Live Episode 6 Recap: Growing Pains

I’m finding that Live is my new cracktastic drama. The characters are becoming compelling and growing, and while the plot isn’t novel and actually ends up being a bit predictable at times, it still resonates enough that I’m drawn in and want to keep watching.

I’m also in the pro-Officer Oh group. He reminds me of a cross between Sam Vines from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and Donna Noble from Doctor Who. He tends to yell at the world until it makes sense to him, and buried under that crusty exterior is a soft heart and a drive to protect the people he comes across–he IS a good cop. I’m not sure why hitting your subordinates while correcting them is acceptable in Korean culture, but it is, so I’m taking Oh at face value and thinking that he might end up as one of my favorite characters. I love his protective nature.

ANYWAY. On to the recap!

Have to admit, the first scene freaked me out: the out-of-it mom threatened to leave her kid behind when he didn’t want to eat, then sat down to take her medication and rediscovered her sleeping pill stash. My mind went SO MANY PLACES: Is she going to overdose? Is she going to overdose the kid and herself? I wasn’t sure and I didn’t like it and then they cut away!

Granted, they cut to the aftermath of Jeong-o tasing the pregnant woman–NOT a better emotional place! The action quickly moves back to Sang-su and Officer Oh and their routine. Sang-su gets absorbed in his phone after they wrap up the matter at hand, and it turns out that Captain Ahn is letting him know that the neglectful mom has put her kid in a facility after seeing a video Sang-su sent her. He had taped the kid playing with the other kids at the facility and caught him smiling, which changed the mom’s mind. Such a huge relief. Hopefully the mom will get the help she needs . . . and that’s when I knew I was invested in the show. I want a FICTIONAL CHARACTER to get better! And she’s not even a main character! Anyway. Moving on.

Meanwhile, half the division is in and out of the hospital and the police station as they try to wrap up the aftermath of the fight and the tasing. Jeong-o seems locked in her own head, so Officer Oh has Sang-su tend to her wounds while the rest of them sort out the rich drunk idiot who started it all. Some of the other officers are conferencing in the breakroom, discussing the possible outcomes of the case, including the inevitable investigation by Internal Affairs and the status of the mother and baby. There’s a close up on Officer Oh’s face at the end of the conversation, and I could see that his biggest concern was the health of the baby.

Oh also coaches Jeong-o on what to say to Internal Affairs. It seems to go against her extremely honest nature–she wants to confess that she completely blanked on protocol. But Oh tells her that there are facts and there is the truth. What she needs to give IA is the facts.

After that long, stressful day, the rookies go home to Hye-Ri and Jeong-o’s apartment, where Sang-su starts making himself at home. They’re doing their best to keep Jeong-o from going to the hospital to check on the mother and the baby. Jeong-o confesses to Sang-su that she just needs to know if they’re ok, and she knows that the dad will be there and probably will hit her. She doesn’t care–she just has to know that they’re ok. Sang-su says he’ll go with her, even though I was yelling at both of them not to go. Everything plays out the way Jeong-o thought it would. Drunk Dad yells at her and hits her, but she finds out what she needs to know–the mother and baby are fine.

Around a meal, the other officers discuss the gossip of the station, such as Officer Choi (aka Officer Pretty. I can’t stop thinking of him that way! I blame the other fangirls) offering to take Jeong-o home from the hospital, even though she lives upstairs from Sang-su. Oh yells at Captain Eun to worry about other things, like the fact that he’s trying to steal Captain Ahn. The other officers diffuse the argument and tell them to take their love triangle elsewhere.

The next day, Jeong-o is prepping to go into the interview room with her mentor, Officer Kang, who tells her not to change her story and stick to her answers. She seems frozen yet again as she debates how to answer the investigators, and AGAIN I really wanted to reach through the screen and nudge her to just ANSWER THE PEOPLE ALREADY. But apparently she was still making up her mind as to whether she was going to share the facts or the truth. Spoiler: She stuck to the facts.

Officer Oh has some family interactions that I don’t quite follow in this episode. There’s the bit where he comes across his dad flying a kite. He takes the kite but accidentally breaks the string, and his dad just looks at it and says they’re both stringless kites. Then he goes to get the divorce with Captain Ahn and declares that he’s going to win her back, essentially, and she says “This is why I liked you.” But THAT’S IT. She never explains to him WHY she wants the divorce and it’s driving me batty. I have to agree with Officer Oh–she should have warned him that he was screwing up before blindsiding him with wanting to get divorced. He’s not a mind-reader. And she completely ignores him, then says he’s annoying her. If she wasn’t so good at her job, cool under stressful circumstances, I might end up hating her.

Sang-su and Officer Oh work together to help a potential suicide, and I love seeing how they got over whatever communication barrier was holding them back. They rock as a team, and you can see that Sang-su has the same huge heart for victims that Officer Oh does. (I would call him a mini-Oh in the making, but he’s too tall for that.) Elsewhere, Officer Lee Sam-bo, Hye-ri, and a few others go do a wellness check based on a emergency text message. They’re having trouble locating the apartment where it originated, and the writer takes a moment to insert a monologue about information privacy laws making things difficult for emergency responders. Later there’s a monologue on the difficulty of living with panic disorder. I’m gonna bet there’s going to be more of that to come. Thank goodness the story is so strong, or it might put me off.

Officer Lee and Hye-ri find the source of the emergency text–it was the handicapped daughter of the older woman who couldn’t remember Officer Lee a few episodes ago. Unlike Sang-su and Officer Oh, they weren’t able to come in time to prevent the suicide, and Officer Lee doesn’t handle it well.

At the very end of the episode, as Officer Kang and Jeong-o handle a routine parking dispute, Jeong-o realizes that she saw the potential perp from the human trafficking case and goes to chase him down. However, this time she didn’t try to take the perp on herself, but stood there and blew her whistle. Sang-su and Officer Oh are responding to a fight on a playground, and Sang-su chases the assailant, only to take a knife to the face. The episode closes on his shocked face with blood dripping down it.

Yeah, I totally pushed play on the next episode after that closing scene.

Until the next patrol, drama fans!

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