Are You Human Too? Recap Episodes 11-12

Can a human truly care for a robot more than for another human? Can a robot truly understand and feel human emotions? If that were to happen if androids could be that advanced and were designed to learn on their own, how would that look? The writer and staff of Are You Human Too have been thinking that over. Come see if you agree with their ideas. Be aware that there will be SPOILERS AHEAD.

Coma Shin wakes up

The big story in Episode 11 is that Coma Shin wakes up! Last week we saw a finger move, and now we discover that he has been listening to everyone. He tries to talk to them but can’t, and then he figures out about the robot. “I can’t believe that punk is replacing me!” he thinks, “punk” being a favorite insult in Kdramas. Doctor Cha checks him and confirms that he will come out of the coma soon, but we don’t see any progress until the end of the episode.

That’s when we get the shocker where Shin is getting ready to do a presentation and So Bong is telling him she likes him and trying to get him to skip out with her. Director Seo comes in with the child robot and accuses Shin of being a robot as well. Shin gets angry, breaks a glass, and cuts his own hand to prove he’s human. How did this all happen?

To begin with, how does So Bong get to the point of telling Shin III that she likes him?  We can tell she’s beginning to soften when she tells him she wished he weren’t a robot. Later, she notices her marshmallow man robot is missing and digs through the trash to find it. When Shin III shows up behind her, she tells him not to disappear. He can see she’s upset and hugs her, telling her to cry all she wants; which she does, saying, “I don’t know why my heart keeps aching”. She spends some time alone, not accepting any of his phone calls, and then takes her frustrations out on a punching bag. After that, she seems to have accepted her feelings and decided to protect him.

How does Coma Shin show up at the presentation active and functioning, without anyone knowing he’s awake? In Episode 12 we discover it is due to Ye Na. When he wakes up and remembers the Truck of Doom, he doesn’t trust anyone else. She helps him and seems very sincere. The timeline between finger-wiggles and walking is at least a week because the Chairman schedules an important presentation and we know it took several days . All the same, how devious does he have to be to think, “I don’t trust these people, so after already lying here for several weeks with an IV and a catheter I’m going to keep it up until I can figure out how to screw them good.”

So…Shin decides to let Ye Na’s psycho dad have the Shin I robot and create a scene at the presentation. Ye Na drives him over after calling Shin III to get him out of the way. And how does Director Seo get it? Ye Na overhears him talking about trying to kill Shin in Czechia, and throws all her loyalty to Shin. She turns off her phone until she and Shin are ready with their plot and then turns it on again to lure her dad in. So now we have caught up to the scene where Shin cuts his hand. He tries to make a grand exit, but collapses on the floor.

Accepting a robot

I’m getting pretty darn sick of that kill switch. After a lot of tiresomeness, Mom gives it to So Bong, who gives it to David, who gives it to the Chairman. If they do anything interesting with it, I’ll let you know; until then, let’s kill the kill switch.

Reporter Jo threatens So Bong with that USB with the video of Shin III smashing Snake’s car, and So Bong admits that she has a tame robot. Jo demands a private interview with the robot and tells it to take its clothes off because it doesn’t get embarrassed. Eek! Luckily Dad walks in on them. Reporter Jo tries to justify herself by telling Dad that this is a robot, and he smacks her upside the head. It made me kind of glad for a change that Dad is slap-happy. I’m disappointed though that Shin III goes along obediently with her orders, and also that he lets Dad take his watch-battery. I thought So Bong had dealt with this kind of issue and taught him to protect himself. It’s a little disappointing that he doesn’t have a better sense of self.

Original Shin asks So Bong to “bring that thing; the robot that looks like me.” We are a little miffed at hearing Shin III called a “thing.” She agrees and has David bring Shin III over. He was turned off because So Bong had taken ALL his batteries to barter with Mom so she couldn’t use the kill switch. So they turn him on and he walks slowly in and Original Shin sees him for the first time since the attack. “Turn around,” he orders, and Shin III does. “Smile.” We see the sweet innocent smile. “Imitate me.” Shin III completely changes posture and looks sullen. Hahaha.

The chemical process called love

We all believe that Shin III has feelings, but that he doesn’t realize it. He mopes around and looks lonely while So Bong is training with her punching bag and refusing to answer his phone calls. In the hospital room where he is pretending to recover from a cut hand, she gives him her heart necklace and tells him she likes him. (The right guy this time!) “Are you referring to the chemical process called love?” he asks and rattles off a lot of hormones that are supposed to cause emotions. “I don’t know what love is, I just feel it,” she responds. He hugs her to see if he can feel it too. Apparently not.

He recognizes emotions, though. He goes with So Bong to get calming medicine for her dad, who is shocked to find out the truth about the watch-battery. She catches him eyeing some pretty little cheerleaders and hits him one across the shoulders. “You told me to watch pretty girls” he objects. “That was before,” she growls. “Ah, it’s your way of being jealous,” he reasons. ‘No it’s not.” “Yes it is,” he says and kisses her on the forehead. Awww.

We close with a parallel scene. So Bong has been trading barbs with Original Shin and they are both getting riled. “Do you hate that I’m human?” he asks. “No, I hate that you’re not like a human at all!” she retorts. At which point he stands up and grabs her arm angrily. This is when Shin III comes striding into the room like one possessed. “I need to keep you away from that person,” he exclaims, grabbing her away. “Is this what you call jealousy?”

What were they thinking?

I was musing about why So Bong likes Shin III and remembering back to the first episode when So Bong and Ye Na were at the hospital getting picked up by their fathers. So Bong’s dad snarled at her and was quite rough, but Ye Na’s dad was very gentle and solicitous. So Bong wished that her dad were like Ye Na’s. Well, now we know that her dad is really the better choice, but we can sympathize with her desire for gentleness. That is what she gets from Shin III. Even though she has to take care of him sometimes, she loves how sweet he is. Here’s hoping that as the series winds down to the end, that they can stay together!


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  1. Yeah, I agree that So Bong is the kind of girl that would appreciate a gentle and sincere man. And it’s clear that So Bong likes NSIII kindness. In the past episodes we could see how she was affected by NSIII being good to her…he even saved her life several times like a true hero. No wonder she’s fallen hard for him, she grew up without much affection and she has suffered a lot of hardships.
    Anyway, I’m scared of NS but at the same time I want to see how he will turn out, the poor boy wakes up only to find out that everyone loves his robot version more than him now. That has to be very depressing. Just crossing my fingers that he will not hurt the adorable NSIII.

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