A Poem a Day Episodes 13-14, Recap

This is really an ensemble show in that every week different characters are highlighted. Last week Yoon Joo had an important storyline, but she doesn’t do much this week. The radiology guys have an interesting story one episode and not the next, and we get more about the Chief in one episode and Dr. Park in another. Not much happens with the main couple, and we still don’t really know much about Dr. Ye, but Min Ho regresses badly to fifth-grader status this week. THERE ARE SPOILERS

High Points: Supporting Characters (SPOILERS)

Dr. Park’s wife wants to buy English DVDs for the twins, but he says no because they are expensive. Then the Chief’s son visits the hospital and impresses everyone by speaking excellent English. The Chief says they emphasized early education and now he’s a great student, so Dr. Park changes his mind about the DVDs. That evening he, the Chief, and Yoon Joo go to a festival together and run across the Chief’s perfect son (in the white shirt) not behaving how the Chief expects! How upset is the Chief? How many times does Dr. Park change his mind about those DVDs?

Dae Bang and Joo Yong take x-rays of an elderly patient in his room. He is friendly and gives them peach juice, which Dae Bang accepts even though he is allergic, just to make him happy. Later that day Joo Yong gets called in for an emergency and finds them doing CPR on this same patient. He watches in horror as the doctor declares him dead. Hesitantly he tells Dae Bang about it since he had been so fond of this patient. Dae Bang surprises him by saying, “You can’t cry for them all. It’s better to detach yourself if you work at a hospital.” In his memory, Dae Bang sees again a similar experience when a favorite patient died and his senior told him he had to cope.

At a staff meeting, Bo Young suggests a change in treatment for patients, and the doc in charge approves her idea. He is Section Chief Kim, a doctor, not a therapist, who is over the rehabilitation department. We see him in scrubs and also in the OR doing a procedure. He is energetic and cheerful with his patients, and Bo Young and Dr. Ye admire him a lot. (Although we have never heard of him before.)

In the morning we see a gurney rush down the hall with someone riding it doing CPR on the patient, similar to the scene we saw in the first episode. The energetic Section Chief Kim has had a stroke and is in a coma. Bo Young does bedside therapy with him and is left very low. When he wakes up he has some paralysis and is depressed and is sure he won’t recover. After he is well enough to go to the therapy room in a wheelchair, everyone’s remarks embarrass him deeply and he asks to leave right away.

We get some good continuity with Nam Woo still being sad over Mi Rae. He gets drunk and Min Ho takes him home and tells him to forget her. Min Ho cancels a dinner with Bo Young because he was going to confess and she’s too down right now for something like that. He takes Nam Woo instead, to practice his confession on. You think you know how this will go? Even though he is generally droopy, Nam Woo is pretty funny giving Min Ho a hard time!

High Points: Main Characters

The therapists ask Dr. Ye about his girlfriend and we expect him to tell them because he said last week that he didn’t care if people knew. But he’s a stinker and keeps it a secret. He gets tickets for a musical Bo Young wants to see, they go for a walk in the park, and she reaches up and kisses him.

Us by Lee Ji Hyun

You’re spring and I’m the flowers,
That’s why I can’t even see the cherry blossoms.
I’m spring and you’re the flowers,
That’s why you’re all that I can see.
We’re the flower fields and we’re spring.

Dr. Ye cancels out on the musical with Bo Young, leaving the tickets on her desk with a little note in the envelope. We keep expecting someone will see that note! Bo Young debates who to take with her, but Min Ho and Nam Woo end up with the envelope. When they open it we are again waiting for someone to see that note, but it drops on the floor. Nam Woo picks up something from the floor, but they don’t find out. Ah, they really tease us in this scene!

More continuity for the alligator shirt. After all the brouhaha before, did you think the issue was settled? Joo Yong calls after the concert to say he did laundry and hung it all up on the rooftop to dry, and the shirt disappeared. It’s a bad day for Nam Woo, and he walks home alone.

