The battle of the rom-com teasers!

Have you been feeling that your drama schedule has included a lot of murders and mystery lately?  Are you itching for a nice old fashioned rom-com?  If so, we have two possible kdrama contenders getting ready to air.  Come join us for this week’s rom-com teasers and choose which one is going to be your upcoming romantic addiction.

First up is The Undateables starring Namgung Min & Jung Eum. This seasoned duo is tackling the traditional opposites attract romance. We have one who wants to be in love while the other avoids it because it isn’t logical. I’ve actually been surprised at how much chemistry the two stars have together and how they’re more, shall we say, over the top, acting styles are not clashing. Let’s hope that it can stay that way through the whole show. The Undateables will begin airing next Wednesday on the 23rd.

Next up is another traditional rom-com Why Secretary Kim (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim). This time we have the secretary falling for the chaebol boss concept. This is another tried and true way to find true love in Dramaland and with Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young as the OTP (one true pairing), I don’t foresee a ton of surprises. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I figure that if both these dramas can avoid serial killers and terminal illnesses they will be a step above most of the romantic stories we have seen in the last year. Why Secretary Kim will also be a Wed/Thur drama and begins on June 6th.

With both these dramas airing at the same time, it might create a bit of a dilemma for viewers.  So which one will you be watching.  As for me?  I think I will have to try them both and see which one makes my inner romantic swoon.

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4 thoughts on “The battle of the rom-com teasers!

  1. I would watch almost anything Namgung Min was in – but not this. For me, Jung Eum ruins almost everything. So, I guess that leaves Why Secretary Kim alone at the gate.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve seen any Hwang Jung Eum drama, I liked her, but then got tired of her roles I guess. And i really like Namgun Min, I can see them as a cute OTP. Not a fan of the other two in the 2nd dramas so it’ll be a pass.

    I thought I’d get a break from the mystery/crime genre (which I love) with Wok of Love, but it’s turning out to be a rambling mess. I’m still stuck with it since I like the lead actors.

  3. I have watched Hwang Jung Eum’s acting in melodrama, thriller in Secret Love and romcom in Kill Me Heal Me (with Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon, one of the best drama for me) , She was Pretty (with Park Seo Joon, the lead male in Why Secretary Kim) and Lucky Romance (with Ryu Jun Yeol from Reply 1988).
    Now that I watched the trailer for The Undateables, seeing her acting — making the same face, same high pitched voice makes me want to watch Why Secretary Kim first. Maybe because I got used to her acting and sometimes I admit, her voice and acting are somewhat overacting (OA). So yeah, for me it’s Why Secretary Kim, its Park Seo Joon — I love him seeing in a romcom again just like in Fight For My Way with Kim Ji Won (from Descendant of the Sun) ^_^.

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