Sketch: A Pros & Cons First Impressions

I really wanted to love this drama. Rain was back on my tv screen and this looked like it was going to be a home run and then… Come and join me as I share the pros and cons of the crime drama, Sketch.

Pro – It started off strong with a competent cop doing competent cop type stuff.  Rain is charming without being over the top and I don’t even mind his slightly maverick style of police work.

Cons– The action choreography is a tiny bit stiff.  Think CSI style but with a few more kicks because it is Rain after all.  I also might be spoiled because I watched this and Lawless Lawyer back to back.  Lawless Lawyer definitely wins on the better fight scenes.

Pros– I love the whole sketching 3 days in the future and having to change things to save people premise. It is an interesting concept and if done right would be really successful in this type of show.

Cons- I don’t think the concept is successfully executed. To be honest, her sketches are kind of, sketchy (Ha. Pun intended) at best. I can’t even tell the basic clues they are looking at a lot of the time. And rarely do the tiny details suddenly give them the hints to identify where and when. You really have to suspend disbelief (beyond the whole vision thing) to accept that they are getting so much from those sketches.

Pros – The two warring factions is a surprisingly nice twist. One group tries to stop the events from occurring legally. The other side kills the people who are going to cause the events to happen. People are saved either way but one way leans towards vigilantism. I also liked how we have two men who find themselves working for each faction. It was a well-done plot device.

Cons – You lose all the awesome head to head battling when you start throwing in the butterfly effect. I really wish that we had the two sides fighting to change the same crimes. Instead, we have our two leading men just circling over and over again because their actions keep connecting them closer. I have to admit I started to tune out when this became the focus rather than the crime of the week.

Con – It is only three weeks in and I feel like we are just running around in circles. I don’t have time to waste on a drama that seems to be going in the “Just OK” direction. Sorry Rain. As much as I really enjoy your acting, I will be putting this one on the back burner for the foreseeable future.

While this might not have been my cup of tea maybe your pros will out-way your personal cons. So give it a try. Also, be sure to check out our other first impression posts if you are searching for a new drama to start.

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4 thoughts on “Sketch: A Pros & Cons First Impressions

  1. I recently saw a Japanese drama story – It was part of an anthology, about a very strange young woman who has visions and sketches the future. Now I can’t remember what it was part of. I imagine this drama was inspired. I’m sorry it wasn’t to your liking. It seems to have so much promise. I’m waiting until it’s closer to the end.

  2. It’s Rain, it’s a mystery thriller – so I’ll watch to the bitter end. I did after all manage to finish My Lovely Girl (ok, Myung Soo helped me do that, I admit…)
    I totally agree tho that these two guys are just circling round each other – but I wonder about that ‘vigilante’ handler & his motivations. VERY iffy….I think he’s using our 2nd lead and has not been at all truthful with him…

  3. Sometimes the fangirls do not share all of the same opinions. I am still watching. I may post a rebuttal to this post after it finishes airing. Then again, if they continue to circle round and round, I may just agree with Kmuse after all…

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