Legend of Fuyao Chatty Recap (Episodes 17-24)

We are so excited to chat about this week’s events!  Legend of Fuyao continues to leave us thrilled and in awe by mixing great storytelling and dynamic actors.  And most importantly, our flirty king WuJi was often shirtless!  Let’s hear it for the important things in life.

General Plot Overview Ep 17-24

Fuyao officially joins King Flirty Wuji’s harem!  WOOT!  She declares that she will set it on its ears and he confirms that he expects nothing less.  They spend the whole 8 episodes causing everyone else around them stress, which is highly amusing for us viewers.

These interactions also include multiple shirtless Wuji moments, some are even when he is fighting.  That man can sure disrobe and re-robe at the flash of a hat.  We also finally get a real honest to goodness kiss!  Sure, it was while she was trying to steal his pendant but we will take it.

Hot Doc Prince discovers that his younger brother also survived and is, you guessed it, Secretary Ponytail.  Which means he is now expected to hate the Prime Minister and we get to now call him Prince Ponytail.  Angst and brotherly bonding ensue.

Gaston leaves to destinations unknown with Princess Scorpion following behind.  We get musical duet as their sendoff.  I look forward to their paths crossing our OTP’s in the future.

Through all the Harem hubbub Prime Minister sees a glimpse of Fuyao’s true face in a mirror.  He is now suspicious and starting to do more plotting.


We had so many important plot points happen this week that we couldn’t restrict ourselves to only eight.  Prepare to be barraged with many many thoughts…. many of them might possibly be sexy Wuji shirtless or in some form of masculine primping.  What can we say, the guy is super sexy this week!

The Five Colored Stone

Drama Geek: We all suspected that Wuji was the one being told he needed to find the girl with the five colored stone and stop her from unleashing chaos into the five kingdoms. Wuji’s master didn’t exactly say he needed to kill her, but break the curse. So… it doesn’t have to be a tragedy?

Clkytta: I think this is one of those fated relationships. They are fated to be together and when all the stars align, the curse will be broken. No way do I think he’s supposed to kill her. Then again, it’s a Chinese drama and my favorite characters are not always sacred in Chinese dramas.

Karie the Maknae: I hope that’s the case. Since this is my first c-drama, I really want a happy ending instead of a tragic one. Wuji and Fuyao are just too much flirty fun to die!!

Kmuse: I usually don’t mind the fated tragedy plot lines in Wuxia dramas.  But if they tear my OTP (One True Pairing) apart I will be cranky.

Kdrama Jen: Seriously, I am going to be extremely vexed if smirky Wuji suddenly becomes all serious and deadly.  I get that he has some secret mission or whatever, but this OTP is too darn adorable to end up as star-crossed lovers.

Hot Doc & Fuyao connect

Drama Geek: Sometimes I wonder if Hot Doc is just worried about their plans (whatever they may be) being derailed because of Fuyao or if he’s jealous. Either way, I love the hate/tolerate relationship between Hot Doc and Fuyao. They both have Wuji’s safety in mind most of the time and the way they reluctantly help each other is hilarious. Their back and forth in the tunnels after he takes the arrow for her was pretty great.

Clkytta: Hot Doc is not meant to be a part of Fuyao’s end game. I like him, but he’s so angsty. I also like that he’s a secret ninja warrior and a life saver.

Karie the Maknae: Maybe I’ve watched Lord of the Rings too many times, but Hot Doc will always be Elvish Doc to me. He’d fit in flawlessly in Rivendell. Aside from the whole lusting for revenge thing–I think elves are supposed to be above that? I found it absolutely chilling when he told the Prime Minister that he could kill a man as well as heal him, and refused to be a fake kind doctor. That being said, his back-and-forth with Fuyao cracks me up. When they’re in the tunnels and he says, “Even if you die, don’t lose that item!” and she shoots back, “I’ll stay alive just to make you pay for that comment!”, well, I may have rewound it and watched it a few times. It made me laugh so much.

