Legend of Fuyao Episodes 25-32: A Chatty Recap

It’s all fun and games until you have to go back home and face the music of reality.  Come join The Fangirls as we chat all about the bloodiest wedding in Wuxia history, as well as the new adventures that await our OTP in Wuji’s home kingdom, the Megrez Empire.

General Plot Overview Ep 25 – 32

Prime Minister decides to move up his timeline for taking over the Water Country by killing off the greedy concubine and replacing her with Fuyao, informing Fuyao that she is to stab Wuji after receiving the official seal of the queen. Of course, this means that Fuyao & Wuji’s wedding day is already getting off to a rocky start.

Fuyao & Wuji save the day, or at least overcome the Prime Minister, after literally every underling is killed in the battle. They hand him over to Hot Doc (I have not officially accepted his alternate nicknames the other fangirls have adopted. Nothing is as easy to type as Hot Doc and I am the one writing the overview. BWAHAHAHA) & Ponytail Prince for sentencing. Due to the fact that Hot Doc doesn’t want the crown, he gives it and the punishment of PM to his younger brother, who is now King Ponytail.

Unable to kill the man who raised him and the father of his one-sided love, King Ponytail simply banishes him and strips him of his power. Somehow I have a feeling this could kick them in the butt in the future.

Our group now separates, with Fuyao & Seven setting off to travel wherever and Wuji & Hot Doc heading back to the Imperial City of Tianquan/Capital Kun in the Megrez Empire (depending on the translation), where Wuji just happens to be the crown prince. This is the country that is the overlord of the five kingdoms. In other words, Wuji is a prince above all other princes.

Due to some interactions with new characters, Fuyao ends up going to Tianquan in the disguise of Wuji’s fiance from Plough Nation.  I think we can all take a guess that this isn’t going to end well.  But that is a discussion for next week!

An advantageous murder & tons of politicking that we are going to ignore

Karie the Maknae: I have to admit, I yelled at my screen when Tang Zhi Rong was declared the king’s choice for the Queen of Deep Water. Like the other fangirls, I ship Fuyao and Wuji to the bitter end, and I don’t want to see anyone get in the way of their relationship. Yeah, yeah, multiple wives for the king was acceptable in that era, but I DON’T CARE. Anyway, when that mysterious knife came flying through the bathing room, I almost thought Crazy Pseudo Mom might be behind it, clearing the way for Fuyao to be queen. I was wrong. Rule #1 when dealing with Prime Minister Qi Zhen: He kills people.

Clkytta: I’m ok with the whole multiple wives as long as everyone knows their place. I’m a big fan of the one consort that he has planted there. She’s loyal, and so far, not the jealous type. I’m bloodthirsty and I thought that Tang Zhi Rong dying like that was perfect. I’m pretty bored when the politicking starts but it’s not been that bad.

Drama Geek: I was cool with whatever happened because he’s not really king  and I knew he was clearing the way for one of the bros to take over the throne. But I was delighted when Zhi Rong died to make way for Fuyao to be his bride at the wedding. If only in hopes that they might actually get a wedding night! More on that later.

Kdrama Jen:  Wait.  There was politicking?  I might have been distracted by smirky Wu Ji.  There was a short period of time there where I was kind of fast forwarding through all the blah blah plotting to take over the kingdom stuff.  I am usually fine with all the political machinations, but I am so in love with this OTP.  I just want to watch them fight each other and against bad guys.

Kung Fu Hamster

Karie the Maknae: LOL. I don’t love that hamster, but he definitely has his uses! Even if he doesn’t always come when called, like when Fuyao had been kidnapped by Qi Zhen to be the surprise queen at the royal wedding. But the rodent sneaking into her palanquin like a furry little carrier pigeon….? Yeah, that was pretty cute. I almost expected seeds to be in his pouch instead of a message, but I guess he’s a little more trustworthy than that.

Clkytta: Oh the hamster! I kind of like him, he’s cute and devious. The CGI still cracks me up, but whatever. He’s been pretty helpful though. I like that he’s got a little attitude.