Bo Young had gone once to visit Section Chief Kim and walked in on him breaking down and crying and had left quietly without him knowing. Once again she goes to see him. Don’t people knock on doors in Korea? She looks in and sees Dr. Ye there doing therapy with Dr. Kim so he can have privacy. That’s sweet, she should have thought of it because she was doing his PT, but I’m glad he’s doing it. She goes outside to wait for him.

Going Home by Kim Yoon Ah

On the way back home
I leave my heart to the setting sun.
And I think about the work that you do,
And feel sad due to countless thoughts.
Since there is no way of knowing
What will happen tomorrow.

I can only embrace your back
And tell you that everything will be okay.
I feel like there is more that I can do for you as I grow impatient.
I feel sad for your heavy shoulders and long days.
I hope something good happens to you tomorrow
Because you deserve it.
I hope you unload your burdens and become happy again.
I earnestly pray for it.

When Min Ho gets home from the concert he glances down the sidewalk and sees Bo Young and Dr. Ye hugging. Oh-h-h. He waits outside to confront her, and she admits that she is dating and tells him it’s a secret.

The rehab staff goes on retreat. Mi Ho is angry and is being a brat, and Nam Woo is still moping around. Dr. Park is ‘on one’. He asks Dr. Ye if he came because his girlfriend went somewhere. Dr. Ye says his usual, “Shall I give you advice?” Dr. Park retorts, “Shall I give you advice? Don’t give me advice!” Go Dr. Park!

Min Ho indulges the fifth-grader side of his personality. He doesn’t let Bo Young sit by Dr. Ye in the van or when they go on an excursion on four-wheelers. She asks him why he is so mad, and he admits it’s because he spent so much time cheering her up and taking her to the beach, and then she changed her mind and dated Dr. Ye secretly.

Dr. Park tries to sell credit cards to the interns, but a mopey Nam Woo spikes his plan. Dr. Park tries to make him snap out of it, but then he gets a couple of calls and finds out his rent is being raised and his wife lost her job. Now he and Nam Woo are both moping. They get into a discussion about money.

Life is Like an Installment Savings Account by Kim Shi Tak

Life is like an installment savings account.
Pay the principal, pay the interest,
And if you miss the deadline, pay the overdue fees.
An installment savings account can be canceled if it gets too overwhelming,
But when life gets too exhausting, can we cancel it midway?
If we calculate the years we’ve lived and return the years left to live,
Are we able to cancel it?
Will we be able to get a cancellation refund?
Life is like a lifelong redeemable bond.

Dr. Ye takes Min Ho aside and tells him to be polite to Bo Young because she’s his senior, and Min Ho argues back that she’s the girl he likes. They are annoyed at each other, and when the group plays dodgeball, it gets worse. Nam Woo and Dr. Park get hit by the ball for not paying attention as Min Ho and Dr. Ye duel it out.

Bo Young tries to explain Min Ho to Dr. Ye, and actually calls him an elementary kid. Then she asks Min Ho not to be angry since they are friends. When she accidentally drops a bracelet Dr. Ye gave her, Min Ho picks it up and throws it into the lake. She tells him he’s a jerk and stalks off. He walks away thinking sadly of all the times she was nice to him.

Lily Magnolia by Do Jong Hwan

I was happy because I met you
And I also suffered because I met you.
When I tossed and turned in bed while hugging a body
That no longer had feelings for me
I felt flower petals falling on my head from above me.
In a garden where lily magnolias bloom
After the white magnolias wither away
The thought of lily magnolias blooming again
Pained me a great deal.

As I watched the tree and flowers gradually part ways
It was difficult to stand beside the tree.
It’s like watching yourself become a cruel person.
I was happy because I met you
And I also suffered for a long time because of you.

What were they thinking?

What is Min Ho thinking with all this lashing out? Does he realize Bo Young regards him as a kid? He was maturing so well, and now this week he slipped back to the way he was at first. Can we ever forget the temper tantrum he threw for his parents? What is Dr. Ye thinking, being so uncommunicative? He doesn’t explain to Bo Young what he is up to, whether it’s his method of dealing with kids with sports injuries or his secret therapy sessions with Dr. Kim. And why is he still keeping it a secret that they are dating? Well, we just have to wait for next week and see how things turn out!

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