A Poem a Day, Episodes 15-16 Recap

We have come to the end of our story. Our sweet little comedy has turned into a look at a variety of personalities with problems that many of us have. There are tough times for everyone, but each episode has light and fun moments. Most of our characters have learned and improved, but not all of their problems have been solved. Bo Young in particular has gained a lot of confidence and is not the same girl who used to let herself get pushed around. Come see how everyone is doing! THERE ARE SPOILERS!

Episode 15 High Points (Remember there are SPOILERS)

Dr. Ye is doing a segment on tv about physical therapy. When the interviewers ask for a second therapist he suggests Bo Young. She is so excited she tells her mom and all her patients, but the hospital director won’t let her do it since she isn’t full-time. The Chief is too embarrassed to tell Dr. Ye, and asks Bo Young to pretend she doesn’t want to do it. Yoon Joo is asked instead.

We get a lot of stories about moms, perhaps because it was just Mother’s Day. Dr. Park takes a day off to drive his mom back to her hometown since his wife lost her job and will be home with the twins now. She says she is happy to not have to babysit and cheerfully waves goodbye to him, but when he goes back to return a scarf she left in the car, he finds her watching a video of the babies and crying.

Joo Yong calls his mom to request more side dishes and pesters her quite insensitively when she claims she is too busy. Then he finds out from a friend that she is in the hospital. He visits and asks her why she didn’t tell him, and she says because he’s too busy studying. Oh, he feels bad then, because he uses that as an excuse but slacks off a lot. Now we get a Mother’s Day poem sung by a gravely-voiced man who sounds like a Korean Johnny Cash.

The Road to Seoul by Kim Min Ki

To the magpie that came every morning
and sang before you left.
Once I leave, come back
and comfort my parents.
Who will take care of my old parents after I leave?
Why is my trip back to Seoul so long?

Dae Bang muses that there’s nothing greater than the love of a mother. And we have our second Mothers’ Day poem, read by Dr. Park.

I Thought it was Okay for Mothers do Do That
by Shim Soon Deok

I thought it was okay for mothers to do that.
Even if she works herself to death on the farm fields,
I thought it was okay for mothers to do that.
Even if she sits on the furnace
and eats a cold bowl of rice for lunch,
I thought it was okay for mothers to do that.
Even if she does laundry with her bare hands
and cold water on a winter day,
I thought it was okay for mothers to do that.

“I’m full. I’m not hungry.”
Even if she starves while feeding her family,
I thought it was okay for mothers to do that.
Even if her heels are so worn out
that they make noises in her blanket,
I thought it was okay for mothers to do that.
Even if her fingernails are so worn out
that they can’t even be clipped,
I thought it was okay for moms to do that.

Even if Father’s anger and our
rebellion don’t faze her,
I thought it was okay for mothers to do that.
“I miss your grandmother; I miss your grandmother.”
I thought those were just complaints.
She woke up in the middle of the night and cried in silence.
When I saw that…
Ah, it was not okay for mothers to do that.

Yoon Joo finds a full-time job opening and excitedly tells Bo Young about it. Bo Young gets an interview but doesn’t tell anyone in case she doesn’t get the job. At the interview site, she overhears a woman say that her uncle, the vice president of the hospital, is handing her the job. This woman is in Bo Young’s group, and the interviewers (one of whom is the uncle) are very enthusiastic to the niece and dismissive of Bo Young. Finally, she gets angry and tells them off! Good for her!

She goes to a sauna to kill time. Her mom calls, asking her to get an earlier doctor’s appointment for a friend, and she loses it, admitting she can’t help. As she is crying to herself, her mom texts back to say she’s sorry and will help her get an apartment. Then some high schoolers steal her purse and she can’t pay. When Min Ho comes to bail her out, he asks why she didn’t call Dr. Ye. She explains she would be embarrassed, so he asks, “Why aren’t you embarrassed in front of me? Can you be happy with Dr. Ye if you are not comfortable with him?”

The therapists watch Dr. Ye’s show together, and all exclaim at Yoon Joo’s crazy overdone make-up. A friend of hers calls to rib her about it and adds that Bo Young caused a scene at her interview. Dr. Ye hears this and demands to know the whole story. He is aghast to find out that Bo Young was forced out of the tv show and hadn’t told him the truth about it.

