Curious New Drama — Thirty But Seventeen

So the trailers for Thirty But Seventeen don’t give away much, but the premise is absolutely intriguing. Also intriguing–why is our lead dressed like a cave man??

From “Gong Woo Jin is a 30-year-old single man who works as a set designer. Due to a trauma he experienced 13 years ago, he does not want to have a relationship with others. When Woo Seo Ri was 17, she had a severe car accident and fell into a coma. 13 years later, she wakes up from her coma. Mentally she is still only 17 years old, while physically she is now 30. The two of them get involved and fall in love!”

Hmmmm, each of them experienced trauma 13 years ago. Betcha that’ll be related!! And yet, I’m interested.  Shin Hye Sun has been excellent in her latest roles, including as a prosecutor in StrangerYang Se Jong (Temperature of Love) is in the early stages of his career and I haven’t watched any of his dramas, so I might tune in to this one to see how he does. What do you say, drama fans? Will you be watching?

Until then, I remain–

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7 thoughts on “Curious New Drama — Thirty But Seventeen

  1. OMG yeah I’m watching this – Yang Se Jong is amazing! I’ve seen ALL his dramas (although I couldn’t finish Saimdang nor Temperature of Love it sure wasn’t due to HIS acting nor his characters!) Duel – just that one alone shows what a talent he is.

  2. I’m extremely curious about this drama, mostly because of Woo Jin being a set designer (I work in props so any show that portrays anyone who works in film/theatre that is not the normal actor/director/writer I’m there) but I’m so confused by this teaser and the way he looks. Wikipedia has a slightly different synopsis, but it spoils some things so don’t make the mistake I did if you don’t want to know.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I hate spoilers unless I’m the one seeking them out. I tend to avoid Wikipedia for that exact reason.

      And yes, him working in props is an interesting angle. I assume his look in the trailer is because he’s doing something for his job. I guess we’ll see!

  3. “Will you be watching?” Yes, because I’m a masochist, but a very loyal one. My beautiful bias Wang Ji Won is nominally the second lead,although I already know her role in it is disappointingly small.The summaries make her part seem pointless, and I know for a fact she’s hurting about that, but she’s been working so hard to master the violin for her role, I’ll endure the pain with her.

    • LOL. A self-aware masochist! I don’t think I’ve seen Wang Ji Won in anything else, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for her.

      • Check Out the Web Drama Another Parting, with Seo In Guk, and especially, the “healing” show, Swan Club, available on KBS World’s YouTube Channel.

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