Are You Human Too Episodes 4-5 Recap

A lot changes in these two episodes, from flashy stunts to quiet personal moments. Shin 3 learns to think for himself. So Bong changes her opinion of him and is becoming a person who we can maybe trust. Meanwhile, Mom is perhaps someone we can’t trust after all. We will have SPOILERS for these two episodes.

Finding Coma Shin

We pick up with So Bong taking a car and Shin 3 following her to the hospital. There they see Mom with Secretary Ji (who’d said he was going to work) and Coma Shin being brought in on a gurney. So Bong sends Director Seo a picture of Mom and tells him she saw someone who looks like Shin.

She gets Reporter Jo to find out about the mysterious patient. It turns out the VIP room is off limits, and Reporter Jo takes pictures from across the street. The patient does indeed look like Shin, and with this information So Bong sneaks in. She is completely surprised when he grabs her hand and sits up. Busted! It turns out that Shin 3 knew about the bug So Bong had in his room, warned Secretary Ji, and raced to the hospital on a motorcycle to take Coma Shin’s place.

Shin 3 and the Driverless Car

Shin 3 is still making friends with AI gadgets. The interesting thing is that they like him. The robovac comes to him, greets him, and spins around. So cute! And at the driverless car demonstration, the M car flashes its headlights at him when he smiles at it. An important note is that he hears a technician explaining to reporters about a kill switch that can turn off the M car’s AI and return it to manual.

Of course, the car goes rogue during the test. Director Seo has hired a hacker to send it speeding out of control and crashing into other cars. Following the M car with So Bong, Shin 3 tries to access the brakes but the hacker blocks him. Now we get some movie-worthy stunts as he climbs up on top of his car (we knew there was a reason for the sunroof) and jumps to the other one. He is able to hit the kill button, but not before he is thrown out once and dragged down the road a bit. So Bong is properly freaked out afterward when she sees blinking lights where torn muscles should be. Mom shows up promptly and they get away fast. She and Secretary Ji do their best to talk So Bong into helping them.

While Director Seo is on tv blaming the debacle on Shin, Mom sneaks into the lab with Secretary Ji and adjusts the kill switch on the M car so she can access it. She finds that someone deliberately installed malware to allow hacking. The Chairman doesn’t do much in these episodes except pester Shin to marry Seo’s daughter Ye Na. Oh, and take medicine for dementia on the sly. Ye Na, by the way, is the most annoying character in the whole drama. We are all tired of entitled ex-girlfriends who won’t take no for an answer. I’m not putting her picture in.

So Bong Changes her Mind

So Bong is originally a questionable character. She goes along with Director Seo and feeds him information at first, but then starts to wonder about Shin’s change of heart, After all, he hit her that first day, but then he saved her from the fire. She worries when she sees him staying underwater too long in the pool and jumps in to rescue him, not noticing her heart necklace gets torn off. But when Reporter Jo muses about why Director Seo wants information about Shin, she claims she is only interested in money. And yet that night when she goes looking for her necklace she stands still and lets him cover her eyes as he turns on all the lights. When he tells her, “Don’t lose it again, it will make your mom sad,” she goes back to her room and throws the spy-cam monitor in the trash.

Finding out he is a robot is another thing entirely, however. The pleas of Mom and Secretary Ji don’t sway her until Mom cries and Shin kneels down to hug her. She realizes that Shin 3 was the one who had hugged her too, not the coma guy. She decides to quit and sneaks out. However, she meets Shin 3 in the middle of the street and tells him to stay there. Which he does, standing still in the median as cars pass by on either side. Finally, she returns to get him. “Help me to not startle people,” he asks, and she agrees. “You helped me too,” she replies.

A Robot that Grows

One of Shin 3’s charms is his guileless smile, but you can see in these two episodes how he is leaving guilelessness behind. When he asks Secretary Ji why he lied, he slams the car door and says, “Humans make complicated decisions. Do as I say.” Shin 3 comes right back with, “Can I trust you?” as he slams the door again. “I copied you!” When he comes up with a plan to foil So Bong as she sneaks into the hospital room, he tells the secretary, “I’m smarter than you.” However, still up to the scene where Mom is begging So Bong to help, he shows us an innocent face.

His relationship with Mom may well be the lynchpin of his development. She is the most important person to him and he trusts her. He was floating in the pool because he had been looking at pictures of her with child-Shin at a pool, and he helped So Bong find her necklace because it was from her mom. His face lights up when Mom says he did a good job and falls when she refuses to go home because Shin is sick. “I’m Shin too,” he protests. The trouble is that Mom thinks of him as a thing and not as a person. She put him together after all and has made different versions, and hasn’t interacted with him much lately. “That child surprised me,” she says after the motorcycle race. “We should watch his growth.” She looks the most fierce when she is talking about protecting her son Coma Shin. You can bet there will be drama about the kill switch she installed in Shin 3!

We don’t really think that Mom programmed Shin 3 for humor, and yet he is capable of teasing So Bong; following her closely in lockstep, playing with her suitcase, and claiming he has x-ray vision when he doesn’t. We are not sure of the details of how he responds to orders. He doesn’t follow all of Secretary Ji’s orders. He stood still in the street for a long time following orders from So Bong, which also was in line with Secretary Ji’s order to follow her. Conflicting instructions may become important. After the car crash, Mom tells him to hold on to So Bong. He does, but when So Bong tells him to let go, Mom repeats her order in stronger language.

He comes up with ways to deal with increasingly complicated situations, maneuvering between people he can and cannot trust. Secretary Ji tells him to refuse the marriage proposal, and when the Chairman demands that he marry Ye Na, he responds by kissing So Bong. That took several steps of logic. How long before he quits taking orders?

What were they thinking?

The big “what are you thinking?” question is for the spoiled rich girl. Sheesh. But we haven’t had a picture of Secretary Ji today, so let’s talk about him. What is he thinking? He’s not helping the robot. He’s helping Mom because of Coma Shin, but we don’t really know why. Still, that’s who he seems to be loyal to. Can Mom trust him? Can we? Mom has turned on a dime and given us nine cents change. She was all sweet and nice to Shin 3 before and suddenly doesn’t care about him. Her assistant David wants to take both Shins home but she says no. Sheesh again. Stay tuned, drama lovers, and let’s see how it turns out.


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  1. Robot Shin is the most adorable thing on Earth. And I am intrigued by the story, I wonder where they will take us, there are so many possibilities. But mostly I’m scared for the robot. Hopefully Nam Shin III can survive at the end of the series!!

  2. I had to comment just to 100% agree with your Ye Na comments. I actually just posted on FB about how irritating I found her tropey character after watching episode 7.

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