Kmuse: I agree that Hot Doc is a secondary character when it comes to Fuyao’s life.  She is more an oddity to him than a real threat.  Will be interesting to see if this changes over the course of the drama.

Kdrama Jen: I kind of wish Hot Doc had more than one expression.  It’s like he has some kind of intestinal discomfort and he just continually shows that on his face.  Doc, you may be hot, but you shall never capture my heart looking like you need to be de-wormed.

Will you be my girl?  Well, by girl I mean one of many in my harem.

Drama Geek: We knew Fuyao didn’t want to be a part of any man’s harem so the only way she’d agree was to give her a reason to stay. Wuji promises to lift the curse Fuyao’s uncle told her about if she stays in the palace by his side. One part I am really confused about: Did Scorpion Princess say that the disguise would last forever now? Having someone else’s face for the rest of your life would suck. But I guess it’s better than living with a curse.

Clkytta: I think the harem is the safest place for Fuyao right now. She’s by his side and able to stay relatively safe, so long as she doesn’t shine brighter than the other concubines. Drama Geek, the Scorpion Princess did say that this disguise would be permanent. I’m pretty sure that will all tie into the curse, like since she’s two people that will save her from dying? Who knows.

Karie the Maknae: I love how Fuyao just laughs at all the maneuvering going on in the harem. I love that she really hasn’t gotten drawn into it, and even teases Wuji about having to deal with it.

Kmuse: I actually like the fact that Fuyao is going into the harem.  It gives her and Wuji a valid reason to be together.  Also, this would be the only way he could marry her and make her queen (or even a high concubine).  Otherwise, politics would keep them separated and their legal love would be not an option.  Also, I don’t have an abhorrence for harem stories so I am fine with where the plot is going.

Kdrama Jen:  I love that Fuyao is playing games too.  She can see the machinations and plotting and seems just as amused by it as Wu Ji.  I do believe she really will turn the place upside down and inside out.

Wuji chooses a wife….kind of

Drama Geek: I have to keep the bile from rising any time a king is choosing his harem or his many women are trying to please him. At least I know Wuji really only has eyes for one girl and is using the rest of them. He even puts them to sleep any time they want to get intimate. And you see his methodical side anytime he’s discussing them with my favorite eunuch.

Clkytta: I cracked up at the red satin seductress who never made it to first base. Wuji is playing the harem game well, he’s such a flatterer! I love how he cuts his eyes at Fuyao to see her expression when he schmoozes with one of the other ladies.  He’s avoiding selecting a queen, but he’s also being smart and courting the one troublesome girl. I’m curious how that will play out in future episodes.

Kmuse: Clkytta, that whole storyline cracked me up as well.  How many times does she need to “pass out” before she figures that this is a trend.  That saying, I cracked up when Wuji kept getting more and more ridiculous in picking his inner female court.  By the time he declared that he would just choose straws I was cracking up.  Anyone else think this would have been the perfect time to introduce concubine musical chairs?  I can just imagine the cat-fight that would result and I laugh.

Karie the Maknae: When he pulled out the jade spinner and the Prime Minister had to stop himself from rolling his eyes, I laughed and laughed. Prime Minister is definitely evil since he kills people all the time for his own gain, but his plans are being spectacularly undermined and I aaaaallllmost feel bad for him. And then I remember the killing thing and I don’t feel bad at all. He really deserves Wuji and all his hijinks. Speaking of, what happened to the original Xuanyuan Min? Will we ever find out? (Kmuse – I assumed that he died at the beginning, in the cart crash.  I could be wrong though.)

Kdrama Jen: Ha!  Concubine musical chairs would be awesome, and it’s not like that is any more ridiculous than scorpion balls.  This drama makes the ridiculous work.  The jade spinner wheel of wow was just perfect.  I half-expected him to have a dance-off or mud-wrestling competition.  Watching Wuji pick his harem was quite entertaining.  Oh, Karie and Kmuse, I suspect the real Xuanyuan Min will come back to bite Wu Ji like a forgotten scorpion ball left in a shoe.  I fully expect he is not dead yet–and will be back.

