Kaddict Problems: New Teaser Overload

I have barely survived this last batch of dramas with my sanity intact.  Especially considering that my current schedule includes two Chinese dramas that air 6 to 8 episodes a week.  So what am I to do when a whole new batch of teasers are released?  I don’t even have time to give them each an individual blog post, let alone watch the dramas they are promoting.  Which means it is time for some tough love.  So join me as I sift through the upcoming shows and rank the best to worst…at least via their teasers.

Not unless SM changes my mind post-release

Voice 2 – A lot of the decisions made by the characters in Voice (the first season) bugged me.  The girl was always rushing into danger with no back up and the leading man was to loud and angsty.  Will that change with a new leading man?  Since it is written by the same writer I remain skeptical.

Risky Romance – I feel that I have seen this kind of teaser and set up done time and time again.  Unless I hear there is some incredible chemistry between the leads, I will be skipping in order to have time for better dramas.


Familiar Wife – You all know that I am a sucker for time travel and Ji Sung.  If only I liked the leading lady a bit more this would be a slam dunk.  However, my aversion to Han Ji Min post-Jekyll and Hyde is still pretty strong.  I might give this show a try and see what happens.  Maybe I am ready to forgive her for her bad drama choices of the past.

Dear Judge – On one hand it has Yoon Shi Yoon.  But on the other, it is a writer I feel meh towards.  Add the fact I don’t really enjoy Law themed dramas and the odds are stacked against this one.  Will my YSY love overcome my angsty law aversion?  Only time will tell.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty – I think this will be a drama that I will maybe check out.  Emphasis on the maybe.  Idol dramas are usually filler shows for me so unless I hear amazing things I might put this on hold till I have more time.

Meteor Garden 2018 – When I first heard this was being redone I had decided I was not going to watch.  It isn’t like I haven’t already watched every other version, including the anime, back when I was a drama newbie.  But then I made the mistake of pushing play on the teaser.  Gosh darn it.  I think I am sucked in and will be watching with a horde of other F4 fans come Monday when it premieres on Netflix.

This I’ve got to see!

Life Forest of Strangers was such an understated and amazing drama that I am excited to watch the writer’s next drama.  The fact that it has a lot of the same cast as well as some new favorite actors is just the icing on the drama cake.  I suspect this drama will be all intricate character development and I could not be more thrilled.

Time – I had mentioned in a previous post that this is written by one of my favorite writers.  Which means I am in for the long haul.  Bring on the angst!

Thirty But Seventeen – I love the idea of a girl going into a coma during her teens and waking up in her thirties.  If you consider how much the world has changed in the last 20 years it makes me think there is a lot of material they can use for the plot.  And judging from the fact the leading man has been a hermit/anti-social for the same amount of time as her coma, I am thinking he is connected to her somehow.

There you have it.  The mass amount of drama teasers of shows that will be premiering in the next few weeks.  Which are going to be on your to watch list?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back as we share our first impression posts on many of the above-mentioned dramas.

Til our next drama adventure,


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4 thoughts on “Kaddict Problems: New Teaser Overload

  1. ‘Life’ for sure, the rest I’m not really interested in.

    There’s one upcoming C-drama I am going to check out though, ‘Sand Sea’ (沙海) which is set in the same universe as The Lost Tomb. I’ve ony read the first 6 books of the original Grave Robbers’ Cronicles and this is based on the 2nd sequel to that. Interesting to see if the whole mystery will be revealed now.

  2. may i know who are the writers for Time and what are their other works? love the lead actor but am apprehensive about the girl (though i admit she seems better in this trailer than in her other shows).
    thanks 🙂

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