Drama Banchan: Dramathoning like a Fangirl #11

Gah!  There are so many amazing dramas and we all have so little time to watch them.  Luckily for you, there are enough of us Fangirls that we can provide a variety of airing shows tiny as well as a glimpse of our feelings about said show.  So join us for the latest Drama Banchan and find out what we are watching.

About Time

Kdrama Jen: This is my happy place drama right now. I love their chemistry and the premise. I rush home to watch and I stalk the subs.

Kmuse: I am liking this drama.  However, the standard classic romantic tropes are in full force and there are often little moments that annoy me.  I am also not sure if the OTP/writing are good enough to counteract the flaws which is why I like it rather than love it.

Clkytta: I am really intrigued by this one. I love the whole Master’s Sun feel about it; she needs him to live longer. They have great chemistry and I feel like the casting was spot on. The side characters are so good, the quirky secretary, her steadfast bestie, and I especially love the relationship between her and the lady she works for as a granddaughter. I’m on the fence about his betrothed, on one hand, I think she’s horrible, but on the other hand, I’m almost sympathetic to her. We all know I love to be conflicted when watching a drama so this is all drama crack for me right now.

Drama Geek:  I am enjoying this one, but I do admit that the male lead character isn’t always my favorite. The words the writer has chosen for him to use a few times rubbed me the wrong way. I have warmed up to him in the last episode, his smiles and dimples are just a little to hard to resist. And he really is calming down and looking at things differently. And they do have great chemistry. The cracker scene for the win!

Something in the Rain

Kdrama Jen: I finished this last week, and although the plot did not capture me, I loved the everyday moments with this couple. They made me smile when they were on-screen together, especially when they were laughing and enjoying one another instead of being angsty.

Kmuse: I loved the first ten episodes of this drama.  They had such amazing chemistry.  And then the family and outside factors got involved and everything got bogged down in angst.  I say watch the first  10 episodes and then skip to the end.  The middle part is not worth watching and will ruin the love you have for the OTP.

Dramarookie: I admit I gave up on this one at episode 8 and just jumped to the ending. I couldn’t take the constant emotional beatdown the heroine got from her ex-boyfriend, pervert bosses and even her own mother! The music was another drawback. I know some found the particular songs they used distracting because of the style or ironic lyrics. But to me, it was the sheer repetition and the volume. I feel that a good soundtrack should enhance a moment without being noticeable. These songs blared out like the sound editor fell asleep with his finger on the volume button.

Clkytta: This drama betrayed me! It was one of the best dramas ever until it got bogged down by angsty stupidity. I loved this couple for the first half of the drama, they were solid, so in love and so fun to watch. Then the writer decided to frustrate me to no end, they had so many solid storylines that they could have finished with but instead of keeping up the momentum, it all just fizzled out. Also, whoever chose the music needs a new job. There we were talking about modern issues relating to the Me Too movement and the background song is “Stand By Your Man”, nope, nope, nope, it just felt so inappropriate to me.

Drama Geek: I have watched 10 episodes and was giddy for this couple. They felt fresh and so much fun. The directing, at times, had some very interesting choices. Leaving the darker scenes almost without any extra light, creating a feeling that we were spying on this very down to earth couple. I loved most of the side characters. The music was a huge turnoff and I found it distracting. I will probably skip to the end of the drama and just watch episode 16.


Kdrama Jen: I am reviewing this with some of the other fangirls. I am impressed with Kwang Soo’s acting and I am definitely enjoying Hottie Priest from Lookout back on my screen.

Telzeytalks: This is rather dark but done well. It tells about the hard choices of police officers in their training and work, in coping with conflicting interests and sympathies. Every week there seems to be a theme as they all cope with the same issues. The writing is good and so are the characters. I’m especially enjoying Kwang Soo.

Dramarookie: Luv me some Kwang Soo. But I don’t have Netflix! I hate when one service provider monopolizes a show. Remember the good old days when you could find stuff on Viki and Dramafever without worrying?

Karie the Maknae: I’m also recapping Live, and I’m so glad, because I don’t think I would have stuck with it otherwise. Kwang Soo is AMAZING, but it took until about episode 5 to appreciate that he has a good ensemble to work with too, and to be hooked by the storyline. It’s proving to be well worth the watch, and reinforcing the fact that I really do like the slice of life genre.