Drama Geek: I feel like the singing and hamster keep me delusional that we are in a Disney movie, which gives me false hope there will be a happily ever after. I also love that Fuyao has begrudgingly learned to like the hamster, as she has with Hateful Doc. (Sorry, I love her name for him too much to pass on that one.)

Kdrama Jen:  Oh, silly Drama Geek.  The Disney portion is over.  Gaston is off on new adventures.  He even sang his parting song.  I think our magical times are about to get a kick in the face with reality.  Well, as realistic as we can get when there is a CGI hamster/guinea pig scurrying around and delivering secret messages.

Kmuse: I just always wonder where Yaon Bao hangs out while Flirty Wuji is wooing everyone.  You know he is nearby since Yaon Bao pops up at a moment’s notice to do his master’s bidding.  Maybe he is the hamster version of I Dream of Jeannie and has a bottle where he relaxes and binges on Netflix in between magical missions. (Karie the Maknae: HA! Now I’m going to be watching Wuji’s sleeves for colorful bottles.)

A dramatic wedding

Karie the Maknae: I’ve never watched/read Game of Thrones, but even in my GoT unawareness, I’ve heard of the Red Wedding episode. I think this very dramatic, very fake wedding might just gave it a run for its money in body count and political repercussions. SO. MANY. BODIES. I did love Wuji teaming up with Prince Ponytail to make it look like Fuyao could manipulate water too, just to undermine Qi Zhen’s every move. AND THE REAL XUANYUAN MIN SHOWED UP!! I kinda want to know where he was all that time and how Qi Zhen found him. Also, Fuyao getting bored, ditching her palanquin, and running to the palace, with exhausted attendants trailing her? BEST. WEDDING. PROCESSION, EVER. I was laughing so hard! It was a great counterbalance to the epic battle at the end that left just about everyone dead. And can we talk about Fuyao and Wuji facing off against the Prime Minister together? Because they were AWESOME.

Clkytta: Let the bodies hit the floor! Let’s talk about all the looks of horror on the face of the lead lady in the procession as Fuyao stops everything and races off. I’d run away if we had to stop and pray or whatever after every 10 steps. I love how these two know each other so perfectly that smarmy Qi Zhen was confident it would be hours before Fuyao made it, but Wuji calmly says she will be there soon and there she was! The fake prince and princess robes fell off and Fuyao and Wuji fought in perfect sync. It was completely satisfying and entrancing to watch. They make fighting exciting and romantic, which is completely weird because they are killing people, but I still am all “awwww!!!” when they fight together.

Drama Geek: That had to be the most creative removal of wedding clothes I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately,  it wasn’t the sexy disrobing I was hoping for. BUT! Who needs that when you can have me in stiches with Fuyao hiking up her wedding dress and sending the entire palace into disarray. Girl would not have made for a good queen, at least in the traditional sense. One of my favorite moments was when they face Qi Zhen in their matching red underclothes and have that knowing smile on their faces. He was going down and there was nothing that would stop them.  I could honestly watch them fight together in every episode and wouldn’t get tired of it.

Kdrama Jen: Fuyao rushing through the wedding formalities was just perfect.  It was so visually stunning to see the transformation from black robes to red.  It seemed to showcase once and for all just how perfect these two are for one another.

Kmuse: When is Fuyao and Wuji fighting against a foe not sexy?  Even when they are beaten down and it appears that they may not make it, their gazes upon each other were full of pure sizzle and sexiness.  These two are in sync in a way most OTP (One True Pairings) dream about.

Forgiveness & a new king

Karie the Maknae: I have to admit that when it came to the Angsty Bros (Prince Ponytail and Zombie Zong) dragging Qi Zhen into the woods to execute him, I may have fast forwarded through all the monologues. YAWN FEST. Even Prince Ponytail’s moral struggle to execute his parents’ murderer vs. not wanting to kill the man who raised him felt cliche. So I wasn’t surprised when he left Qi Zhen alive. THAT’S not gonna come back and bite someone in the rear. NOT. AT. ALL. I do think it was a rather self-aware move on Zombie Zong’s part to give the throne to Prince Ponytail. Zong would have made a horrible leader.