Gaston says adieu

Drama Geek: HE SANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I about rolled off my bed and hurt myself when he started singing on that rooftop. I do love that he respected Fuyao’s wishes and let her go back to the palace after he kidnapped her. I also love the convo he had with Scorpion Princess before he left. Even though Fuyao swayed his heart, I do believe he belongs with SP. They have a bond that he won’t be able to deny later.

Clkytta: I really hope that Gaston sees what a treasure he has in Scorpion Princess. He’s tried so hard to take care of Fuyao, but she really doesn’t need his help. In the meantime, he and Scorpion Princess are perfect for each other. I wasn’t quite sure until I saw them fighting together and that sealed the deal for me. They are so fun to watch together. I’m a big fan of the tsundre guy with the bubbly girl trope though.

Kmuse: There is no way that is his real singing voice.  However, it was still a beautiful moment and I will miss them while they are out of the main storyline.

Karie the Maknae: That song was beautiful and haunting and yeah, NO WAY was that his real voice!! I’m loving Scorpion Princess and her ability to take care of herself combined with her youthful bubbliness. I want her to be Fuyao’s bestie once the dust settles . . . which means it’s gonna be a while.

Kdrama Jen: Yeah. Gaston is going to be gone for a while, but the good news is Chinese dramas offer us a zillion episodes, so there is plenty of time for him to almost die, recover, almost die, recover, almost die, and then either save Fuyao or be saved by her.  I just want to watch him fight again because we all know, “Nobody fights like Gaston..”

Why be just flirty when you can be shirtless & flirty?

Drama Geek: This director loves Ethan shirtless. And he loves getting creative with it. Not one but TWO scenes this week included intricate fighting sequences with our two lovers and Ethan half naked.

Clkytta: We all know I’m shallow so bring on the shirtless scenes!  If he’s shirtless and smirking, all the better.

Kdrama Jen: I appreciate that you just openly admit that, Clkytta.  Why hide behind the facade of respectability?  I, on the other hand, am watching these scenes purely to take note of the cinematography.  Please note how the camera captures his perfectly sculpted…  I mean… Consider the aperture used to take in his delectable…  No.  I mean…  Yeah, I give up.  I’m with you, Clkytta.

Kmuse: I had the pleasure, no the privilege, of screen-capping this moment for the recap and I couldn’t stop.  There were just too many perfect moments to choose just one.  Like this one:

And this one:

Eeek!  Someone stop me.  I am suddenly addicted in capturing every shirtless Wuji moment.  Doesn’t help that they look like the cover of risque romance novels after a while.

Karie the Maknae: Fuyao and Wuji fighting is one of my favorite things about their relationship. It really underscores how brilliantly matched they are, and how Fuyao is the center of Wuji’s universe, even if he can’t admit it right now because He Has Plans.

Secretary Ponytail is really Lost Prince Ponytail

Drama Geek: Did I call this one in the last post? I know I thought it. LOL. I feel bad for him because he’s only known the Prime Minister as someone who takes care of him and then this mysterious doctor comes in and shakes up his whole world. I really wish both of these guys were better actors. They have the pretty face down, but aren’t conveying the depth of the situation as much as I’d like. Especially Hot Doc, Kmuse thinks he looks constipated most of the time.

Clkytta: Birth secrets! Well, childhood secrets anyway. I find this storyline interesting, but I agree with my kbesties, these guys are not the best actors.  We don’t really get much depth and this is a storyline that needs depth.

Kmuse: At least their acting ability matches each other. It is ten times worse if one is a good actor and the other horrible. And, worse comes to worse, we can just stare at the Prince’s ponytail. Watch as it swings back and forth, back and forth. It is somewhat hypnotizing.

Karie the Maknae: I did my best to let myself get lost in the monologues, because there was a LOT of it, and I was trying not to judge. I’m also tempted to change Elven Doc’s name to Zombie Zong, but that would be disrespectful to his childhood trauma.

