Podcast Episode 24 – Come and Hug Me Ep 1-12 Recap

We are so hooked on the airing drama Come and Hug Me (aka Come and Hug A Psycho) that we had to chat about it….at length.  So we decided to recap the whole drama podcast-style.  Come join us as we discuss episodes 1-12.

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8 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 24 – Come and Hug Me Ep 1-12 Recap

  1. Love…Love…Love.
    Very glad for the discussion of this drama!

    Love the young male lead. He also didn’t a great job in ‘Between Lovers’.

  2. Such a fun episode! I had to stop and go watch the show, before coming back to listen… So thanks for the recommendation!! I am in love with CAHM. It’s beautiful and sad and scary…and everything you could want in a melo.
    One thought I had was that Na Moo’s obsession with Nak Won could almost seem creepy… And at times it kinda is… Like when we first see him staring at the vending machine picture of her… I was like… whoa this guy is obsessed… But then we see in the flash back that (when she hugged him in the snow, the night of the murder) she told him to think of her when he needed comfort. It feels purposeful by the writer to make us question his intent and who he is as a person…being a killer’s son. In the same way that the people around him, and even in the way he questions himself, “is he a good person or is he, his father’s true son?” This also happened when we had the “Hot time jump…” We, thougth he might have turned, but then we saw that he was choosing to be a better person than his father.

    It’s such an interesting look at identity. And of course I love that every time we the viewer or Na Moo questions his sanity/character… the show proves who he really is, is a good person.
    Another time was the scene in the hospital, when he woke up to find her… I thought, oh he’s lost it… He’s seeing things. When he woke up and she was gone, he thought the same thing. But then it turned out she was was there!

    I think it was around then that we saw that part of his “obsession” with her is not just his promise to protect her… or even because he loves her (because dang, he loves her), but also because of his promise to be the one to come to her if they were separated and his promise to watch her movies when she became a star. So it’s not an obsession or just love for her, but also his way of keeping his promises to her. It’s just such good writing… We are right there with him, wondering if he’s like his dad or not and then we get to see the bigger picture and see that he was never like his dad.
    LOVE IT. Thanks again, loved hearing your thoughts and insights! (Sorry, I wrote a novel on here!) 🙂

    • So excited you enjoyed this episode. Can’t wait to share our thoughts on the next batch of episodes in July! Thanks for listening.

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