Chinese Drama First Impression: Legend of Fuyao is Feeding Our Addiction

Chinese drama enthusiasts among the fangirls have been waiting for Legend of Fuyao to hit our small screens. Come join Kmuse, Drama Geek, and Kdrama Jen as we share our first impressions, squee-worthy moments, and unfiltered thoughts about Legend of Fuyao!

Synopsis: Meng Fu Yao, a woman born from a divine lotus petal. She journeys through the five continents towards the heavens in search of a secret order and to reveal a conspiracy originating from the heavens. In the process, she falls in love with the crown prince Zhangsun Wuji. (MyDramaList)

Kmuse: It is so fun to be back and obsessing over yet another new drama,  this time Chinese Wuxia juggernaut The Legend of Fuyao.  Its mix of sizzling OTP (One True Pairing) scenes and elaborate fighting choreography has me hooked.


This is Cracktastically Addictive

Kdrama Jen: This is Eternal Love/Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms level of addictive behavior for me. You would think it would help my work/life/drama balance that there are only a handful of subbed episodes, but…I found some of them without subs, so I have been applying all those years of family Chinese lessons for a good cause. That means I am always a couple of episodes ahead of my Kbesties, and THAT means I have to be quiet when they say they like someone or they float a theory. I am tempted to say, “Good luck with that. He dies pretty soon.” Anyway, this drama is so crazy addictive. I am loving it.

Kmuse: I obsessively wait for Legend of Fuyao to get subbed every day.  Then I am so devastated when the two hours go by so fast.  This drama is making it easy for me to stay current despite the heavy episode release rate.  Probably a good thing, that it is only on 4 days a week.

Drama Geek: I was reluctant to start this since I’m notorious for bingeing and dropping Chinese dramas, but Ethan Ruan with a mane of glory was too good to pass up, and I have no regrets. He is fabulously flirty in this and I could screenshot the two of them together all day long.

(Karie the Maknae: Some of us know our limits and find this addiction easy to resist. Just sayin’. )

What We Love:

Kdrama Jen: I am a fan of Yang Mi and her acting.  She always manages to convey an internal strength no matter which character she is playing, and her subtle changes in expression convey the character’s thoughts as if she is speaking them aloud.  I also love Ethan Ruan as the prince.  He seems made for this role.  Together, the two of them are just sizzling on screen.  I also love the fight scenes.  It makes me want to learn more about the stunt doubles used.  While there is obviously some editing and camera magic at work, there are also some very talented martial artists contributing to the fight choreography.

Kmuse:  There are three things that are working for me in this drama. First, Yang Mi is an amazing actress who is owning this role. Her character Fuyao is loyal, kind, and spunky. She gives out justice to those who oppose her but not cruelly or thoughtlessly. Second, Ethan Ruan has brought his signature smirks and flirty style from his modern dramas to the wuxia genre. Then when you combine the two actors, you get a truly sexy OTP. They have the most intimate moments during cheesy scenes and I just melt. The final aspect I am loving is the fight scenes. Especially when it involves our lovers. They look like they are doing intricate dances with swords, which I find mesmerizing.

Drama Geek: OTP, OTP, OTP. Sorry, the couple is this drama is so on fire I just can’t squeal loud enough. Their bickering is delightful and I love that they keep saving each other. Ethan’s adorable smiles, and her completely not understanding that he is totally crushing on her, is so much fun. I also like her strong, kick-butt character. Her relationship with her adopted uncle warms my heart and I love every scene they’re in together.

(Karie the Maknae: Don’t the Fangirls make the OTP sound aMAZing? I hear about this daily. For hours. They canNOT get enough, and their obsession makes me giggle a little bit. It’s so cute! )

What We Don’t Love:

Kdrama Jen: CGI mythical beasts are not my favorite part of this drama.  There are some scenes that seem like a 7th-grade media arts class might have been brought in as consultants.  Some of the floating through the air scenes just feel over-the-top fake.  It’s not like this is keeping me from being fully invested, though.

Drama Geek: I find Fuyao’s first love and the princess annoying as heck and I want them to both die a fiery death. I’m not crazy about the CGI and find the fat little mouse pretty cheesy, but I can’t say that Ethan feeding and talking to the little guy isn’t enjoyable to watch. It really does add a layer to his character.

Kmuse: I actually have nothing that is annoying me. The CGI is par for the course when it comes to Chinese fantasy and I am happily hating the annoying second leads. The only thing that does make me sad is that I can’t just sit down for four days and binge watch the whole drama at once.

(Karie the Maknae: Heh. The CGI comments in our chats are my favorite. Oh, the horror that is the mythical beasts! Well, apparently….I wouldn’t know. )

Will We Keep Watching?:

Kdrama Jen:  Are you kidding?  I love the strong heroine and the combination of smoldering and teasing looks from the prince.  They are an OTP that had instant chemistry and I found myself wanting them together from their first interaction.  I love the story arc and the fantastic action scenes too.  I can’t get enough of this drama!

Kmuse: I’m in it for the long haul.  Bring on the sexy smooches and CGI monsters!

Drama Geek: Historically, the only thing that has kept me watching a Chinese drama is my commitment to the OTP. If these two can hold my interest once the romance slows and the angst starts then I will keep watching. If I do drop, I’ll rely on my the other fangirls to spam me with wonderful OTP shots.

It has only been a week since we started watching Legend of Fuyao, but we are already 100% hooked.  Even two episodes per night is not enough, and we all complained when we realized they are only released Monday-Thursday.  Seriously, this show draws you in and won’t let go!


So now that you know how much we love Legend of Fuyao, please let us know your thoughts.  We love to chat dramas in the comments.  Also, be sure to check out all the other great Chinese drama finds through our other reviews, which you can find HERE.

Til our next drama addiction,

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13 thoughts on “Chinese Drama First Impression: Legend of Fuyao is Feeding Our Addiction

  1. I am so with you guys on this one!!! It is totally awesome!!! I was kicking myself for starting it while it was still airing because I totally want to binge the whole thing in one go. :D :D

  2. Omg I feel you guys!!!!! This one hooked me in the moment Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan met onscreen. Ye Hua and Bai Qian remains my number one OTP but i am so ready to jump on this ship! 🤗🤗🤗 super excited and can hardly wait for the rest!!

    • Ethan Ruan’s cheeky smiles and knowing glances might push Ye Hua out of contention for my favorite Yang Mi match up! Glad you are enjoying it!

  3. I am just starting episode 1 right now, and I am so pumped to get into those above-mentioned sexy and smoochy scenes from the OTP! Those shots are fueling the fire. ;)

    • Our goal is to lure, I mean “convince” others to take just a dip into the pool of Fuyao addiction. You might need two to three episodes to get really hooked, and then… Well, luckily it is almost the weekend!

  4. I got hooked on their amazing chemistry and fight scenes. Are the documentary on how they choreograph and film that incredible bath scene? Please send a link if you have behind the scenes look at Fuyao’s fight sequences ….

  5. Hey all this looks really good but I wanted to ask for some advise. I want something like untamed, grandmaster of Taoism . So lots of fantasy and cultivation with a super hero I guess. For Me, ETHAN RUAN is the Best Leading Man of YANG MI in Wuxia Movies ever Paired with. ETHAN is not just a Handsome Face. But He is a Great n Versatile Actor! Compared to other Actors who are really Dull n Boring!

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