park becomes suspicious that he is dating, but doesn’t realize who with.

The rehab staff wins the skit contest, so they go out to party and take a group picture. They are all convinced now that Dr. Ye is dating, but he and Bo Young manage to leave the rest behind and meet at the park. She tells him he’s too obvious, but she is tickled anyway. He says he doesn’t mind people knowing, and kisses her on the cheek. All the fangirls are saying, “Oohh…is that all?” Then he looks at her again and kisses her for real. Cheers in the Fangirl Department!

What were they thinking?

Why did Dr. Ye walking off without explaining his tactics about the soccer patient to Bo Young? Seriously, they refuse to explain all the time in dramas, and it drives me crazy. Bo Young wouldn’t have been mad at him. But we give him a pass because he comes through for us. Just one question, when are they going to start calling each other by their first names?

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