Clkytta: This part was kinda boring. The brothers don’t really emote well, so all the monologues seemed to drag on. I’m pretty sure it was annoying Qi Zhen and that’s why he was telling them to kill him. Prince Ponytail is going to really regret not killing him; I’m going to bet that Qi Zhen is already plotting how to gain control back through his daughter. Hot Doc/Zombie Zong is way too jaded and damaged to be any kind of leader. I like him as Wuji’s bestie though; that bromance works for me.

Drama Geek: I will miss the Qi Zhen actor. He was the best at rolling his eyes and being annoyed and bored. You gotta give him props for not offing himself during the brothers’ discussion of if he should live or die. I agree with Clkytta about Zombie Zong working better as Wuji’s bff. The actor does so much better with being quiet and playful than angsty.

Kdrama Jen: It could have been a heart-wrenching moment when Ponytail Prince was supposed to kill Qi Zhen and just couldn’t bring himself to do it.  It just felt very stiff and forced from an acting perspective, so I found myself watching the ponytail again (back and forth, back and forth), and before I knew it the scene was over.

Kmuse: The brother’s rise to royal rule is the most boring plot arc in the story.  I’m just glad that we are past this and hopefully Zombie Zong (Grrr.  OK, I will give in and use the new moniker) can stop looking constipated and switch it up gazing blankly.

Goodbyes and new adventures

Karie the Maknae: And so our OTP parts ways. AGAIN. Ah, epic stories, I hate your plot devices, even though I see the necessity. But Wuji had to go home, and unbeknownst to Fuyao, had to deal with some upcoming events, like HIS WEDDING. Fuyao is right to say that everything that comes out of Wuji’s mouth is lies. Except I can see it on his face when he’s confessing his feelings for Fuyao, even if he’s doing it obscurely–that is the ONE time he tells the truth. And so Xiao Qi and Fuyao repeat their riding off in search of adventure again.

Clkytta: Lather, rinse, repeat with a new name and a new mission. Fuyao leaves in a bit of a tiff and Wuji heads off to deal with his real life. Wuji’s a real prince with real prince issues like solidifying his real claim to the throne and ensuring the prosperity of his country. Meanwhile, we all know that Fuyao and Wuji are destined to meet up again.

Drama Geek: If you’ve read the blog for long you know I have a hard time with historicals because of politicking and with Cdramas because of episode count. I honestly think that there are two main reasons this show isn’t losing me. (Okay, three: I agreed to these recaps.) But the OTP is the #1 reason and so I might not survive if they ever split them up for long. But the other reason is that this writer and director keep surprising me with their creativity in making old tropes feel exiting. So, I am looking forward to a new setting. And for Wuji to finally start showing us who he is when he’s not a smirky fake prince.

Kdrama Jen: Absence will make the heart grow fonder (or it will leave space for someone to worm their way in between you).  Yeah, I get that Wuji has to return to his real life and all, but playing dress-up in another kingdom was probably a lot more fun.  Isn’t he going to miss Fuyao?

Kmuse: I also like that things are being mixed up with a new set of bad guys.  Although I am still sad that Prime Minister didn’t get a wonderfully violent death.

Fuyao becomes someone else…….again

Karie the Maknae: Destiny must be holding the reins of Fuyao’s horse because that is the ONLY way in all the Five Regions that she could have ended up at the refugee camp where Wuji’s betrothed, Princess Folian, is busy earning her title as Saintess of the Five Regions. Folian is caring for plague victims with no regard for her own health, and of course, succumbs. See? Destiny. Folian charges Fuyao with going to the capital to meet with Wuji and to represent her home country, the Plough Nation, to discuss the need for plague relief. And the only way for Fuyao to get into the city is with Folian’s badge, and so she takes on a different identity. Again. At least she’s got the skills to pull it off!

