First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: Miss Hammarabi

Are you ready for romance in the courtroom? Can judges have emotions and still make informed decisions? First, let me say that I’m not a big courtroom drama fan.  I was interested in this drama mainly because I’m curious if Go Ah Ra and Kim Myung Soo (L) have any chemistry and I wanted to see Go Ah Ra and Sung Dong Il in a drama again. So I went into this drama hoping that it would be more than just boring courtroom scenes. Come and join me as I give my unfiltered thoughts on Miss Hammarabi. Caution: There may be small spoilers as I outline the story. 

Judging the Judges

Go Ah Ra plays Park Cha Oh Reum our plucky new judge who didn’t go to law school but became a judge through self-study. She’s got courage and spunk and she has a strong sense of justice for the underdog.  My biggest worry about this character is that she is going to cry all the time. I find it hard to take her seriously as a judge when she tears up so often. I understand that they are showing how much empathy her character has, but I will let ya’ll know that if she cries all the time I’m out on this one.

Let’s talk about Im Ba Reun, played by Kim Mung Soo aka Infinite’s L. Hardworking, stoic, and pretty much the complete opposite of Park Cha Oh Reum. He has a reputation as an iceman and has worked hard to gain his position as a judge. He’s very cynical and tends to see things only in black and white. While I appreciate his straightforwardness, I’m hoping that we have a breakthrough and we get to see some kind of emotion from him because his blank faces aren’t doing it for me. Yes, we do have a few little secret half smiles, but I need more! It’s a waste of a good dimple!

Opposites attract: OTP (One True Pairing) moments

Our couple has a backstory dating to their school years. Oh Reum has gone from the shy and sweet girl that Ba Reum remembers to this feisty defender of the masses. Meanwhile, Ba Reun seems to have always been a little aloof, but he was always fascinated with Ba Reum.

When they meet again, it’s like fire and ice, Ba Reun is minding his own business while Oh Reum pretty much explodes onto the scene in defense of a stranger on the train. Now that they share an office, the sparks are beginning to fly!

Fun side characters

It’s common knowledge that it’s always the secretary who is really in charge, but I’ve got a total girl crush on this character. She’s got wit, brains, beauty and she seems to be able to read minds!

The lawyer next door is a hoot! I just realized it’s the same actor who plays King Gong Min in Faith.  I love his energy and the way he brown noses everyone cracks me up.

When you spy a secondary character that you know is going to make this a fun watch.

I’ve loved Sung Dong Il in almost everything I’ve watched with him in it. His character in this drama does not disappoint; he’s the senior judge, but he appears to really be a crusty marshmallow.

Overall Thoughts

So far, I’m liking this drama. It seems to have a good mix of characters and I’m liking how the conflict centers around our Pollyanna type do-gooder who may do more harm than good unintentionally. I like dramas that keep me thinking and this one seems to focus a lot on what is right and what is wrong and the fine line between the two.

Thanks for joining me as I share my initial thoughts for MIss Hammarabi.  If you are interested in checking out some of our other first impression posts then click HERE!

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4 thoughts on “First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: Miss Hammarabi

  1. Wish they would make a courtroom drama where the actors playing judges weren’t kids. I’ve worked in legal system a long time; it’s farfetched to have judges this young.

  2. Myung Soo is just radiant in this drama, can I say? I know, shallow of me LOL
    I’m totally liking the plot – our little King also played the genius doctor in God’s Quiz for 4 seasons so I recognized him immediately!
    I do love the secretary – she rules 😀

  3. I am very shallow and watching for L.

    However the plus is Sung Dong Il. He is one of my favorites. I am also watching him in “Live” on Netflix… it is fantastic!

    Love the side charatecters…

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