Fangirl Stalking Military Edition: Keeping the Home Fires Burning for Go Kyung Pyo!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Fangirl Military post, but it popped up on my radar that one of my favorite actors, Go Kyung Pyo, is enlisting. I fell for this adorkable guy many years ago and I have continued to cheer him on as he has grown as an actor.  While he’s serving his country let’s look at some dramas we can watch to help the time pass. Beware! There may be spoilers!

The Rules of Fangirl Stalking:

We will start with the dramas I think are must watch works by the actor.  Followed by the shows that could go either way.  This means that they are worth watching in my opinion, but I know there are some people who don’t like the genre.  Lastly, we will cover the dramas/movies that you really could skip and not miss much (at least in regards to the actor featured).  These are the shows that are for die-hard fans who want to watch everything.  So let’s jump into obsessing about Go Kyung Pyo!

Watch ASAP!

Chicago Typewriter

I love a love story that transcends time, and I especially love the idea of a gentleman ghost who seeks to settle the injustices of the past. Yoo Jin Oh/ Shin Yool gave me all the SLS feels and I really wanted him to have a happily ever after. Watch this one for not only the mystery and romance but also for one of the best bromances out there.

Reply 1988


I can’t think of anyone who didn’t like this drama. It was literally drama crack for many of my friends.  Sun Woo’s character was easy to fall in love with. He was a good son, a doting brother, and a loyal friend. I’m a sucker for a good romance and the side story of Sun Woo and Bo Ra really grabbed me.  Also, the boy can KISS. You may need to fan yourself off a little after this kiss scene.

Flower Boy Next Door

I remember watching Flower Boy Next Door and thinking “where did this guy come from”?  He was a total scene stealer! We meet him as a happy and carefree artist, but we find out that his character has many layers. I will happily admit to being 100 times more invested in his romantic side story than in the OTP. I mean come one, don’t tell me that you weren’t rooting for our guy and the Editor!

Bonus: They recorded a song for this drama and I found this cute video.

Depending on my Mood

Naeil’s Cantabile

So, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this drama, but I loved his part in it.  He certainly helped keep this drama fun and interesting. He plays a rebellious violinist who keeps everyone on their toes. The picture above catches all the fun and flair of his character.

Strongest Deliveryman

Finally, a leading role! This is a drama about chasing your dreams and finding success.  I’ve actually got this one on my to be watched list because somehow I missed it during the time it was airing. I’m a full-time student so there are a few dramas I missed on the first go around. Comment below and let me know if you liked this one.

For the Die Hard Fans

Jealousy Incarnate

That look you get when everyone else liked the drama…

Any list would be incomplete without mentioning Jealousy Incarnate.  I may get kicked out of the club, but I never really got into this drama.  Don’t judge me too much fellow fangirls, it wasn’t the actors, it was the storyline, it bored me to tears. It started off strong and lost my interest somewhere in the middle.

Let’s keep the home fires burning for the guys who are serving their country by keeping them in our hearts and on our screens while they are gone.

Until our next Fangirl post,


6 thoughts on “Fangirl Stalking Military Edition: Keeping the Home Fires Burning for Go Kyung Pyo!

  1. Don’t forget Potato Star 2013QR3 (2013)! He was really funny in his parts (not quite so keen on the rest . . . )

    • I had the worst second lead syndrome in that drama. He was by far the better love interest. I was so pissed when it ended so poorly.

  2. Did you ever make it to Strongest Deliveryman? I loved it! Great side characters, a female lead who stuck to her guns and didn’t turn all woosy just because she fell in love, and Go Kyung Pyo made an excellent puppy everyone thought was a pushover who turned out to be the best German Shepherd protecting his squad ever!

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