Life on Mars Episode 5 Recap

The past is seeping into Tae Joo’s present or is it still considered past if we are talking about a time travel coma dream? Either way, we are meeting the people who were important to Tae Joo in 1988 and with them comes even more questions.

A glimpse into a crime

We open the episode with Tae Joo meeting his younger self and flashing into another mind melt.  This time we see young Tae Joo witnessing a woman being murdered, seen by the murderer, and then running.  Am I the only one who thinks the killer looks a bit like his dad?  I might have to go back and look closer at this scene.

Saved and a Little Bruised

I should be used to his visions not being totally straightforward. This time Tae Joo wakes up or attempts to, in his room. Dong Cheol comes into his house and starts yelling at Tae Joo that he is late. Only to sniff the air and realize that the room is filled with carbon monoxide from the coal briquettes. He pulls Tae Joo from the room managing to smash his head against every surface along the way. Ha! Makes you wonder if he’s remembrance the past was all a dream. Well, a dream within a dream. Darn, we are totally going full Inception with this drama.

A New Case

We have gone through all the mental “what the fudge’s” revolving around Tae Joo’s reality which can only mean one thing.  It is time for another case!  This week we have a bad guy who is going to show up in my nightmares.  A stalker who drugs his victims then shows up in their rooms to clean up their clothes and stare at them.  Sure you might think this isn’t the worse thing ever but wait until you watch the perp pull off the blankets of a helpless victim then play touchy face with her.  I seriously have chills just writing about it.

And before I forget, the stalkers latest victim is Tae Joo’s Aunt.  Which means he gets closer and personal with his aunt and mother as they solve the case.  Talk about an odd situation.

Unorthodox Identification of Unknown Substance

One funny side scene was when they were trying to figure out what ingredients were in the stalker tincture. Both victims had taken a cold medicine that knocked them out for when the perp arrived for his staring time. In order to find out if there was actually a sedative in the mixture, Dong Cheol makes the maknae take the drug. It knocks him out very fast and our cops have their answer. Hahaha. Poor Maknae.

Officer Yoon is Awesome

Every episode we seem to have the obligated fangirl moment for Officer Yoon. This episode, of course, is no different. Officer Yoon to catch the stalker in the act trading places with his current victim. She catches the bad guy but not until she gets into a very physical confrontation. Dong Cheol yells at her (no shocker there) which is very frustrating for the feminist in me. However, seeing Officer Yoon light up when Tae Joo tells her that she did well just makes my day.

Daddy Dearest

We end the episode with our team busting a famous gang. Supposedly they had all escaped before the bust but at the very last moment, we discover one man hiding in a bathroom stall with one of the hostesses from the club. It is Tae Joo’s father who was supposedly away in the desert making money for his family. To say that Tae Joo is a little upset would be an understatement.

Final Thoughts:

I was not expecting Tae Joo to meet all his relatives, as well as his younger self, so early in the drama. If this is his subconscious sharing information with him does that mean he knew his dad didn’t really die abroad? What horrible things did young Tae Joo witness that the older self-has kept hidden? Can we go an episode without having to listen to the annoying emergency doctor voices that remind us that this is a coma and not actual time travel? I look forward to finding answers in a few moments when I push play on the next episode.

Til the next murder,


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