Life on Mars Episode 3 Recap

Tae Joo struggles with finding out if his current situation is all a coma induced dream or if he really traveled to the past (and in the end does it really matter).  The clues continue to grow as he learns to navigate a more brutal police system.

Your Mind is Messing With You

We left off the last episode with Tae Joo planning to jump off the roof. Not because he is suicidal but because he believes that this is all the result of a coma in present time and by jumping he will kill the illusion and wake up. Just as he is about to jump, Na Young arrives informing him that the man he saw was the doctor she had suggested. A doctor who miraculously shows up below the building and yells at him not to jump. This is so trippy.

Tae Joo screams that this is his mind messing with him, but before he can jump, Officer Yoon scrambles onto the ledge. She informs him that whether he is dreaming or really is from the future, there must be a reason Tae Joo is here. Thankfully, Officer Yoon is able to talks Tae Joo out of committing suicide. Let the adventures in 1988 continue.

When in Doubt Hit Someone Over the Head

Police work in 1988 was very different from what it is in the present day. We are talking about more differences than DNA and profiling. For one, a policeman was a lot more, shall we say, physical during interrogations. Something Tae Joo is learning as he constantly watches Dong Cheol beat up on everyone. Including the thief that they had just caught after a street chase in their underwear. Bwahahaha I don’t know how they came to be all unclothed but it made for a hilarious scene.

Less hilarious is watching Dong Cheol & underlings physically assault then attempt to plant evidence to convict the known felon.  Don’t get me wrong.  The whole visual of the scene is hilarious.  But the acts are so awful that there is not enough Tae Joo stink eye that is going to make this bad habit acceptable.

Tae Joo wins in making Dong Cheol back down and the pickpocket is set free.  Just in time for his gang to beat and steal from another woman.  This time, one that works as a cleaner at the precinct.  Everyone blames Tae Joo since his ethics were the thing that allowed the criminal back on to the streets.   Poor Tae Joo is alone again in his convictions.

Resolving Conflict: Guy Style

However, this drama is not one to take itself to seriously for long. Things come to a head when Tae Joo and Dong Cheol meet at the victim’s hospital bed. They then get into a fight, a silent fight so as to not wake the patient, and proceed to beat each other until they are over all their anger.

Tiny & Feisty.  I have a new girl-crush.

Now that all the tension is done it is time for our team to go catch some bad guys. Using Officer Yoon as bait, our cops attempt to set a trap for the pickpocketing gang. Sadly, the only catch the person they had previously arrested. But, on an up note, we got to see Officer Yoon be the badass she is. She took down the perp with a piledriver worthy of a WWE star. Dong Cheol clapped in amazement at his little coworker showing such skills.

Through a series of threats and truths, Tae Joo and Dong Cheol are able to identify and arrest the rest of the gang. Yet another case is solved.

Just when you think all is good with Tae Joo’s life, he has another episode. This time he sees a photo of a younger him with his parents. In the background, once again, we hear all the sounds of a hospital room as a doctor and team try to resuscitate a patient. In 1988 Tae Joo passes out as an air raid drill beings ending episode 3.

My thoughts:

The witty bantering and shenanigans within the police station are so much fun to watch. It is a wonderful mix of serious issues and hilarious reactions interwoven into a perfect drama tapestry. It was very satisfying to watch Tae Joo and Dong Cheol work out their differences. They are learning from each other and become a stronger police team.

I also find myself having a huge crush on Officer Yoon and Tae Joo. Sure I realize that this ship is not going to sail. She is either a figment of his coma-induced imagination or she is going to be over 50 when he goes back to modern days. But that doesn’t make my heart stop wanting what it wants. Some Officer Yoon Tae Joo skinship would be very appreciated.

I know that right now the show is heavily indicating that Tae Joo is in a coma. But do we really know that for sure? What happens if the hallucination is actually the future due to being in an accident in 1988? Sure I know I am stretching but only because I need my Yoon/Tae Joo ship to sail. I’m desperate here.

Til our next murder,


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2 thoughts on “Life on Mars Episode 3 Recap

  1. I’m really feeling Officer Yoon/Tae Joo too! Not just because she’s obviously a little sweet on him, but because he treats her with a respect that warms my heart. Even a doomed romantic connection between them would satisfy me.

  2. Officer Yoon and Tae Joo are actually an item back in the original storyline (UK-version). I really like the pair and can feel that Tae Joo is very sweet , caring toward offficer Yoon. Hopefully it is not a spoiler for you guys who never watch UK-version. Tae Joo (Sam) actually come back to the past because of his promise with to stay with Officer Yoon (Annie) and he stated he felt more alive in his coma to his mother. So the ship might still can be sailing in this version also eventhough it is very slow.

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