Podcast #27: The Perfect Chinese Drama For a Summer Binge Watch

It’s officially summer!  Which means it is time to start binge watching those long shows that you didn’t have time to watch before.  And for The Fangirls that means Chinese dramas.  Come join them as they chat what shows are the best in various genres and perfect for a summer binge.

***Disclaimer – Our special guest was warring with hotel wifi during the podcast.  We apologize for any lapses in sound that occur.

***Disclaimer #2 – We recorded this podcast before we started Legend of Fuyao.  We will be discussing that drama in an upcoming podcast later in July.  Also, we will be doing weekly recaps so be sure to watch the blog for those to arrive.

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  1. It’s funny that for both Love o2o and Love Through a Millennium I liked the male leads but ended up dropping them because Zheng Shuang just irrates me.

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