In Search of the Ultimate Korean Variety Show: It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets

What happens when a variety show follows a bunch of introverted homebody idols/singers/actors around all day?  Come find out as The Fangirls continue their search for the ultimate variety show and review It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets.

Our Quest:

This segment began when The Fangirls viewed the teaser for upcoming variety program Busted and realized that it has been a while since we have been openly invested in a variety show.  But where do we start in finding something new? This made us think there might be others out there who are just overwhelmed by how many options there are now.  Hence, the search for the ultimate variety program was created.  We hope you enjoy checking out these shows with us each week.  Be sure to suggest possible shows for us to watch in the comments and I promise we will eventually try to get to them all and share our thoughts.

Kmuse: So…….it seems that there might be a season 1 that I somehow missed.  I started on episode 1 on Viki but they keep referencing past stuff.  That isn’t really going to affect how I rate it since I assume it was all similar.  However, I am just stating where I am coming from.

Dongsaeng: I too could tell that we were missing something. My vague understanding is that it was an unofficial something or other from somewhere that had been done and then they went and made an actual show from it. How’s that for clarification?

Karie the Maknae: Yup, I was just as lost as the other fangirls. On the other hand, an earlier season doesn’t seem to have an effect on this one, so I wasn’t worried about what I was missing.

Kdrama Jen: Hmm… I think I might have seen the pilot episode with Kang Daniel, so I was not confused. As they all said, though, it did not affect this one at all.


Kmuse:  Who knew watching people be so extremely awkward and silent when in the same room could be so much fun?  They are just so adorably awkward.  I know that a lot of people watch for the kpop idols but I think Loco and Lee Yi Kyung are my personally favorites.  I also am looking forward to seeing more of Jang Ki Ha.  He is just so quirky that he makes everything more entertaining.

Dongsaeng: Loco is life. I had no idea who he was going into this, but he is the king of this show in my little ol’ humble opinion. I enjoy the other cast members as well, of course, but Loco keeps me laughing like no other. Dude, keep it weird! My hat/beanie’s off to you!

Kmuse: I also want to give whoever decided to have a narrator make quirky comments about our cute introverts a round of applause.  Otherwise we would just be staring at a bunch of khotties evading each other’s living space.

Kdrama Jen: As the extroverted wife of an introvert, I adore this concept. It just cracks me up that they all awkwardly greet one another and then go watch television in their rooms. I also love, however, how it shows the benefits of being more introverted. As the series continues, you can see how these cast members take more time to appreciate quiet moments. I also love how they interact with one another. In one future episode, there are two of them eating together, and one of them later comments how nice it was to be able to have a conversation with someone who has the same pace and has not moved on to another topic. This is one of my husband’s biggest complaints about extroverts. By the time he has really processed and thought about what he wants to say, the rest of us have moved on with the conversation. I love that this show really captures some of these small, but important understandings.

Karie the Maknae: I’m almost in the same boat as Kdrama Jen, as I am an ambivert married to an introvert and raised among introverts. Blankets is almost like watching a gentle documentary about my people. The awkwardness cracks me up and the slow way in which they come together feels almost like home.


Kmuse: While I have really enjoyed the four episodes I have watched, I am not sure how long the premise will keep me interested.  Don’t get me wrong.  The boys are flipping adorable.  But I can only watch them stammer awkwardly and share food for so long before I need something more.

Dongsaeng: My biggest issue is along the same lines as Kmuse – the directionless feeling of the show. As a viewer, you sometimes are left to feel as clueless as to what is going on as the cast. Where are they? What are they doing? Who’s coming? This may very well be intentional for all I know, but I’m hoping that as they figure stuff out, establish themselves a bit more, and get a clearer identity as a program, that the confusion will fade. I’d also like to vote for them staying in one big house and not more of these “annex” things. How can we enjoy them being all weird together if they aren’t even together?

Kdrama Jen: I am still trying to figure out how this can be a sustainable concept. I do love the different cast members, and I enjoy watching them just kind of chill, but I am not sure this will keep the public’s attention for too long.

Karie the Maknae: This is actually what caused me to drop out in the middle of episode 2. As much as I love the boys, watching them wander around solo is about as amusing as watching paint dry.

Kmuse: I am also not sure if I like the rotating cast.  It is really hard to start knowing someone in a few episodes and then they are suddenly gone.