Drama Geek: I’m recapping this too and it took a bit, but I’m totally sucked in. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Kdrama that surrounds police officers that is quit like this. There is usually a serial killer to catch, or a huge romance to be had. But this really does show us the everyday (mostly grueling) life of a cop. The characters are all growing on me (Yes, even Lt. Oh) and I have a feeling I will love all of them by the end.

The Undateables

Kdrama Jen: Yeah. I am watching this too. It’s not my favorite, but I really loved Chief Kim, and I have quite a few heavy dramas I am watching, so this is a fun diversion.

Dramarookie: The main guy stumps me. I’m not sure if he’s just a really good actor for coming across so chilly, or if that’s his real personality. And there’s the adorable brother/sister/but-maybe-more relationship between the second lead and the heroine, just begging me to root for the wrong guy. I need some genuine, emotional connection between the OTP soon or I might not stick around. It’s a shame, because the premise of the story is pretty cute: a matchmaker with a group of “undateable” clients who needs the help of a famous romance expert to get them married off.

Come and Hug Me

Kdrama Jen: This is one I can’t wait to watch each week. I check to see if it is ready on my lunch break. I love the main actors, the way the past and present seamlessly merge, and I am completely invested in the lives of the characters.

Clkytta: I am literally counting the days and hours on this one like Kdrama Jen. I’m so in love with our OTP I can’t even describe it. They did such a good job casting the younger and older versions too. I have never had a drama grab me like this one, it’s not even the dialogue, it’s the longing looks and little touches. Sigh. Fans self. Sighs again. I like how the story is flowing, they have done a great job of transitioning through time and I’m normally irritated by time jumps but this one is using them wisely.

Karie the Maknae: I was going to give this one a pass because of the dark storyline, but I’m so glad the Fangirls couldn’t stop talking about it–this drama is breathtaking! Clkytta is right–it’s more in the looks and small touches that the romance is building, but I think we’re finally to the point where we’re going to get more in-depth and I can’t wait.

Drama Geek: SWOON!!! I am in love with this drama. Everything the other fangirls said, I totally agree with. Everyone needs to be a Nam Moo hugger. You have to watch the drama to get my joke. So go watch it!

Lawless Lawyer

Kdrama Jen: This is another one I can’t wait for each week. I sub-stalk it, but usually, I end up watching it mostly unsubbed. I then regret that decision and go back and watch it again. LJK is pretty awesome in this show and I am completely smitten with Seo Ye Ji.

Karie the Maknae: I love this drama so hard. I was hoping that the parking lot dispute between LJK and Seo Ye Ji would show up, but at this point I doubt it will. I ain’t even mad. The layered plot, compelling characters, and flawless fight scenes have drawn me in and kept me in.

Kmuse: I have to admit I get a bit distracted by how skinny Lee Joon Ki is looking now.  But except for that and some concerns for future pacing I am really enjoying this drama.

Drama Geek: I finally get to watch Lee Joon Ki fight again. YAY! I also love Seo Ye Ji. She’s giving a fantastic performance and her character makes me happy.  I will admit that I’ve started fast forwarding through any scene the gangster turned mayor is in unless it has our leads in it. He’s a one note bad guy, and he bores me.

Miss Hammurabi

Dramarookie: This is the show you are probably not watching, but should be. It really surprised me. Out of all the current dramas, I like this one the best. Infinite’s L plays a genius, young judge with stilted personal skills who keeps backing up the flaming ball of passion and social justice that is Go Ara’s character. The drama builds one or two episodes around a particular case or issue and makes you care about the people the judges are fighting for. And lest I make it sound too heavy, there are lots of adorable, funny moments, like L being dragged into a part-time job to help out an old lady, where he and Go Ara wander around the market in sageuk wedding clothes.

Clkytta: I did a First Impressions of this one. I really like it and I don’t like courtroom dramas. They dig deep and push the limits and straddle the line between right and wrong. I think our OTP has great chemistry and they offset each other’s personalities well. I love how L’s character is the voice of reason. I also like that we hear his thoughts, he’s a man of few actual words, so it’s really enlightening to hear what’s going on behind his blank faces.

Master in the House

Kdrama Jen: This is my favorite variety show right now.

Dramarookie: The chemistry between the core guys is really improving. As they get to know each other, you can see the genuine affection and inside jokes starting to build. I feel like the shows are affected by who the master is. Some just seem to pull more out of the story than others. My favorite was the tooth-brushing actor, Cha In Pyo, A.K.A. The Energizer Bunny. This hyper-driven guy cracked me up, especially with how Lee Seung Gi felt he was looking in a mirror at his future self.