Clkytta: Beware super nice princesses who are considered saints. Fuyao’s run-in with Wuji’s intended (which, of course, she has no clue that the crown prince Fo Lian is betrothed to is Wuji) means she’s once again in the position of assuming someone else’s name. Fo Lian already worries me because she’s so good–almost too good. She’s either going to die or she’s trying to cause trouble by sending Fuyao in her place. No good deed ever goes unpunished in dramaland.

Drama Geek: I just rolled my eyes and set in for another fun adventure when they had her take on another princess identity. What I liked, though, was that even before that Fuyao thought she’d just march into the palace and seek and audience with the ruler of this new land. I guess all the pretending went to her head. She’s only a slave (at least to the outside world) under her real name and would have zero chance of getting in to see Wuji’s reclusive father.

Clkytta: I just want to say how much I love this yellow dress on Fuyao. It’s so pretty with her complexion. (Drama Geek: She looks good in everything, but I have to agree with you on this.)

Kdrama Jen: Ooh!  Pretty!  But, yes…  Saintess Fo Lian is making me nervous.  She is either too nice and that is going to make my heart hurt if she ends up married to Wuji OR she is TOO nice and she is up to something shady…

Kmuse: If it gets our OTP back together, I don’t care what stupid things Fuyao does to get there.

Reunited and it feels so good

Karie the Maknae: One of my favorite things is how these two always seem to stumble into each other. SERIOUSLY, in a town that big where she’s doing her best to avoid all the favors Prince Assist, Wuji’s older brother, is trying to do for her, she runs into her true love! And then cannot admit that he’s her true love, even with the swoony hug.

Clkytta: They are like two magnets who are attracted to each other. The more you push them away, the closer they get. I was so excited to see them reunite. His happiness made me grin like an idiot because, well, love.

Drama Geek: I was a bit sad that he continued to hide his true identity from her. He had the opportunity to come clean, and he chose to lie to her again. But who can stay mad at that smiling face? And the long flowing hair in his homeland is amazing.

Kdrama Jen: I think it is time for Wuji to freaking tell the truth.  His mane of glory is kind of distracting, though.  Is the truth really that important?  Look at how his long locks just flow.  Wait.  No.  Tell the truth, Wuji!

Kmuse: I think the fumes from his hair products went to his head.  Why doesn’t he just tell her the truth?  At least he has his beautiful mane of glory to keep him warm after she kicks him to the curb for lying…….again.

Liar liar pants on fire

Karie the Maknae: Get Fuyao a little drunk, though, and she has no problem revealing her true feelings for the lying prince with a very passionate kiss. I chuckled when Wuji was the pop-eyed one for once–JUSTICE. I love these moments when Fuyao and Wuji can be comfortable with each other.

Clkytta: I loved everything about these kisses. The way she pulled back and his crestfallen expression was perfect. Then she went in for the kill kiss!  I love when actors can really lay one on. His wide eyes were hilarious! This is the kind of chemistry that makes me willing to go all ten thousand episodes (ok, so it’s actually 60, I think). (Karie the Helpful Maknae: MDL says 66. WE CAN DO IT!!)

Drama Geek: I may have fist pumped when she grabbed his cheeks and planted one on his surprised lips. He kept his eyes open SOOOO long. And I have to say that I love their fight scenes, but it’s these moments when they are just so chill and relaxed with each other that make me swoon. She may not know his true identity, but she really does know him better than almost anyone else.

Kdrama Jen: One of the many many reasons I love Fuyao is because she is a take charge kind of lady.  As I quoted in one of our previous chats, “The good girl is over there on the floor.”  I feel like that is never something we will say about Fuyao.  She is going to be jumping in and taking what she wants.

Kmuse: I love that Fuyao has just as much power in their relationship as he does.  Let’s hear it for lots and lots of skinship!

