Legend of Fuyao Episodes 1-8: A Chatty Recap

Legend of Fuyao is the drama that just keeps on giving.  Not only is it a show that has oodles of chemistry between Fuyao (Yang Mi) & literally everyone.  But it is a drama that has convinced us to do our first long episode count recap.  In our own style of course.  So come join The Fangirls as we do our first ever Chatty Recap about episode 1-8 of the Legend of Fuyao.

You might be wondering what a chatty recap is.  That is where we ignore all linear plot details and just chat about the top 8 aspects of the episodes that stood out to us.  That could be an in-depth look into a certain character’s actions.  Or it could be about the cut of a dress or the flowing mane of glory one of the men is sporting.  We are pretty open to any and all topics as long as they struck our fancy.

On the off chance you have a point that we did not cover in the recap be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.  We are always open to more drama discussion and would be happy to share our thoughts in more detail there.  So without further ado, let’s chat Legend of Fuyao!

General Plot Overview Ep 1-8

Fuyao (Yang Mi) is living in the servant cast of a famed Misty Soul Mountain sect.  She grew up being wild and rebellious and being besties (and maybe a bit more) with the son of the Sect Leader.  Things change when the Water Land (Taizhou) begins to have political upheaval and the Sect Leader decides to place his loyalty with the Evil Prime Minister who will probably be taking over the throne.

Evil Prime Minister is biding his time for the current King of Taizhou  to pass away.  He holds Zhangsun Wu Ji (Ethan Ruan) as collateral claiming he will put him on the throne.  Wu Ji is actually a highly skilled fighter who took the place of the dead prince of Taizhou  and is now plotting against the Prime Minister.  While they wait for the King’s death the two men are staying with the Misty Mountain sect and Wu Ji and Fuyao meet.

Fuyao enters a competition in which she must go through a series of highly skilled tests that determines the strongest warrior in the Misty Mountain sect.  With the secret help of Wu Ji, Fuyao passes all the trials and comes out as the winner.  Only to be declared evil by the Sect leader and imprisoned.  Turns out that the fighting style that Fuyao had learned (thanks to some mystical water fight dreams) is the fabled fighting style that had been lost.  Sect leader is determined to force the secrets out of Fuyao.  But before he can do that Fuyao is forced over a cliff.  She survives the fall and escapes with Wu Ji.

#8 Yang Mi’s Universal Chemistry

Kmuse: Holy heck Yang Mi (Fuyao) has so much chemistry with literally everyone. Usually, you just focus on the OTP (One True Pairing) in the chemistry department. However, I thought it important to show that her character has great range with many actors. I specifically loved her relationship with Uncle Zhou. I totally bawled when he sacrificed his life for hers.

Drama Geek: Girl crush in full force. Not only does Yang Mi have great chemistry with everyone, she has the best facial expressions. She can give you shade one moment, and then done a charming smile the next and make you want to be her BFF. Her relationship with Uncle Zhou was very touching and his character will be missed. He treated her like his own daughter, and I enjoyed all the scenes they had together.

Kdrama Jen: I am completely smitten with Yang Mi and the way she lights up the screen.  I am convinced she must weigh and consider every small detail while preparing for a scene because she can convey her emotions with just a tilt of her head or a hardening of her eyes.  Uncle Zhou was pretty awesome.  If anyone read our first impressions post, this was the death I knew about, but had to wait for my fellow fangirls to catch up before I could say anything!  It was so hard to hear them sighing about how much they loved their relationship when all along I knew a portcullis of death loomed in his future.

Clkytta: Yang Mi always makes me believe in her characters. She isn’t over the top, but there is no way you’d ever miss her. She is one of those actors who really puts all the subtle details to work. I also think I’d fight Drama Geek for a chance to be Yang Mi’s BFF. Something tells me we’d get into all kinds of situations and never get into trouble.

#7 Sexy Mystical Doctor With His Sexy Mane of Glory

Kmuse: I love a good mysterious and sexy side character when it comes to my Wuxia. And our Doctor Hottie totally fits in both categories. Why is he in cahoots with Wu Ji? Are they childhood BFFs? How does he keep his mane of glory so luxurious and sexy? So many questions that need to be answered and I can’t wait to learn more.

Drama Geek: Can we get Doctor Hottie a love interest? Okay, so maybe he already has a love interest with Wuji. I’ve seen the way he gives Fuyao jealousy side eye. I find his character very intriguing, and at times I wonder if Wuji is the one helping him. Is this character giving anyone else Tiger Prince (Princess Wei Young) feels?

Kdrama Jen: Ooh!  Tiger Prince.  There’s a blast from our fangirl-ing past!  I am personally just so mesmerized by Doctor Hottie’s flowing locks.  I keep getting him mixed up with a character he played in another drama.  It is driving me insane because I can’t remember which drama, though.  I think it was the one with the different story-lines and the princess who had her own reverse-harem…  Anyway, back to Doctor Mane of Glory Hottie…  He definitely is an interesting character.

Clkytta: I miss the Mane of Glory posts! Doctor Hottie looks nothing like my doctor and that makes my life totally unfair. Wasn’t he in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms? I seem to remember him as one of the disciples.

