Life On Mars Episode 9 Recap

While we slowed the Tae Joo’s family angst down a tad, our cop team must come together and fight corruption inside. All while maintaining their snarky comradery. I have faith that if any group of people can remain obstinate during the hard times it is these guys.

Dad’s death leaves questions

With the death of Tae Joo’s father, we open a whole bunch of unanswered questions. Who killed dad? Was it the mysterious CEO Oh who was conveniently out of town? Was it the same killer as the latest murder victim? Does the killer have asthma? The answer to all these questions is yes. Although, the killer’s connection to CEO Oh isn’t overly clear yet. But I am jumping ahead.

Taking on the big fish

Determined to solve his father’s murder Tae Joo decides to go after the mysterious CEO Oh. The local gang leader who has pretty much bribed his way to be untouchable. But this doesn’t stop Tae Joo. Despite his coworker’s warnings he kicks thug butt and drags CEO Oh to the precinct. Only to have to let him go when his boss comes in furious over his impetuous actions.

Corruption abounds

Frustrated with losing his biggest lead for Dad’s death, Tae Joo is even more upset to discover that his boss and Dong Cheol being on the take.  However, I liked that Tae Joo was just his basic level of disgusted with Dong Cheol and it came across as amusing rather than creating a rift between the two.

When confronted as to why Dong Cheol had not gone after CEO Oh, he explains that they had tried.  In the past, cops had been crippled when they got to close to the gang boss.  So it is just easier to take the easy road when it comes to the man.

Going the distance

Tae Joo, of course, refuses to give up.  He starts connecting with one of the hostesses that services CEO Oh.  She has also been abused by the man.  And, while she wouldn’t give an official statement, Tae Joo bought her a ticket to escape her situation.  But before she could escape she is found dead in a canal.

Fight fire with fire

With this new death, they are able to unofficially go after CEO Oh. Tae Joo decides to accept his inner devious, and ethically gray cop in order to get enough evidence against the gang boss. He threatened, froze, and even used urchins, but eventually, he had enough to tie CEO Oh with the murder. He even was able to use his knowledge of modern forensics to positively show that CEO Oh was the one who strangled the woman. It was a very satisfying conclusion to the case.

Inhaler of doom

But what about the man who murdered his father?  The mysterious figure who had dropped an inhaler while escaping?  Never fear, the last few minutes brings us back to our main mystery.  Tae Joo comes across his younger self and another little boy who had come to his rescue against some bullies.  He buys them ice cream, only to discover that the new boy is, in fact, the psycho killer from his modern time.

Tae Joo rushes after the child when he realizes the ramifications of his identity only to lose him in the complex sidewalk system. High above our detective, we see the younger version of our killer hug a man in shadows. The man puffs from an inhaler as the younger version of our future killer smiles up at him. OH SNAP! We have our connection.

My Thoughts:

While this episode was a bit slower than some in the past, it continued to suck me in. The storyline stays strong and we get those great moments of discovery. I especially liked that our future killer seems so normal when he is young. It makes you wonder what is going to happen in his life to turn him into the psycho he becomes. As in past episodes, I state again that I really dislike when the bring the modern doctors and hospital sounds into the story. Yes, I know it exists, you don’t need to continually shove that annoying doctor down our throats.

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