Kdrama Jen: Prince Ponytail found his long-lost brother and discovered the man he thought of as his surrogate father was a complete villain (although, I think he kind of should have realized that back when they kidnapped the prince with boobs to steal the water manipulation ability).  Anyway, that’s a lot to be hit with all at once.  I hope he is OK.  Maybe he should meditate by swinging his ponytail back and forth, back and forth, back and…

Turning the harem upside down

Drama Geek: Sigh, if there is one thing I hate as much as men sitting around twirling evil mustaches talking about overthrowing the king, it’s women of privilege acting like they are better than everyone else and flouncing around like they own the world. But, these women really do not know who they are up against. Not only is Fuyao not someone they should mess with, but she also has the king backing her in a way they cannot foresee. She also has allies even though she is not aware of it all the time. I thought it was pretty funny that the king brought out the Bratty Princess because he said she would make things more interesting.

Kdrama Jen: Fuyao knows how to play the game.  It is so much fun to watch the chess pieces as they move around the board.

Clkytta: It’s an interesting dynamic with Bratty Princess. She’s definitely not boring. I like the whole “Who will be Queen?” fight for all. The claws come out and the pretty ladies show their ugly sides.

Kmuse: I find the harem politicking fascinating. They are all very well connected women who are using this to gain power for themselves (as well as their family).  In Chinese history, it is often the Queen who has lasting political strength, sometimes even more than the King, so this is no small prize to win.

Karie the Maknae: I have to give credit to the writer–the politicking here is easy to understand and not terribly drawn out. I actually get excited to see how the moves they’re making affect others, and I can understand their motivations! For someone who hates politicking, this is HUGE.

Fighting & Kissing while wet is a hazard to a drama addict’s health

Drama Geek: I’m not sure which shirtless fight scene was steamier. Both made me feel like we were watching a very intimate moment between our OTP. I think the water fight might win because of that underwater kiss. It shook both of them once they reemerged from the water. Wuji was totally shocked at himself, and that hasn’t happened before. That kiss meant something to him, and you can tell by the way he looks at her afterward. I really do believe he’s thought most of this a game so far, but finally realized he’d fallen for her.

Clkytta: The underwater kiss was so hot! I think that was the scene where I really felt like these two were supposed to be together. The chemistry was perfect.

Kmuse: This might be my favorite scene of the drama so far.  I loved watching the fight/disrobing scene and I cracked up at how creatively they made them both lose their clothes.  That said, it was that moment of complete vulnerability from WuJi post-kiss that really sticks in my memory.  It was beautifully done.

Kdrama Jen: My favorite moment was when he said something to the effect of “Can’t you be a good girl?” and Fuyao replied, “The good girl is over there on the floor.”  That just felt so perfect to me.  It is clear he would rather fight back to back with Fuyao and then kiss her under the water than have a simpering concubine feeding him delicacies by hand.

Karie the Maknae: WOW. Just wow. This fight scene was amazing and I love it and it made me squeal a little. I love that they’re becoming more vulnerable with each other, and yet can count on each other to be strong independently, like when Fuyao had to hide in the water after the fight. And YES, their chemistry is off the charts. I am rooting for them so hard.

Hello brotherly love triangle

Clkytta: It’s obvious that Secretary Ponytail is in love with the daughter of the enemy.  She’s got eyes for Hot Doc. So while Hot Doc is aware of her, I don’t think he’s interested in her as more than a pawn in the game. I think that both brothers will make sacrifices to protect her though.

Drama Geek: At first I thought Hot Doc liked her too, but after a few more conversations between our brothers I’ve started to think Hot Doc views her the same way he does Fuyao. Both girls are distractions and could cause either of the men to lose sight of what needs to happen for his plan to be completed.

Kmuse: This is my least favorite storyline of the drama so far.  I don’t care about their love, I just want angsty bromantic revenge from these two.

Kdrama Jen: I am just so distracted by the pained look on Hot Doc’s face.  Happy?  Sad? Angry?  This one expression is all he’s got. (Kmuse: I keep guessing constipation.  He is definitely wondering when they will stop filming so he can find the bathroom.)