Dongsaeng: I have mixed feelings on the rotating cast. I like how it constantly changes the dynamic of the house, but it is harder to “bond” with the characters if they aren’t there. It’s an interesting idea though and one not done all too often. I think it also allows though for cast members to come and go according to their individuals so that maybe we get participants that wouldn’t normally be able to film? I don’t know, just a guess based on how frequently even those there on set come and go during filming. I do rather enjoy how the cast members themselves appear to be clueless as to who they are going to be rooming with at any given time. They just all come and go at different times, constantly surprising one another. Can they keep that up long term? Probably not, but for now it’s amusing as they search for other people in the house and startle when they stumble across another human they weren’t expecting. Amps up the “awkward factor” all that much more.

Kdrama Jen: I like the rotating cast because it keeps showing the initial stages of their relationships, but I think I would just like to see them settle in together. Their group dynamics fascinate me, so I could go either way on this one.

Would We Recommend?

Kmuse: This is cute fluffy fun.  I would definitely suggest it … at least for a nice filler program.

Karie the Maknae: I feel like this would be a good show to watch just to kill some time, especially as a family.

Kdrama Jen: This is not edge-of-your-seat intrigue, but it is entertaining, especially if you are a fan of any of the cast members. I prefer shows that help me see a different and more personal side of some of my favorite actors and idols, so I am enjoying this one. I would like them to invite Suga from BTS, though.

Dongsaeng: Sure! Check it out. Especially if you are also an awkward homebody who wants to watch other people be awkward homebodies.

Current Ranking:

Kmuse: This one was really cute. However, I am not sure I could watch this year after year like I did Running Man so it gets the #2 spot on my variety ratings.

  1.  Running Man
  2. It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets
  3.  Busted

Karie the Maknae: I have no rankings. I’m a reality show/variety show sampler, but I have trouble committing.


  1. Master in the House
  2. It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets
  3. I really need to be better about sticking to variety shows so that I can give a more thorough ranking 😉

Kdrama Jen:

We haven’t reviewed Master in the House yet (next week?), so I can’t officially rank it. So, based on the ones we have reviewed.

  1. Running Man
  2. It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets
  3. Busted

To check out our past variety reviews click HERE!  We will hopefully be releasing a new review weekly so if you have a favorite Korean (or Asian) variety program send us a note in the comments.  We will happily add it to our list.

Til next time,

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6 thoughts on “In Search of the Ultimate Korean Variety Show: It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets

  1. I was never into Reality shows until I started watching Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast on Netflix. The show is somehow so relaxing and the sites and scenery so beautiful, I just sat and watched one epi after the other feeling so calm and entertained without having judgment and zero aigoo.

    I gave Blankets a try because I am a homebody so was intrigued. It’s so cute and funny–the comments and matching photos are quite ha-larious reactions that make it more fun. It’s just so light, watching makes me feel carefree. For me, both are terrific little fillers.

  2. Yes, totally agree with Dongsaeng about Loco. I didn’t know him at all before watching this show and he is now my favourite person in the world. He is so adorable, I can’t handle it. Every episode, he brings out some new contraption his mother gave him for his hair or his face. I die every time. And the captions, whoever writes them, should definitely get a medal.

    And Lee Yi Kyung has also become a fave since watching him in this. I liked him as an actor already but seeing how polite and respectful he is in this show has made me like him even more. He’s a good kid.

  3. Oh ladies, seriously, go watch the pilot episodes. Xiumin + Kang Daniel is an awesome combo! And I too love Loco–he’s just so adorable.

    As for other variety shows, Netflix has Men on a Mission (Knowing Bros), not all episodes and they don’t have the music licenses so it’s weird watching Idols dance to music that is not theirs, but you need to at least watch the episodes with Shinee, Exo, SuJu, BTS, TVXQ and Infinite–which are completely hilarious. Plus Kim Heechul.

    I like the Running Man episodes with guests the best. But I didn’t see your discussion on that so not sure if you watched any of those.

    Also on Kocowa is Master Key which is a puzzle show and had a short run but had great guests and best of all Shinee’s KEY!!!

  4. I might watch it for Jang Kiha. He’s not that introverted on his Instagram – just a bit odd – and since I love his music . . .

  5. I loved the first four episodes where they gave them things to do together. Watching them slowly relax and have a good time was so much fun. The second season moves much slower but I’m still enjoying it.

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