Let’s Eat 3 Releases 1st Teaser and Stills

The Let’s Eat crew is back……or should I say Yoon Doo Joon is back for a third installment of the Let’s Eat franchise.  This time playing opposite Baek Jin Hee who, I assume, will also find great joy in eating food.  Sigh.  There is a formula they have to follow after all.

You can probably surmise from my tone that I am not exactly thrilled that they chose to do a third drama surrounding the same character.  I personally think that they were stretching the premise by having Doo Joon’s character get dumped by the girl in season 1 so he could go find love again in season 2. But a third separate romance?  I know that a person can seriously date three different people in real life.  But at some point you wonder what is the point if the main character is never going to find lasting happiness except with his gourmet ramyun.

The word is out on the street that this time Doo Joon will be reconnecting with his college girlfriend.  Or that the story will be a prequel set in college.  Either way I am not on board and will be counting this drama as something I can skip.  What about you?  Are you ready to board the train to romance and fine dining for a third time?  Let me know in the comments and watch your TV screens for Let’s Eat 3 to arrive mid July.

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