 A new set of familial obstacles to our OTP’s love

Karie the Maknae: We’re gonna need a roll call to keep up with all these new characters! Thankfully, I think I have it straight, so I captioned all the pictures with helpful commentary. You’re welcome.

Clkytta: Bless you, Maknae, for your breakdown of the family ties! Wuji’s family are even more deadly and devious than the last kingdom!

Drama Geek: Once you see the family pieces in place,  you realize the last 28 episodes were all child’s play compared to what they are about to face. Before, it was all fake and neither of them had any ties to the throne, but now shit’s real, and you can already see the weight of that on Wuji’s shoulders.

Kdrama Jen: No Disney princes here.  Note the lack of singing and woodland creatures.

Prince Assist (on the left in the light-colored robes), sleazy scheming older brother who wants the throne. Or the gold in Plough Nation. Either way, he’s determined to steal Folian from his brother.

Father Emperor, who’s not dying. REALLY, HE’S NOT DYING. THERE’S NO CRISIS HERE. MOVE ALONG.

Prince Valiant, the emperor’s brother. He is possibly in love with Empress Yuan, Wuji’s mom, and has also been called King De. I surmise this is the same King De who was responsible for the massacre that took out Crazy Pseudo Mom’s daughter Lian.

Empress Yuan, who says the Folian/Fuyao has to give up her living situation and charitable ways and just live the confined life of a Crown Princess Consort. Liberal-minded Fuyao argues but concedes. These two MIGHT end up liking each other. We’ll see.

Kmuse: Somehow I have a feeling we won’t have a sweet wedding in this kingdom anytime soon.  If we do, I expect it to be even more grand and bloodier than the previous attempt at matrimony. These people (except the brother) make Prime Minister look like a child playing wannabe king dress-up.

Zombie Zong almost kicks the bucket

Karie the Maknae: This is Zombie Zong as I like him–stoic and teasing Fuyao and in a fantastic bromance with Wuji. Apparently, he was dumb enough, or desperate enough, to give up 40 years of his life to the forest witch, that chick who lives in the dark castle that disappears and reappears like Baba Yaga’s hut (I have yet to spy any chicken legs on it). I’m not sure what his purpose in life is now, since he got his revenge on Qi Zhen (sort of). I did notice the amount of gray hair he’s gone and earned. Hmmm. I wonder if the famed doctor might have a solution to the plague??

Clkytta: I gotta admit that I kind of dozed off here. I’m tired of his angst and how he seems to enjoy torturing himself. He’s a tragic character, I get it. Now let’s move on to some bromance moments with Wuji and maybe find him some cute little nurse he can hook up with.

Drama Geek: Hateful, Hot, Zombie Zong is a side character that I enjoy watching interact with Fuyao and Wuji. The show will get bonus points if some feisty character comes along for him to fall for, and tease.

Kdrama Jen: I like the Wuji/Hot Doc bromance.  He looks way less constipated when he is kind of half-smiling at Wuji.

Kmuse: They make a cute bromantic pairing.  Also, Wuji has so much charisma it distracts us from Zombie Zong’s lack thereof.

Final Thoughts:

Karie the Maknae: The ending of this story cycle and the beginning of the next one in these episodes reminds me of two of my favorite series, The Belgariad and The Mallorean by David and Leigh Eddings. In The Mallorean, one of the characters points out that the cycle of events they went through in The Belgariad seems to be repeating itself, and the wise old man in charge points out that those events will repeat themselves until the universe is healed. I think the same is true for Legend of Fuyao–Fuyao and Wuji will find themselves doing the same things in different places until the Five Regions are healed. Each set of experiences will build on the others until our OTP has the resources they need to complete their monumental task, and I’m crossing my fingers for a happy ending. I just hope that this time around, Fuyao is a little more aware of her surroundings and less likely to get knocked out and taken somewhere else. (Drama Geek: Ha! I don’t think she’s been knocked out in this kingdom so there is hope.)