#6 Beautifully Artistic Fight Sequences

Kmuse:I keep bugging my co-bloggers about how much I am in love with the fighting sequences in this drama. The mix of music, martial arts, and sizzling OTP chemistry just makes me happy. Not to mention, the non-OTP fight scenes are just as good. I cheered when Fuyao beat her lacking in loyalty ex-boyfriend and his witchy fiance. Both were exciting and intricate fight scenes that focused a lot on sword stunts. Something that is often ignored in other dramas of the same genre.

Drama Geek: The slo-mo camera during the fight scenes can pull me out of it, but I know it’s a stylized thing. I did find both the final fight between Fuyao and her ex and the showdown with witchy fiancé very satisfying. I’m always a fan of expertly timed skinship during a really great fight scene and they’ve had several in the first 8 episodes.

Trying to get screencaps of the fighting scenes were difficult. So enjoy this beautiful post-fight scene moment and go watch the drama if you are not already.

Kdrama Jen: I often watch Chinese dramas because I know we are going to get some pretty awesome fight scenes.  Yup.  I agree, Drama Geek, they manage to work in some fun skinship in these first episodes.  I liked the mud fight (right before the CGI Mythical Buffalo Beast emerged).  Oh, and Kmuse, I am so with you on the sword tricks; I have enjoyed all of the fight choreography, but the sword-work has been really impressive.

Clkytta: I am enjoying the sword tricks, but I will get bored if there are too many. I’m shallow, bring on the romance.  I tend to tune out when there is a lot of CGI and I laugh at things I shouldn’t laugh at.

#5 The Battle for the Goblet of Fire….. I mean The Hunting and Fighting Games

Kmuse: One of the people who read our first impression post said they had heard people complaining that the show had ripped off Harry Potter.  Now, I can see where there are some very vague similarities between the plot and the book.  They both have to put their names into a magical box and compete through various challenges.  But when it comes down to it, the similarities are very minuscule and the plot lasts only a few episodes before going on to other more important things.  That said, I can’t watch any of this plot arc and not think of Goblet of Fire now.  I bet you won’t be able to as well after reading this.  You are welcome.

Drama Geek: Ha! I totally didn’t read that comment. Well… Fuyao didn’t put her name in the goblet… I mean magical fire. The part I found the funniest is the annoying ex babied Fuyao and then she whooped his butt. It was pretty cathartic. I just wish he would have accidentally died and taken his fiancé with him.

Kdrama Jen:  Let the games begin!  Nothing like having someone sneak into your room, steal your blood, and secretly enter you into the Hunger Games.  Oops.  Sorry.  I mixed up my middle-grade fiction references.  Still, is anyone wondering WHO entered her into this contest? Was it Wu Ji?  Was it the snarky love rival?  Was it Uncle Zhou? Was it Hottie Mane of Glory Doctor?  I need answers, people!

Clkytta: I totally get GoF vibes from this. It’s like a mish-mash of movies and ideas, but I’m ok with that. I am extremely curious who put her name in. I’m not sure if it’s someone who knows big secrets or someone who wants her dead.

#4 Wu Ji’s Cheeky Flirting

Kmuse: Wu Ji and his extremely cheeky style of flirting is literally killing me.  I am a puddle of goo taken down by his smirky smile.  Not to mention I go breathless every time he leans in and invades Fuyao’s personal space bubble.

Drama Geek: Ethan is KILLING it with the flirty banter in this drama. He kind of exudes it no matter who is around, but when Fuyao gets anywhere near him he turns it on to a 1,000. How does this girl not know he would give her anything she wants?

Kdrama Jen: The smirky side looks and sultry stares are totally swoon-worthy.  I love their chemistry and the way they challenge one another.  Their battle of wits and physical altercations are so much fun to watch.

Clkytta: Smirky Prince is really keeping my attention. I’m a huge fan of how he lets her fight her own battles but he backs her up.  That’s the ultimate romantic move for me. He’s all cheek, but he’s also watching everything that is going on around him. Those are the truly deadly ones, the sleeping giants.

#3 Fuyao’s Sense of Loyalty

Kmuse: One scene that really stood out to me was the final challenge from The Goblet of Fire games where Fuyao had to fight her ex-BFF/first love Yan Jingchen.  Due to their past relationship, Fuyao threw down her weapon and refused the win.  Only to have Jingchen betray her and side with his witchy fiance by accusing her of learning dark arts.  Fuyao doesn’t let this stand and promptly kicks his butt.  Which makes her so very cool.

Drama Geek: Fuyao is a troublemaker and stirs things up on that mystic mountain, but she’s also a person who looks out for her own. She was ready to cut ties with the annoying ex, and she still tried to help him save face. Too bad for her the only thing he cares about is pleasing his power-hungry father. He deserves the witchy fiancé.

Kdrama Jen: I love how Fuyao truly does watch out for others.  I mean, she even risked life and limb to try to save a dying pig.  Now, THAT is one committed young lady.  I love, love, loved how she allowed Yan Jingchen to save face, and then when it was obvious he was going to turn his back on her, she showed how very “bad donkey” she can be.  Yes, gentle readers, it is a Fangirl thing to say “bad donkey” instead of badass.  Yang Mi in this scene, though, totally gets the badassery medal of honor.

