In Search of the Ultimate Korean Variety Show: King of Masked Singer

The Fangirls check out their first music themed variety show.  Will it jump into our top spots?  Come find out as we discuss King of Masked Singer and continue our search for the Ultimate Variety Program!

Our Quest:

This segment began when The Fangirls viewed the teaser for upcoming variety program Busted and realized that it has been a while since we have been openly invested in a variety show.  But where do we start in finding something new? This made us think there might be others out there who are just overwhelmed by how many options there are now.  Hence, the search for the ultimate variety program was created.  We hope you enjoy checking out these shows with us each week.  Be sure to suggest possible shows for us to watch in the comments and I promise we will eventually try to get to them all and share our thoughts.

Kmuse: I was really excited to check this one out.  Especially since I have watched a bunch of the show’s clips on Youtube but never a full episode.   I really enjoy watching/listening to Immortal Song 2 and was interested to compare it in regards to song choice and entertainment value.

Kdrama Jen: Music shows make me happy. When the opportunity to guess the artist hiding behind the ridiculous mask is part of the process? Oh, I am all in! I happened to watch this for the first time on a plane bound for Seoul. I actually stood up and almost yanked my headphone out when I correctly guessed Lee Hong Ki! I have been a fan of this show since.


Kmuse: I really enjoy hearing ballad/trot style songs and this is one of the places I can listen to strong singers perform that style of music.  I also enjoy the big reveals and find them exciting and fun.  Especially when I actually know who the singer is.

Kdrama Jen: I love that this is a chance for true vocalists to shine. We are not distracted by a flash of abs or a pretty face, and there is no auto-tune or bass beat to hide behind. The ballads they sing leave the voice very exposed, so you have to be a talented vocalist to win! I love that!

Kmuse: The elaborate costumes are also a lot of fun to look at.  They are so intricate it makes the show visually exciting.  And I am sure if I could actually find out what everyone is saying I would be entertained by the small little discussion parts before we see who wins and who loses.


Kmuse: I don’t speak Korean so the lack of subs are a negative.  Kocowa has certain episodes subbed on its site.  Also, fans have subbed certain segments that contain their idol biases on Youtube.  But the whole show is hard to find with subs (legally).

Kdrama Jen: While I can follow most of what they are saying, it is frustrating that there is not a reliable place to watch all of the episodes with subs.

Favorite Clips

I think everyone can agree that Ryan Reynolds surprise performance is one that is a must watch.

And the vocals on this one are off the charts amazing.  Especially when it is revealed who the performer is.

Would We Recommend?

Kmuse: I think this one is fun to have on in the background when you don’t have to really pay total attention.  I enjoy listening to the music and I often have it on when I am blogging.  That way when something really catches my attention I can focus in on the singer and it is good white noise in between.  I don’t think this is something I could watch every week without subs though.

Kdrama Jen: I love this show. It is a chance for idols to show they are true musicians. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys music competition shows. It is frustrating that subbed episodes are not readily available.

Current Ranking:

Kmuse: This one was really cute. However, I am not sure I could watch this year after year like I did Running Man so it gets the #2 spot on my variety ratings.

  1.  Running Man
  2. It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets
  3. King of Masked Singer
  4.  Busted

Kdrama Jen: This is a fun one to watch when you are in the mood for a mystery music show or certainly great just to watch clips of certain episodes. It is also #3 for me.

To check out our past variety reviews click HERE!  We will hopefully be releasing a new review weekly so if you have a favorite Korean (or Asian) variety program send us a note in the comments.  We will happily add it to our list.

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  1. I have caught some episodes here and there – I wish it was picked on Dramafever, etc. My favorite – when they have a non-singer (or who we think of more as an actor, mc, etc.) and they just burst through the roof. Check out Kim Seul Gi’s episode!

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