Clkytta: I love a good journey and this drama is a journey. While there are some similarities, like Fuyao changing identities, it makes sense because we don’t even really know who she is yet. So in a way, even her own identity isn’t real, and one day the identity she assumes will actually be the real one. The layers of the curse intrigue me and I’m curious how all of this will play out. Fuyao isn’t a simpering miss–she’s a full-fledged warrior maiden and I totally dig that. I also like how conflicted Wuji is. His character is a lot more complex than just your average spoiled prince.

Drama Geek: I agree with the other Fangirls. These two have a long journey to travel together to break her curse, and to heal their world. I love that Wuji is one of the smartest, most capable people in their world, and Fuyao paces him at every step. She’s fierce and won’t back down, and the girl can FIGHT. They will need each other in order to accomplish everything that is ahead of them. I’m excited to see what will happen once all of his secrets are out.

Kdrama Jen: Crap.  I am busy Googling all the literary references The Maknae has woven into our chatty recap. Is it my turn? So, we have an interesting Wuxia set-up here with Fuyao traveling the Five Kingdoms and learning stuff along the way.  I like epic journeys, but I am kind of hoping for more epic fight scenes and opportunities for our OTP to steal kisses.  Also, it has been a while since we have had a shirtless scene.  Hey, Wuji, can you get on that?

Kmuse: I am just sitting back and loving every minute of this drama.  Sure, Zombie Zong and King Ponytail are a bit boring.  But that is more thanks to poor acting than an actual bad script writing.  Maybe next time we should look at the quality of their angsty gazes and less on their ability to pull off a swishy ponytail.

There you have it.  All our important thoughts and feelings regarding week four of the Chinese drama Legend of Fuyao.  Did we miss any super important moments that you think should have been added?  Share in the comments! If you somehow missed our earlier recaps you can find them HERE!

Til our next sizzling moment of skinship,

The Fangirls

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28 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao Episodes 25-32: A Chatty Recap

  1. Wow! I just found this blog whilst searching for recaps online don’t have too much time to watch the drama so I’m reading recaps instead.

    Oh my gosh you ladies are the best! I love your personalities & frankly you’re hilarious. You sound like my friends & many of your thoughts about the drama are mine too! I also love the character names you’ve given!

    Thanks for the recap ladies! You’re the best

    • Awe, I’m glad you found us. It’s funny because when we watch we chat and make comments to each other, but it’s always fun to see all of our thoughts on the recaps. I laugh at the other Fangirls because they totally crack me up. I’m glad you can join us on our Fuyao journey.

  2. I loved this week’s episodes. I even liked their separation… it was short and when they found each other again it was so sweet and satisfying. (I loved that Hateful Doc basically did his whole ‘you have to pay for the food with your labour’ thing as a ploy to send her to Wuji).

    Their banter is so good, and they are so at ease with each other that I forgave him for lying. Fuyao has always known he wasn’t the heir he was posing as, so she treated him as an equal. Her face when he says he’s actually way *more* important than the person he’d been posing as was panic, and I think it was a split second decision to lie in order to keep this precious relationship where Fuyao relates to him as a person, and not as a prince. I did groan at it, but I can understand it.

    I’m wondering who’s been sending the Saintly Princess letters all these years, because promises of undying love and exclusivity don’t really fit with Wuji’s personality so far. I mean, he’s pretty uninterested in anyone but Fuyao, and he doesn’t make anything approaching that sort of statement with her. And Zombie Zong said he’d never seen Wuji care that much about a girl before at the beginning. It makes me wonder if Royal Mama has been setting up some sort of insurance by stringing Saint Princess along.

    Over all, I’m finding the politicking reasonably interesting, mainly because it’s tightly connected to the action… it doesn’t drag on or get too bogged down in the competing ideologies of the different factions or whatever. And like even though we had a separation, it was split across two episodes, so we didn’t have a single episode without our OTP, which, ya. Cracktastic 😀

    • After watching the next few episodes I’m starting to think Not-So-Saintly Princess was lying about the letters completely. I agree that the politicking is connected to the action enough that I don’t mind it as much. And I LOVE Hateful Doctor/Zombie Zong’s relationship with Fuyao.

