Upcoming new drama Time releases angsty first teaser

So here I was minding my own business and browsing through my social media sites when up pops a teaser for the new kdrama, Time.I clicked play and as the teaser began I said: “Ooooh, this looks good.” Then I pondered because this looks like a drama made by the person who wrote my favorite guilty pleasure drama, Secret! I watched it once again. Super angsty visuals…check! Single-word title…Check! A story about someone dying and falling in love with a possible murderer? CHECK!!!! Then I actually went to My Drama LIst and clicked on the writer and sure enough, it is Choi Ho Chul. The writer who penned both the dramas Secret and Mask. Excuse me a moment while I dance a happy jig!

Synopsis: Soo-Ho (Kim Jung-Hyun) is the CEO of a restaurant and the son of a family that runs the large company W. Due to his actions, Ji-Hyun’s (Seohyun) life is ruined. Soo-Ho wants to turn back time for Ji-Hyun. Meanwhile, Ji-Hyun had a bright personality and easily socialized with others, but things changed. Her younger sibling suddenly dies and her time stops right there. (MyDramaList)

I don’t know about the rest of you but this drama is going to the top of my “To Watch” list.  Check out the trailer and let me know if you also will be tuning in when it premieres on July 25th.

One thought on “Upcoming new drama Time releases angsty first teaser

  1. Confession time: I binged Secret so hard that Viki stopped showing me commercials (because, I assume, I’d exceeded the number of times *all of the companies buying commercials* had paid to show a commercial to a single viewer in a 24 hour period. If you infer from this that by ‘hard binge’ I’m suggesting ‘entire series in single sitting’ you would be correct.)

    Normally I’m not much of a melodrama watcher…. but yes, I am intrigued 🙂

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