Karie the Maknae: I’m only a few episodes into MitH, but I love it. I can see the bonds building between our main guys, and I’m finding how the masters conduct their lives rather enlightening.

Rich Man

Telzeytalks: This seems pretty cute and the actors are perky, but I’m tired of the rich-mean-guy plot. I don’t want to watch him be a jerk for a while before he starts to (hopefully) start to be nice, so I’m probably not watching any more of this unless I hear that it becomes a favorite.

Dramarookie: This one is starting to wear thin for me. The main guy’s inexperience shows when he has to do more than play strong and silent. But the heroine’s whale dance is adorable.

Drama Geek: I gave it a try because of my love for the original, but I just can’t do it.

Partners for Justice

Karie the Maknae: I watched the first few episodes for a first impressions post, and for Jung Jae Young, but had to put it on the back burner until my drama plate clears a little. I fully intend to get back to it, as I hear Eun Sol gets a little less emotional and a little more rational while building her cases.

Kmuse: I am still chugging away at this one.  Surprisingly it has kept me interested enough to compete with all the more romantic drama options.  While I am not watching it the second it comes out, I do find myself thinking about the story and watching at least one episode a week.

Wok of Love

Kdrama Jen: Still watching for Junho, but I really need the good guys to start winning soon!

Telzeytalks: The first couple of episodes are very disjointed and not easy to figure out, but the characters are fun. They have the absolute worst luck right at the beginning of the drama, but the fun in this kind of show is in our guys showing up the competition. That’s what was fun in Switch. Jung Ryeo Won is a favorite of mine, and she plays strong characters. And I loved Junho in Just Between Lovers, and I’m ready to follow him along here and see where he goes.

Dramarookie: It’s weird. I like it.

Karie the Maknae: This is definitely a drama to watch for the characters. They’re finally to the point where things are starting to come together s-l-o-w-l-y, but because I love the characters so much, the pace isn’t irritating me. Plus, Junho playing with a kitten is freakishly adorable.

Drama Geek: This is on the back burner for me because there are too many dramas and I was getting frustrated. If everyone loves it after it finishes airing, then I will go back and finish.

Partners in Blood

Telzeytalks: I try to always keep a Jdrama going, and this is an older one I found on Dramafever. It’s about an estranged father and son who are both detectives and get assigned to the same precinct. I’m not sure if the Blood part of the title is because they are related, or because someone gets stabbed in just about every episode. Probably both. It’s not really violent, but very suspenseful. There are funny parts that make me laugh out loud and then there are some illogical things thrown in that don’t really make sense. It’s wacky and interesting and it’s my favorite thing to watch right now.

Kmuse: I loved this drama back when I watched it.  Very entertaining and well written.  I also appreciated that it is on Dramafever and one of the few Japanese dramas that you can access legally.

Secret of the Three Kingdoms

Kdrama Jen: This Chinese drama is really intriguing. I am a bit behind because of all the other dramas I am watching, but Elvis Han is so worth going back for, so I plan to binge watch this during my next drama drought.

Kmuse: Real life and Chinese dramas don’t go well together.  I have problems keeping up with six episodes a week.  However, I will for sure be finishing this drama.  Just a bit slower than I would have wished.


Kdrama Jen: I have to admit it. Rain surprised me in this drama. He hasn’t even flashed his abs in this one, so he has been forced to rely on real acting. I am impressed with his efforts.

Kmuse:  For me this started out strong but I have some concerns with where the plot is taking us after 4 episodes. : I plan on going into detail with my thoughts in the upcoming week so be on the lookout for my first impressions post.

Drama Geek: I’m not sure I’m going to continue. I was a bit bored by the case in episode 3. Which is sad because I really love the premise and the idea of playing with cause of effect. It still isn’t a hard drop for me, but there are so many dramas going on right now and sleep is necessary.

Secret Mother

Drama Geek: This is another drama that I started and put on the back burner. I actually really want to know who the killer is so I will probably pick this one back up in a little while. I did a first impressions post if you want more detail.

Thanks for joining us and finding out which dramas we think are a must watch and which can go on the back burner.  If you want more detailed reviews be sure to check out our First Impression and Unfiltered Thoughts posts.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

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  1. Bitter Blood is hilarious! I love the chemistry between Sato Takeru and Watabe Atsuro, they’re fantastic together. So glad you’re watching and enjoying the drama. Feel free to buzz if you want more recs of dramas featuring either Sato or Watabe.

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