Life on Mars Episode 8 Recap

So much happened this episode.  We find out a ton of secrets that were locked away in Tae Joo’s damaged mind.  Only to be left with as many questions as we started with.  Come join me (and Clkytta) as we discuss everything Life on Mars episode 8.

*Disclaimer – I am suffering from a serious case of writer’s block probably brought on by crazy bad allergies.  So I took some allergy medicine right before I started typing this recap.  Since my skills are a bit impaired, Clkytta is joining me so we don’t miss anything important.  Because this episode was crammed full of important info that you need to know.

Makeup and Murder go Hand in Hand

Kmuse: Am I the only one who thinks the writer has some kind of makeup fetish?  Once again we have a female victim who was primped and polished post-murder.  And this time the main suspect is Daddy Dearest.  The team recognizes the victim as the female host that had been hiding with Tae Joo’s father in the bathroom stall.  Remember, back when they were searching for the head of the Lottery Gang?

Clkytta: I think our biggest clue with Dad is that he steals his sister’s makeup stock to give to his women as gifts. It’s a nail (see what I did there) in his coffin that he’s given makeup, including nail polish to the victims.

Is Dad a Killer or a Gangster?

Kmuse: Gah!  Not only is Tae Joo’s father a possible killer but it turns out he is the half of the Lottery Gang big wigs.  He along with the more senior partner, Madame Jo, are in charge of multiple racketeer situations as well as the illegal gambling halls.   Multiple times Tae Joo catches his father and multiple times his father escapes due to Tae Joo’s issues.  Not that those issues are not totally valid.  It is hard to find out the father you love is not a lazy layabout but really a wily criminal mastermind who is involved with the seedy underbelly up to his eyeballs.

Clkytta: Poor Tae Joo see’s Dad with a loving son’s eyes. All his memories are crashing down on him though as he discovers Dad’s secrets.  Dad’s easy going ways and deceptively kind face make him an unlikely gangster, but that’s how he gets his victims. No one suspects the bumbling fool.

A Father’s Love


Kmuse: There is hope that Daddy Dearest has some redeeming quality.  While he might have no love for his poor suffering wife or any kind of ethical integrity.  He does seem to truly love Tae Joo.  I mentioned earlier that Tae Joo almost catches his father multiple times.  Each time it is due to his belief that his father will not let his younger self down.  Not that it is even close to making up for his horrible life decisions.  But it is something Tae Joo can hold onto.

Clkytta: Tae Joo wants to believe in his Dad, we all want to think the best of our parents. It’s all so sad though as Tae Joo sees all the clues that reinforce how much of a lie Dad’s life is. I felt so bad for him as he looked at the palm tree backdrop and it really hit home how much Dad lied.

Officer Yoon Steals My Heart……….Again


Kmuse: At this point Officer Yoon can do no wrong.  Not only is she a strong independent woman in a world of chauvinistic man pigs but she is considerate and sweet as well. I had two favorite Officer Yoon moments this week.  The first was when she came to the rescue of Tae Joo using Dong Cheol’s beloved car to run down some gang members.  There is nothing more awesome than watching the expected damsel in distress kick butt and expectations. Clkytta: I loved how Officer Yoon took control of the situation and used her brain to save Tae Joo.

The second moment was where Officer Yoon gave her coat to young Tae Joo,  Even when she doesn’t know that Young Tae Joo is actually adult Tae Joo she is taking care of him.  Is it wrong to wish Tae Joo to stay in his coma world and live a long and fulfilling life with Officer Yoon? Clkytta: I’m firmly on Officer Yoon’s side and I’m clinging to the ship with Kmuse.



What Really Happened That Day on the Tracks

Kmuse: Thinking that Daddy Dearest had tricked the police force by using his son everyone leaves to check out the 2nd lead for Dad’s whereabouts.  Everyone but Officer Yoon, who is busy giving her jacket to Young Tae Joo, and adult Tae Joo.  When who should appear in the distance but Daddy Dearest.  He begins running down the tracks with Young Tae Joo, Officer Yoon, and Adult Tae Joo in pursuit.

Tae Joo is stopped in his tracks when another wave of memory hits him.  He recalls his father hitting a woman.  A woman who is wearing the same dress Officer Yoon had under her coat.  Oh, hell to the no, this better not go in that direction or I will get crazy pissed off at the writer.

Clkytta: Tae Joo recovers from his swoon and takes off running down the tracks. He enters the derelict cement company building. Meanwhile, little Tae Joo is also looking for Dad. Tae Joo walks into a room just as Dad takes a pipe to a woman with long black hair who is dressed in a white dress. Little Tae Joo sees Dad through the hole and screams and runs away. Dad runs off and Tae Joo shakily steps up to the table. Visions of Officer Yoon’s outfit that day, a white dress, flash through everyone’s mind. Tae Joo turns her face and it’s not Officer Yoon, it’s Madame Jo! Is it a coincidence that Officer Yoon and Madame Jo are wearing what looks like the exact same dress? Also, Dad swears that he’s not a killer, Madame Jo was going after him and he had to protect himself.

What Really Happened That Day on the Tracks: Part 2

After asserting that Officer Yoon is safe Tae Joo is off chasing after his father…again.  And once again, he catches his dad only to be tricked, again.  Poor Tae Joo is hit in the head with a rock and as he runs after his father a second time he experiences yet another bought of dizziness.  Only to find himself on the tracks once again and his father facing a mysterious man.  A mysterious man who shoots Daddy Dearest.  Tae Joo tries to run to his father but the vision keeps kicking him back to the beginning of the scene.  As his father is killed over and over Tae Joo realizes that this is the real scene he had erased from his memory.  Watching his father being murdered in front of him.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: I did not see that plot twist coming.  I was so focused on the makeup murder plot line that the death of Daddy Dearest come from left field.  This drama continues to be top notch and I can’t wait to see what happens now that his father is dead.  What new twists and turns will we discover before this show ends.

Clkytta: When Dad went down I screamed.  As the events kept rewinding, I was in total shock and it helped to add to the whole surreal feeling as we kept seeing Dad die over and over. What is the truth? Was Dad the killer or just the fall guy? I have so many questions!

Til our next mysterious murder,

Kmuse & Clkytta

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