Are You Human Too?: First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts

Will robots be the new personality disorder or amnesia of the Kdrama world? It certainly worked for I’m Not a Robot for these fangirls, but can it work without Yoo Seung Ho’s dreamy smile? Read on to discover our first impressions and unfiltered thoughts. You know we mean totally unfiltered, right?

1. Seo Kang Joon is Winning Us Over


Kdrama Jen: It is quite a challenge to portray both a robot and real person, especially when the real person is snarky and cold and the robot seems warm-hearted. I don’t know how Seo Kang Joon managed to do it, but I definitely think of them as two separate characters and even when dressed alike I could tell them apart.  Playing the robot, Namshin III, and the human Nam Shin, Seo Kang Joon is able to convince the audience that he is a robot playing the part of a human.  I have been impressed with glimpses of his acting ability in the past, but I think this challenging role will help define him as a solid actor.

Clkytta: I’m really impressed so far. He’s doing a great job at making me believe the robot and the person are different. Seo Kang Joon is one of those actors that has a really expressive face, so I think that helps him in this dual role. His ability to be very animated, as well as express extreme disapproval, are making me a believer in this drama.

Drama Geek: I agree with the other fangirls about Seo Kang Joon doing an excellent job switching between robot and human. I thought it was interesting that his robot personality was warmer than the human. And I’m a sucker for those beautiful eyes of his.

2. Mom is Part Crazy and Part Brilliant


Kdrama Jen: What is the grieving mother of a child torn from her arms and forced to shut her out to do? Well, obviously if one is an expert in the field of AI then the perfect solution is to create an android version of one’s son. Because that is not creepy at all. Then again, I guess if you have the ability to do so, there are worse inventions than a robot programmed to hug you when you cry and to prepare and clean up after breakfast! It is still creepy, but there are perks for sure.

Clkytta: Mom is creepy and sad. I think it’s a neat twist that she created the robot to be so loving though. It kind of introduces the whole nature vs. nurture question even though we know that the robot is a created being. He seems to feel real emotions and all he has ever known is the love and protection of his mother/creator. Meanwhile her real son is manipulative and angry and I’m not sure he’s likeable at all.

Drama Geek: I don’t find it that much of a stretch for her character to have created an AI son since she’d already introduced the idea to have a stand-in for your child before he was taken away from her. And you can see when she finally sees her real son that she can emotionally differentiate between robot and human. Which will be a sad thing for our robot to discover.

3. The Villain is Going to Be Fun to Hate


Kdrama Jen: Director Seo has that smarmy smile paired with reptilian eyes that just screams he is up to no good. He would not have to do or say anything and I would still think he was the bad guy. I expected him to start rubbing his hands together, laughing maniacally and shouting “Mwahahaha” at any moment. Learning he masterminded the assassinations of two heirs wasn’t really a big jump for me.

Clkytta: Ohhh, I love him as the bad guy. This actor really knows how to work the audience’s emotions. Actually, I’m not sure I have watched a drama where he wasn’t either the bad Dad or the villain. I’m enjoying this role because he’s so manipulative. It will be a lot of fun to watch the back and forth between his character and our robot.

Drama Geek: I had a crush on him when I watched Faith. He’s just so fun to hate. I look forward to his antics. (Clkytta: Wasn’t he fantastic in that drama?)

4. Who Doesn’t Have a Crush on the Secretary?


Kdrama Jen: I appreciate the loyalty of the secretary and the way he so masterfully coached the robot to mimic the style, actions, and behaviors of the human Nam Shin.  I enjoyed the big surprise they pulled off at the unveiling of the driverless car. I think the secretary has chemistry with almost everybody on screen.

Clkytta: I’m also a fan of the secretary. He’s got looks, brains, and the ability to keep a secret. I don’t recognize him, so I’m going to look him up and see what else he has been in. I’m intrigued by this actor.

Drama Geek: Lee Jun Hyuk just won a lot of hearts in A Poem a Day and he’s the prosecutor from City Hunter. He’s the perfect actor for this character and I’m enjoying him thoroughly. I find the bromance (yes, with a robot) very cute already.

5. Surprisingly Deep Storyline


Kdrama Jen: You could certainly watch this and just enjoy scene after scene of Seo Kang Joon looking fabulous, but for anyone looking for some deeper meaning, there are a number of questions this show raises.  Already, I am debating internally about what it means to be human.  If robots are programmed to display emotions, does that make them human?  What if they have a greater sense of right and wrong than some of the humans they encounter?  As Artificial Intelligence and deep learning become a reality, what are the ethical considerations?  I can already feel my heart hurting a bit as I consider the character I am falling for in this drama.  It isn’t the human Nam Shin; it’s a robot.

Clkytta: I’m going to echo Kdrama Jen here, I’m 100% invested in the robot. While I’m mildly interested in the human character, the robot is the one I’m really rooting for. Is it because he sees everything so much simpler than we do? I think so. His character goes in for the hug because someone is hurting and that is so refreshing to see. I’m hoping this drama doesn’t break my heart, but I kind of think it will.

Drama Geek: I will be interested to see how deep they plan to go into the questions that Jen raised. Also, will they have So Bong fall for the robot? If she does, and then they switch it back to the human, will she love him instead? I doubt they’ll end it with her in a relationship with a robot, but if they don’t have the human come back until the end, then the foundation they built won’t be with the real him in it. These are all issues that I usually have with this type of drama. I’m hoping they’ll be able do a new twist and surprise me with the ending.

A quick mention for Kang Seung Yeon. She plays So Bong and I’ve loved everything I’ve seen her in, so I’m watching this for her, as much as I am for Kang Joon. They have decent chemistry, I just hope her character is fleshed out a bit. So far she’s just been disloyal and a bit violent.

Will We Continue Watching?

Drama Geek: Yes! I love the slick feel and find the premise intriguing. Both of the leads are two I enjoy watching, and I’m hoping that I’ll be surprised with where the show takes us.

Kdrama Jen: Definitely! I am loving Seo Kang Joon and Kang Seung Yoon in this! She was great as Bluebird in Circle, so I am looking forward to seeing what she does with this role. I also love the way this drama is making me think.

Clkytta: Oh yeah I’m watching!  I’m really enjoying the storyline and I’m curious where this drama will go. That’s where I saw Kang Seung Yoon, Circle!  I really like her, and I’m excited to see how much chemistry she has with Seo Kang Joon.

What are your thoughts? Are you watching? Please comment below!

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  1. I thought ep 1-2 were stronger than ep 3-4…i think i’ll give it another shot next week and see if I’ll continue.

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