Kmuse’s Musings: Feast or Famine

One month ago around this time, I was sitting down complaining about how there were no interesting dramas on anymore. I think I was watching around 2 shows with a few “meh” fillers. I should have kept my mouth shut because now I have so many shows I love I don’t have the time to watch them all. I am at the point where I am literally feeling guilty taking the time out to write this post. So what is one to do when drama watching becomes overwhelming……….or the opposite, when there is nothing on worth watching? Join me as I give some tips to keeping a steady drama schedule and how to deal with the feast and famine cycle of a kaddict.

I realized I was in a drama famine when my simulcast drama list hit 8 dramas.  You have to understand that at the height of my addiction I would watch 20+ dramas at any given time.  So 8 shows are practically nothing.  Even worse, I was not overly excited about most of those.  I was kind of depressed over my situations.

So in order to kickstart my life back to some semblance of entertainment happiness, I did several things.

1. Read a book..or 15

I was always an avid reader since I was very young. I would read multiple books a week up until I started my drama addiction. I always figure that with dramas I get my TV and my reading accomplished all in one glorious package. But with the absence of my dramas, I discovered that I missed reading. So I grabbed my kindle and promptly started to read. One book turned into 15, as well as starting a year Goodreads challenge, and I felt more centered. Sure they don’t have khotties inside books but for me, the story is almost most important so it is something I can forgo short term. If you want to keep the Asian feel check out some of the great novels coming out of China right now. Or find an online translation from the books that inspire various dramas. Even a webtoon can provide that much needed fix. There are tons of options if you look for them.

2. Choose something to binge on Netflix

I openly admit that Asian television is my one true TV love. But that doesn’t mean there are not plenty of entertaining shows to watch here in the US. I personally have my eye on binging Gotham and Poldark this summer (maybe when I am not in drama overload.) I always tell my friends who have never watched a kdrama that good tv is simply good tv. If the story is strong it doesn’t matter what country it is from which include English shows in my opinion. Sure, you might be trying to avoid things like violence or copious amounts of sex in your programs (these are the comments I hear most frequently from US viewers switching to Asian TV.) But there are literally hundreds of programs being created on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Network TV. If you search there are bound to be something to binge. And if you needed suggestions give me a call. I love matching the perfect show to an individual viewer. It is why my nickname is Kmuse after all.

3. Check out other Asian Countries

If you literally cannot force yourself to watch a non-Asian TV show then widen your horizons and check out Korea’s neighbors. China, Taiwan, Japan, & Thailand all have strong entertainment industries. There are hundreds of dramas that you might enjoy if you give them a chance. Not to mention it will enhance your understanding of Asian cultures and what makes the various people tick. I know that I loved Kdramas even more once I understood the references they make in regards to their neighboring countries.

Now that we have taken a look at what to do when you have nothing to watch, let’s jump to the other side of the equation and discuss kdrama feast. I personally am currently overwhelmed with all the amazing shows available. Sadly, with the blog, work, and family there is not the same amount of time to devote. And since I love my sleep, something has to give. So how do you choose where to make the cuts in your drama schedule?


1. Be brutal

There is just not enough time to waste on a show that doesn’t have you engaged in both the acting and the storyline. Do not feel guilty if you have to cut some of the “ok” dramas out of your life. If you utilize My Drama List you can always put those shows on hold and come back to them at a later time.

2. Don’t Worry About Keeping Up

Sometimes it is really stressful to think of those episodes piling up as you get farther and farther behind the airing schedule. This is especially true for Chinese dramas that often release 3 to 6 episodes a week. I’m here to tell you that It is OK to get behind. As long as you are enjoying a show there is nothing wrong with choosing your own pace. A small word of warning: If you do get behind I suggest you choose to block hashtags and spoilers on social media. This way you can enjoy it without worrying that you will discover the outcome of events before you are ready. There is nothing worse than finding out a character dies before you are halfway through the show.

3. Don’t start everything at once

If there is a show you are perhaps wanting to watch but it isn’t calling for you to start ASAP simply put it to the side for later. Remember this time of feasting is only a short period. Before you know it drama famine will be back again, so this allows you to have the perfect show to fill up that unexpected hole in your schedule. I, once again, am recommending My Drama List which allows you to place dramas into an on hold section. This way you won’t forget them when you need a show in the future.

So there you have it. The ins and outs of maintaining a steady and satisfying drama schedule. Now that you know how I do it feel free to share your secrets in the comments. Also, be sure to check out all the first impressions and recaps on the blog to help you decide which shows you should check out right away.

Til next time,


7 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings: Feast or Famine

  1. I finally just finished watching a Taiwanese drama with Melvin Sia from 2015. Sometimes, having a finish fest can be fun, as well! Unfortunately, To the Dearest Intruder was (to quote a Viki commenter) “What a poop fest.”

  2. I feel you!! Going thru the exact same thing and trying to cope the exact same way . When will this drama drought end????

  3. Thanks for the recommendation of My Drama List — I’ve been trying to use a google doc to keep track of the dramas I’ve watched, dropped, or plan to check out in the future.

  4. Man, I just need motivation now to pick up one of the many dramas I’ve put on hold. I totally agree with your points though, this coming from an avid JDrama fan.

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