      • I love how this drama keeps me coming up with new theories about what is going on and what is going to happen. I think he had some contact with Saintly Princess, but I also think his Mom had more contact. Mom’s super shady and determined to get her way.

  3. Fuyao running through the city was priceless. That’s me fast-forwarding through the ceremonial bits of every CDrama. I think one of the reasons this drama is so addictive is that the writers know that the OTP chemistry is crack, and we can never get enough. Even when they do the obligatory separations, it never lasts longer than an episode. We need our Fuyao/Wuji fix!

    One of my favorite parts about Wuji is that before every fight, he asks her to hide/escape, she says no (or just jumps in to help), and he accepts it and fights alongside her. Every badass woman should be paired a man who’s willing to appreciate her skill and her right to make her own decisions. (And it doesn’t hurt if he looks like Ethan Juan does when shirtless)

    Now that Hateful Doc’s revenge plotline is on the back-burner, I like him a lot more. He got a lot of points from me for playing matchmaker and sending Fuyao straight to Wuji’s house, because that’s the ONLY place in the city to get the ingredients he needs. 😉

    • Dude, I did not catch that at first, but after watching a few of this week’s episodes, I realized just how much Zombie Zong ships Fuyao and Wuji. His actions make much more sense to me now.

    • I was cheering when I realized he sent her to Wuji’s house. He seems to know that Wuji really can’t live without her, and that she’s good for him even though it does cause a mess of trouble.

      • You will realize that he know they are meant to be…
        That’s why he did what he did LOL, trouble or not fate bring them back together

    • Lmao – thats so true Michelle – hot Doc is the captain of the fuyao/Wuji ship!! he wants them together almost as much as we all do

  4. omg u guys are wonderful i love the recap but when will u be able to recap till ep 44 cus i am a die hard fan of sp and gaston i love them 2gether and ep 44 broke my heart my poor sp plsssssssssssssssssssssss i hope u guys do it soon cus i cnt wait for monday to see if stupid gaston finds out what sp did <3

    • Ep 44 won’t be released for us until Tuesday, so we’ll get to it the week after. I love Gaston and SP too! Don’t spoil me, please!!!

      • Yay Master of Smirk! I love that you guys name characters like this. It’s my style ;D

        I feel like I should finally write up the dramaland bingo game I’ve had playing around in my head….

  5. Omg. This is a hilarious recap. I just marathoned 44 episodes over 3 days cuz I keep seeing your posts about it. Loved the beautiful wedding costumes and the whole setup. The political plot and the master of smirk is what’s keeping me glued to the show. It’s full of plot holes for sure but how can one resist a smirky smarty pants who is always a few steps ahead of the bad guy and has set in place not just 1 but multiple pawns to force the baddy into action.

    Looking forward to the rest of your recaps!

  6. I am sooo glad i found you guys on this journey with me
    It’s wonderful to be able to read all these recaps and feel as if I’m watching it with friends and family who feel the same as I do!
    Thank you for all the wonderful recaps and keep up the excellent work you guys!!! Looking forward to next week’s review

    • It has been so much fun watching with everyone and having so many people comment on the recaps. It does feel like we’re having one big watch party.

  7. Darn it, so excited to hear what you gals think of episode 34. my gaaaah… Thanks for such an entertaining and fun recap. I’ve actually watched till 46 and can’t wait till you recap these episodes. I love how the OTP has developed. They just hook me in deeper. I don’t even mind that i have to wake up with panda eyes till this drama ends. There were bumps along the way (more politicking) but WUYAO is so addictive. I can’t wait to see the happy ending and at the same time, having fun seeing Fuyao’s journey to the top.

    • I’m catching up for the week, and just watched it today. The candle! I mean, that fight scene was my everything, but the candle answered my main question with the most hilariously awesome and satisfying visual metaphor I’ve seen in a long time 😀 😀 😀

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