5 Reasons to watch Moonshine and Valentine

Lately, everyone is buzzing about the Chinese drama Moonshine and Valentine aka The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love.  I’m eighteen episodes in and the storyline keeps grabbing my attention. So let’s look at five reasons why this drama should be on your watch list.

Synopsis: Guan Pi Pi is a reporter whose life seems to be falling apart. She’s having problems at work and in her personal life, not realizing that forces beyond her control are dictating her life. She meets Helan Jing Ting and discovers that her destiny is entwined with his. He’s no ordinary man, he is the Right Priest of the alien Fox Clan, half human, half blind,  and they have loved and lost each other many times over the centuries.

#5 Destined but not love at first sight.

When our OTP meet, Helan Jing Ting recognizes Pi Pi immediately as the reincarnation of his first love and fully expects her to fall for him.  Pi Pi isn’t the same as her predecessors though, she’s already got a career and a boyfriend and she’s not interested in Helan outside of her interactions with him at work. This twist in the storyline is refreshing as he has to learn how to properly woo her as herself and not as a reincarnation of his previous love.

#4  Qian Hua-The Baddest Female 

Qian Hua is an ice princess, she’s smart, successful, loyal, and so in love with our leading man, she will do anything to help him.   She is his perfect match, but he’s in love with a human so she makes herself indispensable as his right-hand woman.  Check out the scene where she effectively shuts down the nosy reporter with a tube of lipstick.

#3 The younger versions of our OTP

The younger version of Helan is ethereally handsome and endearingly sweet.  He is matched up with a cute and sassy human girl, Hui Yan, and they fall in love. The interactions between the younger couple make you cheer for the pairing of the older couple.  The flashbacks provide ample evidence as to how Helan could love one woman for a thousand years.

#2 The Fox Brothers 

I love these two so much. Their side story has really caught my attention and I could honestly watch a drama devoted to them. I’m still not sure which of them will win Pi Pi’s friend from the coffee shop, but I love watching them chase her. The bromance between the fox brothers is strong, they share almost everything which is why it’s so fun to see how they interact when romance is involved.

#1  Johnny Huang as Helan Jing Ting

Johnny Huang’s facial expressions are everything. While he is “blind” during the day, his facial expressions are a little over exaggerated which adds to his character. I’m honestly sticking with this show because of his character and the Fox brothers. He is handsome in a rugged kind of way and I love his voice.  I’ve noticed him in other dramas, and he does not disappoint when it comes to playing a role where he is both commanding and gentle.

There you have it.  My solid reasons to check out Moonshine and Valentine (The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love)  What do you think?  Did I mention your favorite part?  If not, let me know in the comments and be sure to check out our other spoiler free reviews of Chinese Dramas

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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons to watch Moonshine and Valentine

  1. It’s funny because Johnny is probably the weakest actor of a bunch. He can’t even emote right. But fangirls wouldn’t care as long as he is handsome and sexy.
    He is supposed to love a woman in a thousand years but there is no yearning and complication in his glance. He doesn’t know what to do when she dies or break up with him or the touching conversation after the bed scene. He is pretty woody compared to both actresses
    But yes he is the no. 1 reason to watch. I guess I expect too much at this site.

  2. I only watched the drama for Johnny. Even though I know he wasn’t the greatest actor, I still felt he pulled off his role. If anything I was less impressed with Pi Pi’s character. Her character really was a trope for damsel in distress. Qian Hua surprised me, I thought she was going to be the evil 2nd lead trying to steal the guy, but really she had more back bone than the main female lead! I hated what happened to her and I think she would have a been a wonderful lead in the show. Overall, the show was okay.

    • I was completely underwhelmed by Victoria’s role as Pi Pi. Johnny isn’t the best actor, but he’s got room to grow. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I think that Johnny’s voice is hypnotic and pulls you in ,as for being a bad actor i have nothing to compare ( only seen him in this ) the soundtrack is outstanding unfortunately not on apple music or amazon

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