Clkytta: Fuyao has not been raised like the rest of the fighters. Family and teamwork are very important to her and she understands the power of supporting others. Her values and priorities are different, she still goes home to do her regular chores and be with the rest of the servants while the others do not have the same kind of responsibilities. That’s one of the reasons why when Yan Jingchen betrays her, the betrayal shakes her to her core. You just don’t do that to people you love.

#2 Annoying Witchy Princess Get’s a Kick of Karma

Drama Geek: I despise people who look down on others due to class or money, and the witchy fiancé is the worst. But one thing I love about Cdramas is that the evil characters do get what they deserve and she’s no exception. She’s still around longer than I’d like, but at least she’s been knocked off her high horse.

Kdrama Jen: Oh, C-Dramas, how I love the way you kill off the people I despise the most.  There tend to be few gentle redemption arcs in Chinese dramas, and it is SO satisfying.  Sure, she’s not dead…YET, but seeing her get a little karma carved into her face was quite satisfying.

Clkytta: I hate witchy princess so much! I like that she’s got a visual reminder on her face.

Kmuse: I was slightly disappointed that she wasn’t dead like I first assumed.  But maimed and made to feel like a leper for life is second best.  If anyone deserves to have her outer self look as horrid as her inner self it is Witchy Princess.

#1 OTP Skinship

Drama Geek: OH MY GOSH, they have had so much skinship in the first 8 episodes that I’m worried we’re going to go through a long dry spell. We even got an underwater kiss, okay he was keeping her alive, but they sure made it look sexy. They seem to gravitate toward each other whenever they are in close proximity and Wuji zooms in on her, and everyone else disappears. I have a feeling they are connected in some way that she doesn’t remember. He just fell for her so fast. But, she is pretty easy to fall for.

Kdrama Jen: I was a little worried during the first episode because I just wasn’t feeling any chemistry with her first love, and for some reason, I was thinking he was supposed to be end-game.  Then, along comes Fake Prince Wu Ji and I was all like…WOWZA!  I love how this drama manages to create such memorable skinship scenes.  When he took her to his room to help him change and she bound him in chains, I MIGHT have gasped out loud.  And then when he broke the chains and grabbed her. .. Yes.  The creative ways they have found to weave in some fun OTP moments is probably my favorite part.

Clkytta: Bring on the skinship and teasing glances! I love all the dancing they do around each other. Their chemistry may actually keep me watching as this drama goes into the typical thousand episode arc that Chinese dramas love.  I literally did the hand over heart move when they played with the chains. This couple isn’t predictable, there is no swooning, but lots of swagger from both of them.

Kmuse: Every time they get within 20 feet of each other they end up getting really close really fast.  A situation that I 100% love and support.  Their chemistry is off the charts and we the viewers are benefiting.  Bring on more skinship!

There you have it!  Our top 8 things to know about the first eight episodes.  We hope you enjoyed our chatty recap and be sure to check back next week as we discuss the next eight episodes.

Til our next sizzling moment of skinship,

The Fangirls

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16 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao Episodes 1-8: A Chatty Recap

  1. I thought it was witchy princess that arranged for the blood in the magic box thingy… she’d said she had a way of dealing with her and seemed very confident Fuyao would die as a result of the competition… but maybe I just assumed?

    • I actually assumed the same thing and then the other fangirls made me doubt myself. LOL. I was too lazy to go back and verify though.

  2. My fangirl heart was fluttering while reading this review. You were spot on! Love Yang Mi in all her drama. She has great chemistry with both young and old. Just a quick mention of her drama with Tao (The Negotiator).

    • Yang Mi is one of my favorites! I think other fangirls have watched The Negotitator, but I have not. Adding it to my list!

    • We have chatty posted (sure, let’s say that’s a real term) through 16. We will be covering 17-24 next week. In the meantime… I am biting my tongue because I want to talk about those episodes SO MUCH!!!

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  4. OMG you guys are so funny! I was just surfing online, checking out the newest on Fuyao and feeling lonely i couldn’t talk to anyone about this super awesome show. Off to do a bit of work in the mortal world but will be back to talk some more. But keep it up! You guys make Fu Yao so much fun to talk about and fangirl over! 😀 Stay awesome!

    • Thank you checking us out and sharing the Fuyao addiction. It is always so much more fun to have a place to group-squee, make snarky comments about characters who just won’t die, and in general hang with your “tribe.” If you love dramas and are searching for people who understand, then… Welcome home! Be sure to share your theories and thoughts here too! We love chatting beyond the blog.

      • Oh my that really makes my day!!! 😀 Yep! onto more Fuyao addiction. At first, i couldn’t help but think of Mark Chao in the role of crown prince but Ethan Ruan gets my vote after the first few episodes. SQUEEEE! 😀

          • Oh he did improve. Like by a mile. Now i’m thinking it’s because we never see who he really is during the first arc of Fuyao. Because, tadaa, fake prince. When he gets to his own kingdom, though, it’s a different story. Loving the direction of the story, at least for our OTP. 😀

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