Episode 16 High Points

Min Ho tells Bo Young that he likes her, which is a surprise to her. Just then Dr. Ye walks up, having overheard them. Bo Young tells Min Ho she’ll talk to him later and goes with Dr. Ye. He takes her home, giving her a bag of pastries with a note saying, ”I want to be a person you can be comfortable with.”

Professor Kim comes to check on her trainees during their last week. She warns Min Ho to get his GPA up or he can’t graduate. He is embarrassed because Bo Young heard it, even though he used to tell her he didn’t study. He realizes it is because he likes her now.

Dr. Ye decides that using informal language would help Bo Young feel more comfortable with him. However, when he tries using her name, Yoon Joo walks in on them. To cover up, he pretends he wants to speak familiarly with everyone, which shocks them all. Now Dr. Ye really puts his foot in it. He offers to do favors for the others and to get a credit card from Dr. Park’s wife. But oops! She was fired. Then he calls the twins girls instead of boys and mixes up the interns’ names. Nice job Dr. Ye! At least he is opening up.

Joo Yong starts studying hard to live up to his mom’s expectations and is annoyed by Dae Bang’s interruptions. He researches the causes of indecisiveness and talks to him about being criticized a lot as a child. A job in the CT scan room opens up and Joo Yong applies for it so he doesn’t have to deal with Dae Bang anymore. He wins the job and celebrates later with some other friends (wow, he’s changed too, he didn’t use to have any) and finds out that Dae Bang was offered the job first but told the boss that Joo Yong should have it. Aww, what a softie.

Min Ho takes Bo Young out to spend the money she borrowed from him at the sauna. He is resigned to her liking someone else and wants to be a friend and a good memory for her.

At Seonunsa Temple by Choi Young Mi

It may be hard for a flower to bloom,
but it withers away in an instant.
Without the time to take a careful look,
without the time to think of you,
it withers away in an instant.
Just like when you first
bloomed within my heart,
I wish I could forget you just as quickly.
You smile from afar,
you go over the mountain.
It may be easy for a flower to wither
but it takes forever to forget it.
It truly takes forever.

One week later our trainees are gone. At the farewell dinner, Nam Woo promises to come back as an intern. The director hires Bo Young full time. Yoon Joo thinks it’s because she got Dr. Ye to talk to him, and this somewhat upsets Bo Young, who had wanted to get a job on her own merits. But it turns out that Dr. Ye hadn’t said anything. She admits to misunderstanding and that she was embarrassed, and he responds that he’s glad she told him the truth and is now comfortable with him.

Summary Poem

In Yongsan by Oh Guy Won

There are still old-fashioned people in this world
who believe that poems contain spectacular stories.
There’s nothing special in poems.
It only contains our lives
that are the least bit spectacular.
It only contains the fantasies
of people we can’t seem to abandon.

Just like how our foolishness grows inside our will and ideals
As well as your love and trust.
As well as my morals and my certainty of them.
They’re just as uncertain as they are certain.
And on the beautiful grass weeds grow.
What’s uncertainty and love like?

There’s nothing special in poems.
It only contains our lives which remain.
And our lives which remain
are encountered by us all the time.
In a way that is the least bit spectacular.
You may not want to believe it,
but it is in no way spectacular.
Poets write poems about our lives
that are in no way spectacular.

What were they thinking?

Almost everyone grew and changed their thinking. Is Bo Young the catalyst? She became more assured, and at the very end, we see that she becomes a sling therapy specialist. Dr. Ye, whether he was closed off because of the old girlfriend or not, has opened up and actually looks friendly. When he doesn’t look like a geek. Min Ho has learned to work and to think of other people’s feelings. He will be pretty different when he goes home!

Dr. Park has learned to appreciate the care and sacrifice of others and seems to be pulling his weight now and not pushing his work off onto others. Joo Yong has become more serious and more open and social. Yoon Joo and Nam Woo have not solved their problems, but are still supportive and awesome. And Dae Bang hasn’t changed at all unless he has learned some confidence; he has always been kindhearted. As we say goodbye to them, we can take a little time to think about whether watching them change has changed us.

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  1. I loved when Bo Young stood up for herself at that interview! I was so glad it wasn’t just in her head or something dumb like that. I also appreciated how calm Dr Ye was about Min Ho’s confession. He didn’t get all crazy jealous, but he also didn’t pretend like it didn’t bother him at first.

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