First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Partners for Justice

I predict that Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice will be one of those polarizing dramas that people will either love or hate. Come see what Kmuse and Karie the Maknae have to say about the first 4 episodes (but not really 4 episodes, because they’re the one-episode-split-into-two format that’s trendy right now. This doesn’t bug me. Not at all. I have no idea why you would think that.)

Overall Storyline:  Yay or Nay?

Karie the Maknae: In case you need a reminder, here’s the plot summary from our friends at “Baek Beom has worked as a forensic doctor for 10 years, he is excellent with his work, but does not open his mind to other people. Eun Sol is a rookie prosecutor with a bright personality and she comes from wealth family background. The forensic scientist with a bad personality and a warm-hearted prosecutor must join forces in order to catch a serial killer. ” The premise for IC/PfJ has great potential. We have the Ice King of the Morgue and the Warm Heart of the Courtroom–already there’s a gender swap in the trope, so yay! So far, I’m on board.

Kmuse: So far, it seems like this drama has been taking all the best aspects of a good lawyer show (a genre that is not always my favorite so when I compliment it means that people who are into the genre will probably love it.) Sure there were a few annoyances but as a whole, the plot remains interesting and isn’t easily guessed.

Smart & Naive or Dumb and Lucky?

Karie the Maknae: Ahhh. This is the part where I am struggling the most. Eun Sol, our fresh-faced prosecutor, claims to be a fan of US dramas and we as the audience are led to believe that she means crime dramas. Yet what is the FIRST THING she does when she walks into a taped-off crime scene? SHE MOVES THE BODY. Forensics 101: Never EVER touch the body when the forensics team is still processing the scene! (Nota bene: My education has come from extensive viewing of NCIS, Law and Order, and early CSI. Just had to throw that out there.)

Second Part of Annoying Things Eun Sol Does: She comes to her own conclusions and then tries to make the evidence fit her theory. Again, an investigator has to go where the evidence leads them and not the other way around. On the other hand, all the more experienced people around her are NOT stopping her. Why? Is it deliberate? I’m choosing to think that there’s more to the story here.

Kmuse: Eun Sol is my one negative as well.  I keep wanting her to be smart.  At least to the point where she can figure things out and can back up her convictions with actual intelligent actions.  Instead, she tends to jump into the action just because she feels something in her “gut”.   Which can also be fine but her gut tends to be slightly off.

I also completely second all issues with her being a US crime show addict and not knowing ANYTHING about DNA.  That is literally what 75% of those shows focus on.  However, I will ignore all her stupid actions and focus on her good chemistry with all her co-stars.  I have especially enjoyed Eun Sol’s intense bickering/fights with Jung Jae Young’s character and the abusive killer husband.

Woot! Jung Jae Young!

Karie the Maknae: I just watched Going by the Book again last week. Jung Jae Young’s portrayal of Jung Do Man, the upright policeman who makes a really, REALLY good fake criminal, cemented my fangirl adoration from the get-go. His character in this drama lives in his office and barely eats real food, and he looks a bit too thin to be healthy. Great choice for method acting, but the momma in me wants to feed him!! Anyway, his grumpy M.E. annoyed me in the first two episodes, but I was sold by the end of episode 4.

There’s a scene in the cafeteria where Jung Jae Young is finally eating real food and I saw a few more familiar faces — Joo Jin Mo, Ahn Suk Hwan — and Eun Sol’s boss (?) Song Young Kyu, and of course there’s the detective played by some guy named Lee Yi Kyung (I kid! I kid! I know who he is).  I’m intrigued by Lee Stephanie‘s forensic scientist character too–as she says, she’s beauty and poison.

Kmuse: I love these type of characters the best.  Especially when they are competent.  And while Jung Jae Young’s character is a total jerk and nightmare co-worker he does know his stuff.  I also appreciate that he focuses on the evidence and, unlike our flighty leading lady, was solid in explaining what he discovered without jumping to conclusions.  The lack of judging is very refreshing after being bombarded with so much of it from our rookie prosecutor.

Final Thoughts

Karie the Maknae: There are so many good things about this drama that I actually end up talking back to the screen on occasion, I’m that engaged. But I also end up yelling at Eun Sol a lot, and I don’t want to yell at her anymore. Her naivety isn’t charming at all, and she really shouldn’t be released to stand in front of a judge without proper supervision.

Kmuse: I am usually, really annoyed at incompetence.  But, for once, they actually worked the incompetence into the storyline.  And it was done in a way that really engaged my interest.  So while I usually run away from this type of drama I think I am going to stick it out.  I also liked the directing and the chemistry between all the costars.  The story itself also had some fresh twist and turns that I appreciated.  For now, I can ignore some stupid actions from Eun Sol.  When it is compared to other Crime Dramas this one still is better than most.  Which is high praise from me.


Would We Recommend?

Karie the Maknae: I’m undecided. I’ll give IC/PfJ 4 more episodes to convince me to stay invested.

Kmuse: I would recommend.  Sure it isn’t perfect but it is better than most of its genre and that is enough for me.

What do you think, drama fans? Are you interested in following the Investigation Couple’s story, or are you out? Sound off below!

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3 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Partners for Justice

  1. Eun Sol comes across as stupid and juvenile; if I didn’t love crime and forensics, I’d drop. I will give it a good while longer to get it together. My pet peeve of kdrama is so often the women act like bratty children…this really, really doesn’t work for me…

    • Agreed. I’ve put the series on the back burner for now, but I love Jung Jae Young enough that I plan on coming back to it very soon. I’ve heard Eun Sol improves.

    • I expected Eun sol to be smarter than what she displayed. I’m on episode 2 and that has already discouraged me from watching. To me, what makes a movie more intriguing is the suspense. Not knowing what will happen next but with Eun sol you can easily predict her actions. I would have loved her to be smarter and a bit cold in a court room. She’s too emotional to be a prosecutor.

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