Karie the Maknae: If this is a love triangle, then it’s composed of two one-sided loves and one disinterested party. It’s a little frustrating and I’m very glad it’s a side story line and not our main focus.

The trophy for #1 crazy goes to?

Kmuse: We have a new storyline in the works.  Enter crazy ex-concubine something or other.  She seems very powerful and very crazy due to being dumped by a king we have yet to meet.  However, judging from Wuji’s reaction it has something to do with his family….maybe.

Karie the Maknae: Something is up here, and that chick is CRAZY. That’s all I have to add.

Kdrama Jen: I kind of appreciate her crazy.  I like that she is powerful and strong.  I think it is good for Wuji to face a challenge every once in a while.

Clkytta: Anyone else feel like we have princes and princesses coming out of the woodwork?

Noble idiocy denied

Drama Geek: Wuji is in a precarious position. He has to break the spell on Fuyao so he needs to keep her close, but he also keeps putting himself in danger because he lurrrves her. The palace isn’t the safest place either. So he decides to go the noble idiot route and lie to her that he doesn’t have any feelings for her because he prefers weak women. HA! If Fuyao has ever paid attention to the way he rolls his eyes any time a woman acts weak, she would have seen through his lies right away. Thankfully, my favorite eunuch tells her that he only did it to keep her safe, and she rushes back to him the moment she knows he really cares about her.

Clkytta: That was the thinnest excuse ever. We all know that he’s totally in love with Fuyao because she’s not weak. I was really happy with cutie eunuch for setting things straight. I’m curious what will happen in the future though when he gets his real identity back.

Kmuse: I get where he is coming from.  Wuji is worried that he won’t be able to protect her now that he knows she is the five stone woman.  He is letting her go for her own safety.  However, I notice he doesn’t protest much when she shows up at the party to choose his Queen.

Karie the Maknae: That was the Lamest Move Ever. I can’t believe she fell for that, and then I remember that she didn’t grow up in court. That being said, I give mad props to Cutie Eunuch for his meddling. Also, I love his friendship with Wuji and their little sniping comments to each other. The humor in this drama is LIFE.

Kdrama Jen: Blah, blah, blah.  Really?  You are going to send her away for her own good and get all noble idiot on us?  There was no way that was going to last.  Let’s stop this nonsense and get back to the OTPing!

Ding dong the witch is dead

Drama Geek: I was so flipping annoyed that her ex and the crazy princess showed up at the winter festival. But then I screamed for joy when they both died. I was a little annoyed they redeemed him at the end, but it didn’t taint my happiness that they’ll never show up again.

Clkytta: This was perfect! She was so mean and cruel and her plans backfired! I did a little happy dance when they both died. He was just as bad as she was. If it weren’t for him, Fuyao wouldn’t have been exposed in the first place. He was one of the most selfish characters on the show.

Kmuse: I actually liked that her ex finally redeemed himself.  I truly think that if his father hadn’t been by his side earlier, this would have happened much sooner.  He isn’t an evil man, just a very very weak one.  So I am totally OK with his death.  I loved Witchy Princesses demise.  The fact that it was from her servant was just the icing on the crazy cake.  Very well done.

Karie the Maknae: I was waiting for Witchy Princess to fall down a well–her one-note “eaten up by jealousy” personality was driving me NUTS–so this scene was very satisfying to me. As for Spineless Senior Brother, yeah, I’ll buy his redemption. He was just so STUPID sometimes, and sacrificing himself to save Fuyao was the least he could do. He finally got up the courage to do something! Too bad Fuyao never did really love him, not once she saw the bigger world around her and realized what a wimp he was.

Kdrama Jen: I have been banking on Chinese Drama Karma to come and do its thing, but I kind of liked how Spineless Senior Brother had a chance to prove his sincerity and Witchy Princess finally learned the truth about who really carved up her face.  Now, on with the show.  It’s been like 20 minutes since we have had a shirtless scene… (Clkytta-my sentiments exactly!)

