1st Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts – Rich Man, Poor Woman

I’m warning you before I do the review that I’ve watched the Japanese version and I ADORED that OTP (One True Pairing). That being said, I can see the cuteness of this version already, and I’m willing to give it a fair shot. I will try to keep my comparisons to a minimum, but since they followed the original plot so closely, it will be hard for me to not at least mention the Japanese version.

If you have not seen the original version, then here is the lowdown on the setup.

Rich Man:

Lee Yoo Chan (Suho) is a genius boy who creates his own tech startup company and makes it big, becoming an overgrown child running a billion-dollar business. He has his right-hand man who does all the adulting and his lawyer who does all the worrying. He hires and fires people based on how innovative they are. He wants minions that are all like him, big thinkers who push his company to the next level.

Poor Woman:

Kim Bo Ra (Ha Yeon Soo) is on her 31st interview when she ends up at Yoo Chan’s company. She has a fantastic memory but isn’t really innovative or forward thinking. She just wants a paycheck (like most of us). She would have been dismissed, along with all the other applicants, if she didn’t lie about her identity when she was being humiliated by Yoo Chan.  We don’t find out how she knows her fake name will peak his interest, only that she has a past connection with him. The other thing she has going for her is that Yoo Chan suffers from not being able to recognize faces, so when she blurts the other woman’s name out, he has no way of knowing if it’s her or not.


The first two episodes follow the original very closely. So close, I could even see where the leads may have studied the original actor’s movements…  Suho even hunches over his keyboard in a way that echoes Shun Oguri (Yet, doesn’t quite capture his manic genius hiding in a surfer boy’s body).

That being said, Yeon Soo is completely adorable, and I hope she sheds Samtomi Ishihara’s shadow and makes this role her own. Same goes for Suho. He isn’t a horrible idol actor and has the potential to win me over. It’s funny because some moments I’m getting the original character detail, and at other moments, I feel like I’m watching a much greener Hyung Sik.

Okay, back to the actual plot. Because of the name thing and her memory, they end up hiring Bo Ra for a three-day assignment to help them land a government contract. This will eventually lead to her being hired full time, and romance ensues.

OTP Chemistry?

The original story was cliché all the way to its bones, and on paper had no reason for it to become so beloved. It was Shun Oguri & Satomi Ishihara that sold the drama. They had AMAZING chemistry. She bubbled, he sizzled, and together they were magic. I made the mistake of watching a montage of them on YouTube after I’d seen the first two of the Korean remake. Yeah… it’s not fair to compare.

So if we aren’t comparing, then I’d say Suho and Yeon Soo could make a really cute couple. They had good chemistry in their scenes and I can see where they might become super adorable. They have potential.  Do they have the potential to set the screen of fire? No… but they don’t have to, as long as they make the story their own.

The rest of the cast:

The second lead girl (Kim Ye Won) is an actress  I love to hate (or just love to love, depending on the role). She did not show up in the first two episodes so I can’t really speak on her character. The second lead guy is a bit of a dud, in my book. I never warmed to him in the original, and my feelings may have transferred over to Oh Chang Suk’s version in this. There are a few hotties in their company. Among them, Lee Jae Gin who is a member of F.T. Island.

Final Thoughts:

If like me, you are a fan of the original, I think it is wise to shed all OTP expectations and just enjoy these two young, cute actors for who they are. If we don’t, we will probably be supremely disappointed. For those of you who haven’t seen the original, and you’re looking for a light bubbly affair, I think you’ve come to the right place. The plot isn’t that deep, and there is lots of pretty to go around. I do suggest that if you haven’t watched the original, wait until this is finished airing and then run over and do your own comparison.

Which group do you fall into? Are you going to watch? Or cheat and just watch the original for the first or maybe tenth time?

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3 thoughts on “1st Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts – Rich Man, Poor Woman

  1. I’m watching and I’ll probably re-watch the original along the way. I loved the Japanese version so much I bought the combined RMPW dvd set! You know, just in case I’m somewhere without the internet for streaming . . .

    I think the fact that Shun Oguri was willing to be more of a slacker boss (grungy sandals, slumpy posture, gamer/programer ergonomic keyboard) made it all the more cool when he cleaned up and put on a suit. Suho is cute but his grungy is not very realistic.

    • I wish I’d purchased the original. I can’t find it online (unless I got to virus riddled sites). You are so right about Shun Oguri being willing to be grungy. He also looked really uncomfortable in suits and like he didn’t belong at events like dinner with the government. You got the sense that his partner usually did all that and he just stayed tucked away in his office hunched over the keyboard coming up with genius ideas. Oh well, I must let go of my image of his character if I’m going to enjoy this one. We’ll just have to suffer together. LOL.

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