There you have it.  All our important thoughts and feelings regarding the third week of the Chinese drama Legend of Fuyao.  Did we miss any super important moments that you think should have been added?  Share in the comments and if you somehow missed our first-week recap you can find it HERE!

Til our next sizzling moment of skinship,

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22 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao Chatty Recap (Episodes 17-24)

  1. our flirty king WuJi was often shirtless!  Let’s hear it for the important things in life. – LOL hahaha he was shirtless quite a number of times hahaha.

    The Five-Colored stone: Hmm, i think the initial plot twist would turn out to be that he needs to kill her. but if they’re going with the same ending as the novel, this is going to be a happy one. Yep, they won’t die.

    Hot Doc: haha they’re like siblings it’s so cute when they fight.

    Fuyao and Wuji fighting is one of my favorite things about their relationship…how Fuyao is the center of Wuji’s universe, – I think that too! I love that they can fight it out together. it’s like their version of foreplay.

    I’m also tempted to change Elven Doc’s name to Zombie Zong, but that would be disrespectful to his childhood trauma. <— Hahahaha, omg, that cracked me up.

    Underwater kiss – OMG yes, they sizzled. I squealed at this scene so hard hahaha

    BROTHERLY LOVE TRIANGLE – I love the fact that Yun is in love with the Hot Doc. Especially since Hot Doc is the one hell-bent on revenge. By now, we also know that Yun is wearing the dragon armor so that’s just going to mean more angst for our doctor

    Can’t wait for the next recap! Thanks you guys! :D

    • I appreciate that you appreciate the importance of the shirtless scenes… It’s very important for us to have these deep and meaningful conversations. I am also curious about the dragon scale armor and what that might mean! Thanks for sticking with us. I hear there is some politicking and moustache twirling in the next set of episodes, but as long as the flirty fighting continues, then I will be glued to my screen!

    • Glad you loved the Zombie Zong bit! I just couldn’t hold back once I saw that little hand poke up out of the dirt. Poor thing. Thanks for letting us know how much you liked the recap!

  2. I’m not sure if Ponytail Prince and Hot Doc are bad actors, or if it’s just the worst-written storyline. Like, Ponytail Prince found out his real birthday from a dying servant, but had to keep it secret from his foster-father because it could reveal his identity. Meanwhile he has a big-ass “I’m the missing prince” tattoo on his shoulder? What?

    Other thoughts:

    –If drinking from the same cup is an “indirect kiss” in drama world, what is having a man’s sweaty shirt tossed over your head? ;P

    –agreement and reiteration of all shirtless comments

    • Ha! How convenient that the “Hello, My Name is Long Lost Prince” tattoo was never noticed by Prime Minister Almost Dad. At least they kept his birthday a secret! Great point!

      Indirect…oh my!

      Thanks for continuing to read and comment!

  3. Loving your posts about Fuyao. For some reason so many people dislike this show but I am loving in and your recaps makes me happy to see other people enjoying it too. My favorite scene from Yang Mi and Ethan other than the bath scene is the scene when she was about to leave the palace. Just both their expressions conveyed so much! I will look forward to all of your thoughts for the upcoming episodes too. Thanks!

    • Glad you are enjoying it! While it is true we could pick apart this show and point out the giant plot holes one could toss a poorly disguised girl-as-a-Prince through, what would be the fun in that? It’s an entertaining show with a smoldering OTP (one true pairing) and it makes me laugh and smile and squee. And those are the best shows to talk about with friends! Thank you for joining us and please keep commenting. It’s way more fun to squee together. When one squees alone, the dog gives one funny looks—not that I am speaking from personal experience, of course…

  4. I’m still at early episodes but shirtless game is really tempting to jump to this first hehe. Also, I really love all the chatty recaps. :)

    • Your only real solution is to binge watch. Well, technically, I guess all the chatty recaps will be posted, so you COULD watch at your leisure. Of course, what’s the fun in that? Sleep is over-rated. Thanks for reading. You can always go back and read the earlier chatty recaps and we will comment back as if we haven’t already immersed ourselves in the shirtless glory (some of us with multiple rewatches for the sake of “screen capping”—yeah, right, Kmuse).

  5. I just finished up this week’s episodes… no spoilers for future readers, but MY GOODNESS. This show does not get your standard slow down in the 30s.

    I love love love that Fuyao makes her own decisions about everything. Even when she does what someone tells her, it’s obvious she decided to do it. Which we know all the more so because of all the times when she decides to do something different!

    • I am so glad Mehitable suggested we do these chatty recaps. They are the highlight of my week! I also love her independence!

    • Mehitable, you are SO right. She really does make her own decisions, even when it’s someone else telling her to do something. Kind of like my cats, in a way….

  6. – I kind of wish Hot Doc had more than one expression. It’s like he has some kind of intestinal discomfort and he just continually shows that on his face. Doc, you may be hot, but you shall never capture my heart looking like you need to be de-wormed. –

    THIS right here SO accurately verbalizes what I’ve been thinking about Doc (I just can’t bring myself to call him ‘hot’ with that constant expression plastered on his face) up until this point!!! 😂

    A certain someone *ahemMaknae* got me started on this C-Drama… I don’t do fantasy well, and I hate politicking, so it was a bit begrudgingly that I gave it a go…. and while there is still a bit of cheese factor that I have to ignore, I’m undeniably captivated and settled in for the long haul! I am just hoping we get a happy ending or this will be my first AND last historical/fantasy C-Drama!!! 😝

    And one final thought… SO glad Witchy Princess is gone for good!!! 👏👏👏

    Loving the Chatty Recaps to go along with the episode watching! Thank you ladies – keep up the great screen caps…. erhm, conversation… I meant conversation! 😁

    • Welcome to the addictive world of C-drama. You might think you are only dabbling, but you will soon see how the pacing and quirkiness will draw you in. I watch C-dramas because they don’t always have the polish of Kdramas. And for some reason that sometimes is appealing. Don’t try to explain it just watch the ponytail as it goes back and forth, back and forth… Glad you are joining us! Glad you are enjoying the shirtless scenes, I mean “conversation.”

      • I know what you mean! I’ve been sort of mentally categorizing the different countries’ dramas I watch. I think that Korean dramas get a lot of undeserved credit for “realism”. Ha! It’s not so much that they’re realistic, but that they are a) polished and b) all about creating intense emotional moments. I think it’s the dedication to this emotional intensity that has people feeling like they’re realistic, because even when the scenarios are utterly ridiculous, that emotional intensity resonates.

        Taiwanese dramas are more like a talented theatre group that’s putting on a show, often with plenty of winks to the audience. Same with the (few) Hong Kong shows I’ve seen.

        Chinese dramas vary a lot by genre, but Fantasy is all about a) adventure/action and b) world-level-stakes.

        Honestly, I love my Fantasy with an appropriate level of cheese. When I’m watching fantasy, I’m here for fun. I’m finding this one a beautiful blend between my two all time favourite Cdramas (Nirvana in Fire and Ten thousand million miles of Peach Blossoms). The first was so well written and acted and plotted and just generally amazing, but super serious. The second was ridiculous fun but over the top cheese with plot holes so big as a watcher you kind of wondered how the hell you were managing to suspend enough belief to enjoy the show and yet somehow it worked.

        This has the fun of Peach Blossoms with writing that is MUCH closer to Nirvana in Fire (although not at the same level, it’s true). And way more shirted AND shirtless flirting than either of those. If it keeps this up for the whole series, it’s going to be my new all time fav :D

  7. Just stumble in this site and sure glad I did…so much fun reading the hilarious recaps and comments…You gals say everything I’m thinking and more…. love it….

    and shirtless wuji😍😍😍…hot…hot…!!!! Fuyao is so lucky….

    • So glad you stumbled upon us! Of course, in Dramaland, you stumble, fall, and end up with your lips pressed to a chaebol, so you just never know what wonderful things may happen! Welcome to the chatty recap party. We hope you will stay and take a look around. Our next chatty recap should be up on Thursday. Thanks for joining us!

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